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Aditi Gupta: Using Menstrupedia to Empower Women and Break Down Boundaries

Ricky Carippa, MBA, JAGSoM

Indian visionary businesswoman Aditi Gupta is creating a stir with her ground-breaking project, Menstrupedia. Aditi has developed a platform that dispels the stigma associated with menstruation and gives factual information to millions of girls and women as part of her aim to educate and empower women.




Aditi Gupta



Aditi Gupta was raised in Jharkhand, India, where she was born. Growing up, she saw how menstruation was stigmatized and misunderstood, causing females to feel ashamed and embarrassed. Aditi set out on a mission to change how society views and discusses menstruation, motivated by her own experiences and determined to effect change.

Aditi Gupta and her spouse Tuhin Patel co-founded Menstrupedia in 2012. The website Menstrupedia strives to inform users about menstruation through comics, movies, and interactive content. It dispels myths, offers correct information about menstruation hygiene, and promotes open dialogue.

The secrecy around menstruation in India has been largely broken because of Aditi Gupta's Menstrupedia. She has educated and empowered millions of girls and women by producing information that is readily accessible and available in many different languages.

The program has been extremely important in improving menstrual hygiene. Menstrupedia informs and offers advice on proper sanitary procedures, assisting girls and women in making well-informed decisions.

In acknowledgment of its efforts to raise awareness about menstruation, Aditi Gupta's Menstrupedia has received accolades from all across the world. The platform has received praise for its original strategy and capacity to deal with a critical societal issue.

Aditi's work has been highlighted by a number of media organizations, such as TEDx presentations, BBC, and Forbes. Not only have her efforts enhanced the lives of millions of people, but they have also sparked a wider discussion about menstruation health and rights.

Aditi Gupta's unwavering commitment to using Menstrupedia to end the stigma surrounding menstruation has significantly impacted numerous lives. By giving women correct information and assistance, her inspirational program has changed how society views menstruation and empowered women.

Aditi Gupta has established herself as an inspiration and a role model for female business owners through her work, demonstrating that a dedicated woman is capable of bringing about constructive change in society.

“Education and open conversations are the keys to breaking the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation. Let us empower women by embracing knowledge and understanding, for only then can we create a world where every woman’s menstrual journey is celebrated, respected, and supported”- Aditi Gupta.

  Education News  

GRE General Test will take about half the time of current test from September: ETS

Hindustan Times, June 1st, 2023

The GRE General Test will take about half the time of the current test from September, 2023. The registration has already started on the website.

Large Difference in Performance of Students from Various Boards a Challenge: Education Ministry Study

News18, June 24th, 2023

Among possible causes for higher failure rate in state boards pointed out in the report include less number of trained teachers and teachers per school

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Journey from Physics to High Energy Physics

Saunak Dutta is a distinguished faculty member at INSOFE. Saunak earned his B.Sc with Honors in Physics from the University of Calcutta. He further pursued his passion for physics by obtaining two master’s degrees, specialising in High Energy Physics from the University of Paris-Saclay, France, and Theoretical Physics from École Technique France. He completed his Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from IIT Hyderabad.



Saunak Dutta, Visiting Faculty, INSOFE



Excerpts from the interview of Saunak Dutta:

From your academic background, can you  share more about High Energy Physics and your research work?

Saunak : High Energy Physics deals with the study of fundamental particles and their interactions at extremely high energies. Just like periodic table as one encounters in Chemistry, there is an elegant ay of representing fundamental particles and their interaction mediators in nature, called the Standard Model of Particle Physics. There underlies a mesmerizing Mathematical symmetry behind its formulation, though present observations and different theoretical inconsistencies convinced the existence of a more generalised theory that encompasses the Standard Model framework to the scientific community. My research work focuses on exploring signatures beyond the standard model in present and future particle colliders. My thesis titled "Strategies to Distinguish Signatures of Beyond the Standard Model Scenarios in Present and Future Colliders" delves into this endeavour. I have collaborated on several projects and have already published five research papers, with the work of another one underway.


What is  the underlying principles and mathematical foundations of particle physics?

Saunak: Particle physics relies on the Standard Model, which is a highly mathematical and structured framework. It is based on the concept of symmetries and conservation principles. Emmy Noether, a German mathematician from the 18th century, laid the groundwork by demonstrating that conservation laws arise from symmetry principles.


You completed two master's degrees in France. How would you describe your experience during that period?

Saunak: Studying in France was absolutely an intriguing experience for me. My four year colorful stay in France earned me a degree of Dilpome d’Ingenieur and two Masters. My primary focus was to make the most out of my time there academically and imbibe as much virtues as possible. I took extensive courses on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology during my two years of the Diplome d’Ingenieur Program. Following two years were dedicated to two masters in Theoretical Physics and High Energy Physics respectively.

