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Strategic Minds, Legal Expertise: Vijaybhoomi's Dual Edge

Vijaybhoomi School of Law

Vijaybhoomi School of Law

Discover the dynamic legal landscape at Vijaybhoomi School of Law, a cornerstone of the Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM). Our pioneering program offers a unique dual degree, conferring both BBA and BBA-LLB qualifications. Providing flexibility with an option to exit after 3 years, students delve into business courses accredited by AACSB at JAGSoM, opening doors to international dual degrees. This innovative curriculum seamlessly integrates legal education with diverse fields, placing a spotlight on cutting-edge areas such as technology, entertainment, IP law, and legal entrepreneurship, shaping well-rounded and forward-thinking legal professionals.

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Undergraduate Programs


Elevate your legal and business expertise with our BBA LLB program, a dynamic fusion of law and management at its finest. Offering a comprehensive curriculum, students gain a deep understanding of both legal principles and business strategies, preparing them for versatile roles in today’s competitive landscape. With a focus on innovation and international perspectives, our program is designed to shape forward-thinking professionals at the intersection of law and business.

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Admissions Open For 2024

Seize the opportunity to shape your future with excellence – Admissions are now open for our diverse and dynamic undergraduate programs at Vijaybhoomi University for the academic year 2024

Student Life at VU

Experience a vibrant and inclusive student life at Vijaybhoomi University, where learning goes beyond the classroom, fostering a community that embraces creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, making your university journey truly unforgettable.

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