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Hollywood’s Go-to Lawyer

Camille Vasquez, an American lawyer, is best known for representing actor Johnny Depp in the defamation case he filed against his ex-wife Amber Heard with the law firm Brown Rudnick.


  Camille Vasquez, American lawyer


Vasquez's legal career has centered on litigation and arbitration, with a particular emphasis on plaintiffs' representation in defamation cases. She works as an associate in the firm Brown Rudnick's Southern California office as of 2022. 

Her representation of Depp in the Depp v. Heard trial garnered her a lot of attention. The trial was live-streamed, and it drew a large audience from all over the world. As a result, Google Trends reported a significant increase in searches for her name, and a TikTok hashtag with her name received over 980 million impressions. Vasquez has been "flooded" with offers from law firms and potential Hollywood clients, calling her "the unicorn - a smart, savvy, posed attorney whose impactful performance during the trial propelled her to a rare level of visibility".

She has experience in developing offensive and defensive litigation strategies for individual customers. Vasquez has also addressed the challenges of reputation management and critical communication that arose from these efforts. Basically, one of the most important skills a lawyer needs is knowledge of current trends in the local, domestic and global economies, especially all issues affecting law firms and their clients. That is. Companies expect their employees to market their services to potential customers and build relationships of trust with existing customers.

  Education News  

Workshop On ‘Personality Development And Building Self-Confidence’

India Education Diary, June 5th, 2022

Prof Atish Chattopadhyay (Vice-Chancellor, Vijaybhoomi University, Karjat, Maharashtra and Director, Jagdish Sheth School of Management, Bengaluru) highlighted the importance of personality development and pressed for business schools to teach students how to put their best foot forward, where it matters. He was speaking as the Chief Guest in the online workshop on ‘Personality Development and Building Self-Confidence’ of the Department of Business, Faculty of Management Studies and Research (FMSR), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

AICTE to promote mental, emotional wellness learning in colleges through special centres

Indian Express, June 3rd, 2022

The MoU also calls for the establishment of Heartfulness centers at educational institutions to provide wellness tools like meditation sessions, literature sharing and awareness sessions, and training programs for faculty, counselors, senior leaders, and staff.

Education ministry launches digital skilling programs for 30 crore students

Times of India, June 6th, 2022

Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched a digital skilling initiative on Monday for 30 crore students from Class VII to graduation which will focus on skilling, reskilling and upskilling students via internships, apprenticeships, and employment in the emerging technologies.

  Faculty Fundas    

What is the narrative of IoT?

It can be "Many" is my personal opinion but at present "None".

Why Many? My view:

We understand that the loT has many "values" like tremendous potential for improving efficiency and reducing waste. It has also a tremendous potential in making things intelligent i.e. our thermostats, mobile phones, fridges, smart watch, intelligent car, CCTV cameras etc start firing off terabytes of data filling up ever increasing data centres to deliver a "value".




Tushir Malik, Industry Connect Mentor, CEO - iWire Global IOT Communications


In terms of "value" creation, IoT data is no different from any other data. In itself, it has no value. Value is related to the specific use and application developed from the data for a Client.

So it is specific to client, hence client should understand the solid value proposition instead of getting overwhelmed with "values" that is offered generically by loT solutions.

loT brings great power and, quoting Peter Parker aka SpiderMan, with great powers come great responsibilities.

On that note, I would argue that the narrative for lot are "Many" and possible ones are "IoT brings power and adds responsibility" or "To make things intelligent and improve efficiency" or "To provide real time evidence for Social Value and Sustainable Growth" or "To create data economy and provide predictiveness" or 

As I said "Many" but "None" right now.

  Week Gone By    

Empowering Local Communities

“To build a strong community, those with must help those without.”

When those who are in a position higher than others around them help empower their surroundings, a strong community is built. To carry out such a task, one must start somewhere. So, VijayBhoomi University recently organized a meeting with the women of the surrounding areas. The meeting, being the first of many, focused on the topic of how VU can help them. The topic of converting the existing skills of the women present into economic activities came up and was pursued. Discussions included the provision of resources and contacts that are possessed by VU and their various utilisations.

  Student Quotes    


“Encouraging and giving a boost to the local communities with employment and knowledge on the efficient utilization of resources, so that they can earn a stable income, is one of the best ways of Social Immersion Program, which is part of the curriculum.”


               Dixit Soni, JAGSOM, Vijaybhoomi University



Sports Carnival @VU

Humanity has always been competitive, and perhaps due to that wherever humanity has flourished, so has competition. Every civilization, historic or modern, has developed its own event dedicated to physical activity. The Greeks famously had their Olympics, the Harappans had their boxing and hunting competitions, and even the ancient Chinese had gymnastics competitions.

So it is only fair that VijayBhoomi University carries on this tradition with the latest iteration of the Sports carnival. With the Introduction of the Houses this term, VU was ready to take the house rivalry to the next level with this sport’s carnival. The house captains were given the task of making teams for each sport that would represent their houses. Each house held an open-house meeting to discuss which students will be participating in which sport. The students enthusiastically enlisted in the sport of their choice and thus the preparations began. 

The sports carnival started on 5th June with a basketball match between the Mambas and the Hawks. Since then, The house rivalry has run high, generating a huge buzz at every match. Each match generates a huge crowd of supporters that cheer for their houses, with basketball being the greatest crowd puller.

While only a few were selected to compete in the matches, Others enthusiastically came forward in order to volunteer and support their players.

The sports carnival not only generated a sense of camaraderie amongst those competing, it also made a bond between the house members that engaged in the competitive spirit.


  Student Quotes    


“Leading a team makes you realize how important coordination and never losing hope is in a group setting."


               Dechen Bhutia, Vice-Captain, Mambas House, BBA, JAGSOM, Vijaybhoomi University


  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

How does Vijaybhoomi makes it students industry-ready?   


Students will not gain exposure through classroom learning. While studying, you will undoubtedly acquire all of the hard skills, while soft skills are frequently overlooked. It is critical for you to set yourself apart from the competition by acquiring these soft skills. 

Vijaybhoomi University strives to develop its students with a independent, multi-disciplinary approach, that promotes learner-centricity, creates pathways to develop holistic persoonality, and fosters innovation and research.

The university facilitates industrial tours as well as opportunities to interact with professionals in their fields. They visit campus and connect with students in a variety of ways, including one-on-one mentoring and workshops.


We really value your feedback. We’d love to hear back from you. Do write to us at

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Vijaybhoomi University is India's first Liberal Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0. The curriculum facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself in high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music and design. The university is located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, and nurtures holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who can make a positive difference in the world.


To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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