In addition to academics, I also took up sports enthusiastucally, particularly the horse riding, which turned out to be immensely beneficial for the manifestation of my qualities. Horse riding taught me valuable lessons in patience, discipline, and co-ordination with a living being which doesn’t speak any human language.

Overall, my experience in France was intense but fulfilling. The academic rigor, cultural immersion, and exposure to new perspectives have undoubtedly shaped me both intellectually and emotionally.


For someone interested in joining the field of particle physics, what advice or insight would you give them?

Saunak: Firstly, particle physics requires simultaneous credibilities in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Simulations and Statistical Analysis. If one enjoys working, in depth, in these areas, then Particle Physics must be his/her cup of tea. Cherry on the top, is the joy of proposing new research strategies to counter or attest the discrepancies in theory and observations made in Giant Collaborations and satisfying the individual inquisition and thirst from the field itself.

Secondly,  it's important to recognize that private funding in particle physics is extremely rare. Discoveries in our field may not have immediate impacts on the life of commoners, but the wheel of civilisation must be kept rolling and that cannot be a reason to abondon the work and progress in this field. 

Particle physics is a field principally dedicated to seeking knowledge and contributing to humanity's understanding of the universe. Having said that Particle Physics, at present, has found a substantial role in Medical Science and Research

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Sweet n Spicy, the Food Carnival @ VU

Saarang Arora, Btech AI- INSOFE

Vijaybhoomi University witnessed a gastronomic extravaganza as the MBA students of JAGSom School of Management organised the much-anticipated food carnival, "Sweet 'n Spicy."

The event brought together a delightful fusion of delectable cuisines, lively music, and an overall ambiance of merriment. With stalls representing popular eateries such as Dominos, McDonald's, Donuts, Ice Cream, Milkshakes, and Biryani, the students of Vijaybhoomi University indulged in an unforgettable culinary experience.

Beyond the enjoyment and entertainment, the food carnival also served as a platform for the MBA students to showcase their skills and entrepreneurial acumen. Organising an event of this magnitude required careful planning, budgeting, and marketing strategies, giving the students hands-on experience in event management and teamwork.

  Student Quotes    


"It was great to have so many food options present in the campus and seeing the students display their business acumen."


Saarang Arora, BTech in AI, INSOFE



IC3 @ VU!!!

Saarang Arora, Btech AI- INSOFE

Vijaybhoomi University hosted the highly anticipated IC3 event, spanning five days of knowledge sharing, interactive sessions, and engaging activities. Councillors from all over India, as well as distinguished educators from various renowned institutions, gathered at the university to attend enlightening sessions conducted by the esteemed deans of Vijaybhoomi.

The event also witnessed the presence of one of the university's founders, Dr. Ganesh, who graced the opening day with his insights and wisdom. In addition to the enriching sessions, participants enjoyed a range of events, including open mic nights, art sessions by the dean of Vijaybhoomi school of design sir, and spirited sports activities, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.


  Student Quotes    


"IC3 second residential week is about to end with bunch of memories. This time it is much beyond making right connects, it was about liberalism. Liberal education is the key note of Vijaybhoomi University and IC3 MOvement is celebrating liberal education along with them. The True School of Music is doing an amazing job by liberating the conventional thought process."

Priyanka Shaw, School Counselor at TCIS




  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

Are there any places to chill and relax near the University?


Sagar Urs G, MBA, JAGSoM

I would say there are few places where you and your friends can hangout and relax. 

1) Parking Lot: Parking Lot is a cafe right opposite to the University. You can savor a variety of dishes from Pani Puri to Milkshakes. If you want a premium experience which will set your mood right and make your mind right. Then this is the place you have to look out for. 

2) Manish’s hotel: This is just 100 to 200 meters away from the University. If you are on a tight budget but want to satisfy your hunger, then this is the place you need to be at. You can have from the very basic tea to your favorite chicken dish. This place too will make you feel at ease but lacks at providing a premium feel yet it is also one of the best places to catch up with your close friends. 

3) The Ice Cream shop: Well, here you can get your biscuits, chocolates and ice creams too!! The shop is located in Jambrung which is 300 to 400 meters away from the University. If you want to have a short walk and catch-up with your friends, then you sure need to visit this place. 

4) Palm Tree: Palm Tree restaurant is located in Karjat which is 27 km away from Vijaybhoomi University. If you have the time and want to relax your mind along with wanting to have a fine lunch or dinner. Then this place has it all and is opposite to Dmart where you can get your essentials which is an icing on the cake. 

5) House of Classmates: Just as the name suggests, this place is made just for you, here you can get your burgers, pizzass, icecreams, milkshakes and many more. This too is located in Karjat. If you want to vibe in style along with satisfying your taste buds, then it is one of the best places to be at. 



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