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Tightening Your Digital Security

Ricky Carippa, MBA, JAGSoM

Trishneet Arora founder and CEO of TAC security, a cyber security company. Trishneet Arora was very passionate about technology from a very young age. He was a tech wizard from a very young age. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 at the age of 19 from that time TAC has grown at a very tremendous pace in the world of cyber security and cyberspace as it has gained a lot of projects from different companies as well as from a number of companies.





Trishneet Arora, CEO, TAC security



Trishneet Arora is also part of an invitation-only elite group called the Forbes Business Council created for successful businessmen and the Forbes Technology Council. which is also an invitation-only organisation comprising top CEOs and CTOs. Trishneet is also part of the top 200 “LEADERS OF TOMORROW” by t. Gallen symposium for the second time in 2022, and in 2021, he was listed in fortune India’s 40 Under 40 list also for the second time, being the youngest on it both times. He was also a member of the “THE TOP 100 GREAT PEOPLE MANAGERS LIST “by the great manager institute in association with Forbes. 

He has won numerous awards in his young career he was awarded the “ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” in 2020 by ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE in the security service category the list of his awards goes on and on.


Arora founded TAC security, a cyber security company that provides protection and security to corporations against data theft and network vulnerabilities. TAC is known for its all big time customers such as the Reliance industries, Central Bureau Of Investigation, Punjab police, and the Gujarat police. TAC is also famous for solving cyber crimes for Punjab as well as the Gujarat police.

Trishneet Arora enjoys connecting with new people globally and divides his time amongst various by being a part of various social service organisations.

 “My vision is to help CXOs strategically assess and manage enterprise-wide risk through a single platform “


  Education News  

Republic Day 2023: Schools for quality education to ST students theme of Tribal Affairs Ministry's tableau

IndiaTV, Jan 26th, 2023

Republic Day 2023: During the Republic Day parade, Tribal Affairs Ministry's tableau depicted the government's efforts to provide quality education to Scheduled Tribes (ST) students.

Union Budget 2023: Here's what the education sector expects from FM Nirmala Sitharaman

India Today, Jan 26th, 2023

The Union Budget 2023-24 will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1. Check out some of the expectations for the education sector from the Union Budget 2023-24.

Bengaluru colleges put curbs on use of ChatGPT

The Times of India, Jan 28th, 2023

With OpenAI's ChatGPT passing the Wharton MBA Exam, and the US Law and Medical licensing exams, Colleges in Bengaluru are getting worried.

  Faculty Fundas    

The Role of Education in shaping youth’s national identity

Education develops a country’s economy and society; therefore, it is the milestone of a nation’s development. Education provides knowledge and skills to the population, as well as shaping the personality of the youth of a nation. Nevertheless, can education shape the youth’s national identity? Can education cultivate the person's identity or sense of belonging to the nation? 


Santhosh Dadhambe, CMO, Vijaybhoomi University



Education is very important for an individual's success in life. It can give a big impact on human opportunity in continuing their life quality. Education is generally seen as the foundation of society which brings economic wealth, social prosperity and political stability. Economic and social status depends on education obtained by individuals since education contributes to individual capability in managing quality of life. It can help one’s individual to avoid poverty, build up harmony and a democratic society. Education is also capable of giving power to voice out their views, expose them to their real potential, lead them to become a better person and widen their views in certain areas.

Education is the key to move in the world, seek better jobs and ultimately succeed in life. Education is the best investment for the people because well educated people have more opportunities to get a job which gives them satisfaction. Educated individuals enjoy respect among their colleagues and they can effectively contribute to the development of their country and society by inventing new devices and discoveries. Main purpose of education is to educate individuals within society, to prepare and qualify them for work in the economy as well as to integrate people into society and teach them values and morals of society. Role of education is a means of socialising individuals and to keep society smoothing and remain stable. Education in society prepares youngsters for adulthood so that they may form the next generation of leaders. One of the essential tasks is to enable people to understand themselves. Students must be equipped with knowledge and skills which are needed to participate effectively as members of society and contribute towards the development of shared values and common identity.

As a conclusion, education plays a significant role in achieving a good quality of life. It is because education is important for guidance in human’s life. It can be regarded as an important medium in changing the paradigm shift in one’s individuality. Generally, education is always associated with the process of delivering skill, disseminating knowledge and internalising value. Practically, individuals who are equipped with knowledge can be able to internalise and apply the knowledge in everyday’s life. In children’s context, education can be seen as a continuing process of their development, so that they can practise and apply their knowledge as preparation in the future. Thus, education is a major aspect of development of any modern society since if there is a deficit of educated people then society will stops its further progress.

