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At the heart of True School of Music lies a dedicated focus on nurturing aspiring musicians, producers, sound engineers, music educators, and music business professionals, transforming their passion for music into a sustainable, lifelong career. Our mission is to empower learners with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the Indian music industry—a burgeoning sector poised to rank among the top 10 Entertainment & Media markets globally.

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True School of Music is a vibrant community that breathes, lives, and feels the heartbeat of every melody.

Undergraduate Programs

B.Mus (Hons.) in Music Production

Prepare for dynamic careers in music, film, and digital entertainment. Learn from experienced industry professionals to compose, arrange, and produce for diverse media.

B.Mus (Hons.) in Contemporary Performance

This program shapes versatile musicians, fostering mastery across genres. Dive into performance techniques, advanced harmony, rhythm concepts, and ensemble skills for confident and dynamic musicianship.

B.Mus (Hons') in Music Production & Contemporary Performance

This program merges Music Production and Contemporary Performance majors for students aspiring to forge versatile careers in professional performance and original music production across diverse media formats.

B.Tech in Sound Engineering

India’s only B.Tech in Sound Engineering – master recording, live sound, visual design, and audio technology. Unleash your career across concerts, film, TV, gaming, and technology


Admissions Open For 2024

Secure your spot for 2024! Admissions now open at True School of Music—your gateway to a transformative musical education. Enroll today and pave the way for a career harmonized with passion and expertise.

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Experience a vibrant and inclusive student life at Vijaybhoomi University, where learning goes beyond the classroom, fostering a community that embraces creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, making your university journey truly unforgettable.

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