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Music + Medicine

“Both music and medicine have a universal language. Whether you’re in Santoshpur or Seattle, how you sing a raga or save a patient’s life remains the same,” says Debopom Goswami, a 33-year-old cardiologist who feels that “music is my oxygen”.


 Debopam Goswami, Classical Singer and Doctor


Debopom Goswami is a cardiologist and a classical singer. He was five years old when his mother (Srilekha Goswami) introduced him to music. He considers that practicing classical music regularly helps him become a better doctor. On the verge of completing his postdoctoral research in cardiology, which he took up following his post graduation in internal medicine from Medical College Kolkata, Debopom attends to patients at three centers throughout the day before doing his daily riyaaz after coming back home. 

Every morning, he leaves around 8am and returns no sooner than 8pm. Once he comes back, he tries to spend at least a couple of hours practicing. “Indian classical music is like an ocean, the more you explore, the more there is to find,” explains Debopom. But after 10 to 12 hours of OTs, OPDs and appointments with patients, does Debopom not feel too exhausted to devote himself to music every day? He says that it has become a matter of habit now. Since music is cathartic, it washes away his exhaustion to a large extent. Additionally, practicing classical music regularly helps me become a better doctor, as it improves my patience and concentration significantly. With an emphasis on early morning and evening ragas, Debopom mostly represents the style of the Kirana and Rampur gharanas. Debopom is not snobbish about his classical tastes and enjoys his fair share of Bollywood music, too. Apart from music, Debopom paints whenever he has the time and is an avid Marvel fan. Returning to his most passionate hobby, Debopom is concerned about the acceptance of classical music or the lack of it among the young generation. As for his own endeavours going forward, Debopom wants to pass on the knowledge of classical music to eager learners. 

  Education News  

NEET Result 2022 Live Updates: NEET answer key at, how to check, all the details

Economic Times, Aug 4th, 2022

After the release of provisional answer keys, candidates will be given a brief window to raise objections. After that, the final answer keys for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and results will be published.

Refund full fees if student cancels admission: UGC to universities

Indian Express, Aug 4th, 2022

Most universities' academic sessions commence in mid-August and September. With this new directive, the fee refund policy will be extended to October 31 for the current academic session.

AICTE allows another 20 institutes to offer BTech in regional language from this year

Indian Express, Aug 7th, 2022

The technical education regulator's approval takes the total number of colleges offering to teach engineering in a native language to 39. The largest number of such institutes are now in Madhya Pradesh (12), followed by Tamil Nadu (10) and Uttar Pradesh (4)

  Faculty Fundas    

Music Education In India

Music brings out the best in you Music is a part of everyday life for most of us, ranging from passive listening to active music-making. While a select few pursue music professionally to build highly rewarding careers, the majority simply continues to enjoy the social, cognitive, and therapeutic benefits of music.



         Nilesh Thomas               Dean, The True School of Music, Vijaybhoomi University


Studies have shown that individuals with consistent involvement in instrumental music demonstrate significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency (U.S. DoE NELLS88 DB). Music education has also contributed to improved average SAT scores (Arts Education Partnership, 2011). This is further supported by studies that show improved attendance and graduation rates of 93.9% and 90.2% respectively in US schools with music programs, as compared to an average of 84.9% and 72.9% in those without music programs. Further, music plays an important role in social bonding, particularly when learners engage in group activities such as playing in a band. Sustained collaborative music learning makes learners happy and relaxed and improves their communication skills and confidence in a variety of social situations. It also leads to increased positive emotional experience while coping with social and professional pressure and fosters important traits such as tolerance and acceptance of peers from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Students from all walks of life should have the opportunity to learn music and engage in some form of meaningful music-making to help nurture their creative and prosocial skills.

  Week Gone By    

Into the XR and the Metaverse

A Hundred years ago, the invention of the TV opened new boundaries for how people could perceive reality. In a similar manner, XR has now revolutionised the way that humans can interact with their world, with their own personal realities

XR refers to ‘Extended Reality’, and is an umbrella term for technologies like AR, MR and VR. Some of the technologies under XR have already been a part of the public consciousness for example AR was the basis for the incredibly popular game pokemon go.

At VijayBhoomi University, the students are always exposed to the current industry trends and in order to gain exposure to the topic of XR, Raman Talwar, CEO and Founder Director at Simulanis, was invited to campus to brief the students about the topic. 

The session on XR was attended by an audience of students from various disciplines like management, technology and design. The session was very interactive as students asked doubts about topics regarding the establishment of Simulanis, their competition and the places where XR can be implemented in order to save more than just time and money, but sometimes also lives.

The session ended with a practical demonstration of XR technologies and how they might be implemented in a practical situation.

  Student Quotes    


“It was a very interesting session with a lot of great takeaways about the technologies that might shape the future.”


              Saarang Arora, 1st-year B.Tech., INSOFE school of data science, VijayBhoomi universityy



Art Exhibition @ VU

Art is a central aspect of humanity. Wherever humanity has gone, art has been discovered, be it the caves of a pre-historic time with cave paintings or be it modern art with more ambitious goals than just photorealism. 

In order to cultivate the spirit of art inside students, an art exhibition was held at VijayBhoomi University for the students at VijayBhoomi School of Design. The theme of the art exhibition was the display of the artist’s strengths and the variety of their work. Students presented their work in an array of mediums from digital art to clay modelling and from sketching to anime-styled artwork.

Along with the exhibition, there was also a special event planned for the day. The special event was an unveiling of the VijayBhoomi University football team jerseys designed by a student of the School of Design, Saurav Ghorpade. The unveiling was a huge success with the football team cheering for the design of their new jerseys.

Post the unveiling, the event lasted into the evening with the campus residents coming along occaisionaly to peruse the artworks of the brilliant students of VU.

  Student Quotes    


“The exhibition left me speechless. It made me realise that creativity can take the form of anything and can be sparked from the weirdest sources.


           Swaijit Singh Sandhu, BE-AI, INSOFE, Vijaybhoomi University


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Is it a Pollution-free campus?


Every student is safe and healthy at Vijaybhoomi University thanks to its great faculty and facilities.

The university campus in today's heavily polluted cities boasts an AQI level of 5-20. Any website that displays the Karjat AQI will make you aware of how clean the air is for students to breathe on campus.


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