  Student Spotlight    

Voting Awareness x VijayBhoomi University

Kshirin Baldwa, TSM, VijayBhoomi university

Harnish took part in a contest called 'a voting awareness anthem contest' last year in August, held by the Election Commission of India In which the requirements were to make an original track of 1-2 mins length. The purpose of this was to attract the youth of India towards voting.

He created a 1.5 mins long song called 'Mat Denge Hum' , and Harsh Joisar from campus  produced the track while he sang, wrote, and composed.

A few days after they submitted their song, they got a call from Delhi Election Commission that their song got short-listed for the winners list out of thousands of entries from across India. They were invited to the maharashtra election commission event held in Mumbai on national voters day and were awarded with the trophy and certificate of national winner of professional song making for voting awareness from Election Commission of India.

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Kanyathon x Vijaybhoomi University

Saarang Arora, B.Tech AI, INSOFE

As January comes to an end, Students at VijayBhoomi University have started to notice some changes in and around the university. Several events have cropped up around the campus, all bearing a common theme; Kanyathon.

Kanyathon is an organisation that aims to empower women and girls. The student-run organisation uses the funds raised from the Kanyathon charity marathon to support the wellbeing of women and children of this nation.

The initiative has been successfully organised for more than 10 years at IFIM Bangalore. With over 10,000+ registrations each year, the funds are used to improve the lives of the girl child.  Kanyathon has also raised more than 48 lac rupees for the cause and has helped more than 100 girls receive skill education at various Kanyathon Shiksha Kendra Locations.

At VijayBhoomi University, Students have started campaigns to spread awareness about the cause. The ‘Write for her Campaign’ had the students scribbling their thoughts regarding the campaign on a post-it and then sticking it on the wall of the canteen. The ‘Perform for Her’ campaign had students from various schools gathering to showcase dance and music performances.

  Student Quotes    


"We all are supporting all girls and women in the Kanyathon event. It is an honour to perform dance for this event. Dancing is like dreaming which comes on your feet. Whatever I think I can express through dance. After 5 years I performed dance in front of such a big audience. This is one of the biggest achievements of my life." 

Sreosi Paul, MBA, JAGSoM




Life at Vijaybhoomi as an MBA student

Sagar Urs G, MBA, JAGSoM

Life of an MBA student is quite rigorous at Vijaybhoomi University. The day starts at 6 am with the personality enhancement program, while the session starts at 8:15 am and goes up to 8:15 pm. Post that, the students engage themselves in their own activities such as self study, project work and many more. There are industry sessions held every Thursday where-in discussions would be held about relevant topics which is indeed a value addition for the students.

The sessions are knowledge packed with active interactions which makes the sessions more enjoyable. The scenic beauty surrounding the campus brings peace to the minds of the students where-in they can focus all their energy in attaining their goals.

  Student Quotes    


"My MBA experience at JAGSOM, Vijaybhoomi University, has been incredibly beneficial for a student like me seeking to expand his knowledge in business, gain valuable connections and skills, and advance his career. From specialised classes to the opportunity to network with other MBAs and potential employers.

The program focuses on the theory and practice of business and provides students with an in-depth understanding of key principles and ideas. Many of these classes are tailored to the student’s area of focus, allowing them to fine-tune their knowledge and build upon their existing skills. Overall, a beneficial experience for anyone looking to strengthen their skills and knowledge of business, gain valuable connections and have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of career possibilities."

Himanshu Namdev, MBA, JAGSOM




  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

Will the compulsion of GE courses let students focus on their majors?


Shritika Dubey, Vijaybhoomi School of Law

People always have a question in their mind spinning around if they will be able to focus on their majors even after handling the general education courses i.e., compulsory for all students. Its generally not easy to work with all the courses but here the general education courses are built up very interesting with not only study but with the activities related to that specific course which will perform both the functions of mind and soul of a student. Students here never get burdened with the GE courses as they are structured in a unique way, Music students can look around the technical world, the technology students vice versa. And this will make students feel free to manage with their majors and they actually enjoy doing GE courses and this helps them also in their majors making them focused and busy.


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