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Thinking Not To Be Great But The Best In Ourselves

American singer-songwriter Robert Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941. Frequently recognised as one of music history's finest songwriters. Over the course of a career spanning more than 60 years, Dylan has had a significant role in popular culture.  




His most well-known songs, such as "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (1964) and "Blowin' in the Wind" (1963), became anthems for the civil rights and antiwar movements at this time. Since 1994, Dylan has displayed his work in prestigious art galleries and published eight books of drawings and paintings. The Presidential Medal of Freedom, 10 Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award are just a few of the honours he has won.

The Shakespeare of his generation, Dylan sold tens of millions of CDs, composed more than 500 songs that were sung by more than 2,000 artists, toured the globe, and established the standard for lyric writing.

Bob Dylan is not only a singer and songwriter, but also one of the leading figures in the American folk and pop music movements. He is an institution in and of himself. Although he is a diverse performer, it is thought that his songwriting has made the most impact on the music industry. His songs centre on social, political, or philosophical problems that the average person faces. The guitarist also enjoys painting, and his creations have been shown in prestigious art galleries.

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India will offer all kinds of educational institutions, no monopoly allowed: Dharmendra Pradhan

India Today, August 26th, 2022


Welcoming foreign universities to the country, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that India would offer all kinds of educational institutes and that no monopoly would be allowed.

UGC releases names of 21 fake universities, Delhi has maximum

India Today, Aug 27th, 2022


UGC has released a list of 21 fake universities that are functioning in India right now. As per the list, Delhi has 8, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 4.

EP will be implemented from next academic year: Govt

Hindustan Times, Aug 26th, 2022


Karnataka became the first state to accept and implement the NEP, and it has been constantly trying to iron out any issues within the new framework, said BC Nagesh on Thursday.

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Music Education In India

Music brings out the best in you. Music is a part of everyday life for most of us, ranging from passive listening to active music-making. While a select few pursue music professionally to build highly rewarding careers, the majority simply continues to enjoy the social, cognitive, and therapeutic benefits of music.


       Nilesh Thomas
Dean, True School Of Music, Vijaybhoomi University


Studies have shown that individuals with consistent involvement in instrumental music demonstrate significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency (U.S. DoE NELLS88 DB). Music education has also contributed to improved average SAT scores (Arts Education Partnership, 2011). This is further supported by studies that show improved attendance and graduation rates of 93.9% and 90.2% respectively in US schools with music programs, as compared to an average of 84.9% and 72.9% in those without music programs. Further, music plays an important role in social bonding, particularly when learners engage in group activities such as playing in a band. Sustained collaborative music learning makes learners happy and relaxed and improves their communication skills and confidence in a variety of social situations. It also leads to increased positive emotional experience while coping with social and professional pressure and fosters important traits such as tolerance and acceptance of peers from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Students from all walks of life should have the opportunity to learn music and engage in some form of meaningful music-making to help nurture their creative and prosocial skills.


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Janmashtami Celebrations

Festivals are an important part of any religion or culture. They allocate days and time for events that hold significance for the culture practising. Janmashtami is a festival that celebrates the birth of shri Krishna, the 8th avatar of lord Vishnu on Earth.

VijayBhoomi University decided to celebrate Janmashtami in its own way. On the morning of 19th August, a puja took place to offer our devotional homage to lord Krishna on the auspicious day of his birth.

As a part of the festive celebrations, later on in the day, a celebratory programme took place involving dances and musical performances. As a way to end the day on a great note, a Treasure hunt took place with a matki full of gifts on the line.

  Student Quotes    


" It is always great celebrating religious festivals on campus. It allows us to experience the cultural importance of these festivals along with your peers.”


              Saarang Arora, 1st-year B.Tech., INSOFE school of data science, Vijaybhoomi University



SwaRang’s Defenceless Play

Dramas are an integral part of the collective human culture. The first drama can be traced back to 534 BC. Although this form of entertainment has declined in popularity since the inception of radios, TVs and the most recent, Internet, the medium of theatre still persists to this day.

VijayBhoomi University boasts its own Drama club, SwaRang. The name draws its inspiration from the concept of swaraj or self-rule. The name means owning up to one’s colours or accepting one’s peculiarities.

SwaRang performed Niel Simon’s “The Defenceless Creature”, a part of the Good Doctor play. It is a slapstick comedy play that tells the story of a woman with a sick husband going to a bank in order to claim her husband’s lost wages after wrongful termination, but the bank has nothing to do with her or her husband and his wrongful termination!

The play attracted audiences both physically and in the online mode. The audience was thoroughly entertained by the actors and after its end, the play received a standing ovation.



  Student Quotes    


“As a part of the play, the most rewarding moment was when the applause started.


Swaijit Singh Sandhu, BE-AI, INSOFE, Vijaybhoomi University


  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

What types of IT support does the university offer?


As a Vijaybhoomi student, you will have access to WiFi and a 1 TB storage outlook ID when you enter the university campus. Students will have 150 GB of data to use throughout the month. Students will have access to thousands of books through Vijaybhoomi University's digital library

To help students transition to the digital age, Coursera offers a variety of courses in various subjects. As a result, universities also provide course licences.

Every school has a unique dashboard such as Kanu, and LMS for students to access their assignments and projects, but at the beginning of the term, each student must choose the courses they wish to take.

ERP, which displays your courses, marks, attendance, student details, and cost structure, is used for the enrollment process for all courses.



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Vijaybhoomi University is India's first Liberal Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0. The curriculum facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself in high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music and design. The university is located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, and nurtures holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who can make a positive difference in the world.


To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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