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Inclusion and empowerment champions Dipesh Sutariya and Shanti Raghavan

Ricky Carippa, MBA, JAGSoM

There are shining lights of optimism who work to build an inclusive society in a world that frequently ignores the potential and abilities of people with disabilities. The energetic co-founders of EnAble India, Shanti Raghavan, and Dipesh Sutariya, are among these supporters of empowerment.




Dipesh Sutariya and Shanti Raghavan



They have transformed the work landscape for people with disabilities via their relentless efforts, providing them with equal chances and a platform to succeed.

Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya's journey is one of passion, empathy, and a shared will to dismantle obstacles and change lives. Their quest began in 1999 when they became aware of the talent and untapped potential in the community of people with disabilities. They set out to establish EnAble India because they had a strong confidence in everyone's potential, despite any physical or mental limitations.

EnAble India is a trailblazing company that serves as a link between employers and people with disabilities to ensure equal access to job opportunities. Shanti and Dipesh recognized that in order to bring about lasting change, it was important to address both cultural views and the actual obstacles that people with disabilities confront. By giving disabled people the essential skills, boosting their self-confidence, and fighting for their participation in the workforce, they set out on a mission to empower them.

EnAble India's innovative training and job programs are one of its main initiatives. These programs offer specialized training modules that improve employability and cater to a wide spectrum of disabilities. EnAble India develops employment possibilities for people with disabilities through collaborations with businesses, promoting a work atmosphere that values diversity and promotes development.

Numerous success stories that have come out of EnAble India show the influence of Shanti and Dipesh's efforts. Formerly neglected and marginalized people are now self-assured professionals who constructively contribute to society. EnAble India has changed lives by utilizing technology and innovation, demonstrating that handicap is not a barrier to achievement.

Additionally, Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya's efforts go beyond personal development. They have been at the forefront of pushing for legislation to make society more inclusive. Their resolute advocacy and unrelenting dedication have compelled organizations and policymakers to give priority to the needs and rights of people with disabilities.

The incredible accomplishments of Dipesh Sutariya and Shanti Raghavan serve as a reminder that true progress resides in embracing diversity and encouraging every person, regardless of their skills, as we commemorate their accomplishments. In addition to transforming the lives of people with disabilities, their persistent dedication to inclusivity has launched a movement that is changing how society views what is possible.

Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya stand out as beacons of light in a world that frequently undervalues the potential of people with disabilities, demonstrating to us that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. Their inspiring journey continues to dismantle obstacles, spark change, and motivate all of us to create a more accepting and caring world.

“Inclusion is not about changing individuals with disabilities to fit into society; it’s about transforming society to embrace and empower every individual. Regardless of their abilities”- Shanti Raghavan

  Education News  

With Jill Biden by his side, PM Modi emphasises India's Youth factory, US education partnership

Hindustan times, Jun 22nd, 2023

PM Modi and US First Lady Jill Biden addressed a gathering at National Science Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday.

Education Ministry to work for setting up Indo-U.S. Global Challenge Institutes to deepen research partnerships

NewsonAir, Jun 24th, 2023

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, the Education Ministry will work to set up Indo-U.S. Global Challenge Institutes to deepen research partnerships and people-to-people exchanges in areas such as semiconductors, clean energy, health, and emerging technologies.

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Is Consistency really the Key to Life?

One of the most usual questions about self-improvement or self-development is, “Where do I start?” Improvement is not something that happens overnight. It is a protracted process, like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, it takes time. Self-development only happens when you must keep trying every day, every minute for your own betterment.


Pintu Kumar Jain, Visiting Faculty, INSOFE


There are tons of answers you can find on google, and tons of “secret formulas” on YouTube to improve yourself in a short amount of time. But they are all useless if you are not putting in any effort. 

Today I am going to talk about the mindset that goes behind the question “Where do I start?” when it gets asked. But first, ask yourself another question before moving further with the first question. Will I be able to remain consistent with the process? It takes a lot of motivation to change habits and create a new one. You must choose between sleeping a few more hours, watching one more episode, playing for one hour more, or waking up early, eating healthy, reading books, and going to the gym. 

Over time, you may remain the same human, but you will be a completely different person. There are two choices between you: the life you want and the life you have. And if you do not choose it wisely the choice gets made for you. Wake up and be someone new: start playing the role of a character you always wanted to be. In the end, you are the only thing that stops you.  

Now returning to the topic, often the question, “Where do I start?” comes from the place of curiosity. The topic itself is too vast and people can have their own ideas on what that means and how to begin. People will have their own unique flavour of challenges and therefore each person will have different starting points and their own paths. But it may help those curious people to have someone to point them in a general direction to fill the curiosity with the will to start with the process of self-improvement. It necessarily does not have to be a person, it can be a book, a post, an article, a YouTube video, a ted talk, etc. There are so many resources that can help you figure out your “Where” to “Why,” and the answer to your “Why” can only be given by you. But for you to find the answer, you must understand the question, or better yet, where the question came from. You will need to start by discovering more about yourself first and start looking within yourself to understand who you are and what needs to be worked on. The most difficult yet most important part of self-development is self-discovery. The key tip is to not wait too long to start acting and overwhelm yourself with the fear that you are going to get things wrong. 

This brings me to my second point where the question “Where do I start?” is associated with fear. They fear that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to get into self-development, and they might choose the wrong way. The fearful people fear so much about doing it the wrong way that they will stall indefinitely, and the action never gets done. Like I said before, you are the only thing that stops you. If you are one of the fearful people, let me tell you this, the “right” and “wrong” way is a myth. Self-development itself is a vast topic, as I mentioned earlier, and it is near to impossible to discover your true self without making mistake. Making mistakes is a huge part of learning and learning is a huge part of self-development. In fact, the more you find out what is not right the quicker you realize what is. Instead of imagining your self-development path to be something that must be done right, you could simply view it as an experiment. Committing to actions for a certain amount of time and then allowing yourself to reflect on whether that is something worth doing. If you act and reflect it can help you grow in some way. And growing in any way is part of your self-development journey. 

Start with something small, like finding a new hobby or reading 10 pages a day, journaling, trying something new, etc. The first two-three weeks might not be easy, and you might not enjoy doing things out of your comfort zone and worst-case scenario you might end up quitting. But one thing to remember is your future self is counting on you. And eventually, if you keep doing it you will stumble upon the one thing that really clicks with you. When you find it, you will know it because there is a passion hidden within you for that thing. You need to keep on trying and be consistent until you find your “Why.” Each time you try something new, and you figure out that it is not for you, you are one step closer to finding what is for you. Self-Development never starts when you get it the “right” way, it starts when you begin trying. The journey is never easy but, in the end, it is worth it. 

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Farewell to the student council 

Saarang Arora, Btech AI- INSOFE

As we bid adieu to an exceptional group of leaders, Aswini Patro, Archana Jaiswal, Sachin Pareek, and Dixit Soni, our hearts are filled with gratitude and a touch of melancholy. Their unwavering dedication and remarkable service have left an indelible mark on our student body.

Under Aswini's compassionate guidance as President, we have witnessed unity and progress like never before. Archana's tireless efforts as Secretary have ensured that our voices were heard, and our concerns were addressed. Sachin's invaluable contributions as the VP of Residence and Facilities transformed our campus into a welcoming and nurturing environment. Dixit's innovative ideas as the VP of the Marketing Committee boosted our visibility and participation.

As they embark on new journeys, we wish them boundless success and fulfilment. Although their physical presence may be missed, the impact they have made will forever remain etched in our memories.


Glimpse from Student Council Investiture Ceremony, where elected students were appointed their roles and responsibilities back on 27th February 2023.


A trifling matter with swarang

Saarang Arora, Btech AI- INSOFE

Last week, the enchanting world of theatre unfolded at VijayBhoomi University as the drama club, Swarang, staged a mesmerising performance of Susan Glaspell's timeless play, "Trifles." Under the expert direction of Dr. Thejus Kartha (professor) and Divina Dcunha (student), the production enthralled the audience and left an unforgettable impression on the audience.

Transforming the auditorium into a time machine, the set design transported viewers back to the early 1900s, immersing them in the era in which the play takes place. The acting along with the costumes and set design created a visually stunning ambiance that transported the audience into the heart of the narrative.

The immensely talented cast, featuring Dechen Bhutia, Abhay S., Saarang Arora, Swaijit Singh, and Orienta Chetia, breathed life into the complex characters of "Trifles" through their exceptional performances. Each actor skillfully delved into the depths of human emotions, unravelling the intricacies of their roles and forging a deep connection with the audience.

Behind the scenes, the dedicated efforts of the entire backstage crew were instrumental in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for the audience. With Asad Shah on the background score with Divina, and Heresh Lancelot as the Audio Technical Support.

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"Trifles marked my directorial debut, and I'm incredibly grateful to the amazing cast for their exceptional adaptation in their first experience with such an intense play, and to Dr. Thejus for his invaluable guidance."

Divina Dcunha, DIrector, BTech in AI 


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What do you like the most about Vijaybhoomi University?


Sagar Urs G, MBA, JAGSoM

What I like the most about Vijaybhoomi University is the peace and calmness which it offers to its students. Vijjaybhoomi is surrounded by mountains with rich flora and fauna. At Vijaybhoomi, we are away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, the air quality is great and one would have a calm state of mind. 

This is what I like the most about Vijaybhoomi, the university houses students from varied cultures which makes the life as a student more enjoyable through which one can gain more experiences. 

Vijaybhoomi University is a growing university, the university is gradually building a good reputation among the students and the corporates. If one would like to learn, have fun and gain good experiences to talk about then Vijaybhoomi University is the place to be in.


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