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Overcoming self-doubt with passion

Pooja Gupta is the Founder of Amiraah, a multi-designer store in Kanpur (India) that features the creations of some of the biggest designers in the country. She is also the Founder of I-Design Studio and the Vice-Chairperson for FICCI FLO – Kanpur chapter.   



Ms. Pooja Gupta, Founder of Amiraah and I-Design Studio


However, her journey wasn’t an easy one. She was forced to assume the responsibility of becoming the sole breadwinner for her family after the sudden demise of her father right after her post graduation. While she took up small jobs in schools, and did drafting work to support her family, Pooja kept her passion going towards becoming an interior designer. She also fought several personal battles around biases against single women in India.   

The one thing that kept her together always was her passion:“........on my gloomy days, my passion is like a rainbow that cuts through the stormy skies of self-doubt,”

Advising all women entrepreneurs, Pooja says, “Be positive and passionate about your craft. There are no dead ends when you’re driven and motivated to succeed. You’ll always carve out the road to success. The only secret formula is to just go for it, think of nothing else, and take the risk because without it there is no gain.”

  Education News  

India's 95 per cent villages have schools within 5 km, govt tells Lok Sabha 

21st March, 2022

Over 95 per cent of villages in the country have secondary schools within a distance of five kilometres, Union Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi said on Monday. She also informed Lok Sabha that more than 90 per cent of villages have senior secondary schools within a distance of seven kilometres.

How Indians are leading some of world's best B-schools

17 March, 2022

Indian American professors have carved out a niche at the top of some of the most prestigious business schools around the world. What made their rise possible?

AICTE Directs PGDM Institutes to apply for approval before admitting students

26 February, 2022

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has directed all the Postgraduate Diploma Management (PGDM) institutions to apply for its approval before admitting students for the academic year 2022-23.

  Faculty Fundas  

Personal Branding – The Need of the Hour

Digital world has become an essential part of our life. For students, all digital platforms, whether it is networking websites like Facebook or Twitter or content websites like YouTube or Instagram or blogs, all these platforms have become day to day part of not just their personal life, but also of their academic life. Academic institutes, in India as well as abroad, while selecting students for their graduate and undergraduate students, and companies while selecting candidates for various job roles, along with checking students on various quality parameters and their academic performance, also give high importance to their activities in digital social life. They want to see and understand all activities which a student does on these social media platforms. 



Prof. Ratan Kumar, 

 Assistant Professor – Marketing area, Program Chair – MBA

Vijaybhoomi University


According to a study by Kaplan Study prep, online digital brands, which include all digital activities by students, influence the decision making of admission managers.  So, it is very important for students to present their best part on social media, create their personal brand using these online platforms and maintain that for the long term.

Each of these social media platforms has a different purpose for its users. For example, Facebook is all about sharing what is happening in your personal or professional lives, however, LinkedIn is only for making business connections. Instagram is all about sharing the soft side of life, fun and colour of life in terms of photographs or videos. YouTube is all about creating content, both personal and professional which is available to the public to view, comment, or share. Essentially before starting to use all these platforms, students should understand the aim of these platforms so that they can get best out of these, to build their personal brand.

Personal branding, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), is “what you’re known for and how people experience you. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it.” For students, their personal branding is promoting their ideas, skills, knowledge, competencies and achievements among their network, universities, or future employers where they want to start their dream jobs. This involves presenting the best part of you - your personality, communication, interpersonal skills, networking skills, your hobbies, passions. However, remember promotion is effective only if a product is of good quality and after sales services are also good. Similarly, it is critical to develop required behavioural, leadership and technical competencies; present them effectively on offline as well as online platforms; and then continuously strive to improve them. That is the only way to build a long term sustainable personal brand. As Rome was not built in a day, so for every person, it takes time to build a personal brand, both in the offline world as well as on social media.

At JAGSOM (Jagdish Sheth School of Management) which is part of Vijaybhoomi University, we focus and help students to discover their self; develop the advance management competencies with new age specialisation like music, law, and data science; and help students to present their skills and competencies effectively to outer world with an aim to build their own personal brand which is effective and sustainable in long term. JAGSOM is the only B-School in India which has both its campuses – Bangalore as well Karjat campus – AACSB accredited, which is a gold standard in management institutions across the world.

  Week Gone By  

Vijaybhoomi University celebrated Founder’s Day for the second year in a row. Founder’s  Day in Vijaybhoomi is celebrated in the memory of Shree Vijaysingh Padode, Founder, DSIJ and IFIM College. This year, we celebrated it on the 26th January, 2022.

The event was a big success, with personalities like Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman at Vyas Giannetti Creative, and Sivasubramanian Ramann, Chairman at CIDBI, being the chief guest for that day.

A video created in the memory of Shree Vijaysingh Padode, directed by students, was released to an audience of around 150 students, faculty, and others present there. Prof. Pravin Mishra, Dean of School of Design, performed a live portrait painting of Shree Vijaysingh Padode, which left everyone enthralled.

We ended the day with a DJ Night event, where our music school students displayed their talents and played groovy songs for the student audience present in the amphi.

Student volunteers put the best of their efforts in planning, organising, hosting, and overall execution of the event. Students from all schools showed their support, in order for this event to come together. All were happy to be a part of this memorable day in some way.


   Student Quotes  


It was an awesome event. Me and my team were looking after the sound system, and we did a great job

               Melovick, Vijaybhoomi University



“I enjoyed it. It was a well-planned formal event. This event brought everyone together..”  

          – Archana Jaiswal, BBA 2nd year, Vijaybhoomi University




Ensemble/Pro - Night

The VBU campus saw yet another evening filled with joy, cheer and soulful music as students from the True School of Music performed their previous term’s Ensemble sets. 

Ranging from Jazzy beats to Hindustani tunes, a total of 6 bands performed. TSM Faculty, Aki Spadaro and Gianluca Liberatore, hosted the event which turned out to be a grand success. 

The songs performed consisted but were not restricted to covers, students performed their original pieces as well. Out of these, one song was composed by the Hindustani Vocals Faculty, Mugdha Hasabnis. 

Not only students who performed were applauded but the Audio Tech Support team was also appreciated for delivering quality sound with perfect mixes. The crowd was extremely engaging which made the performances even better!

All in all, it was an experience that one can feel, in its true form, only when they’re present and are either a part of the students performing or the lively audience.

So, come be a part of the next thrilling evening at Vijaybhoomi University!


  Student Quotes  




"The performances were really engaging and happening. The event was hosted in a wonderful way. I really enjoyed to the fullest"

            - Manan Mehta, TSM, Vijaybhoomi University



A very pleasant experience. It was a beautiful evening filled with music and memories


           - Saurav Ghorpade, School of design, Vijaybhoomi University

  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers  

What is special about the design and architecture of Vijaybhoomi University?




Pawan Pillai, Pillai College of Engineering, New Panvel

Vijaybhoomi University’s campus was conceptualised and its spirit was brought to life by Mr. Alok Shetty, Principal Architect and Founder of Bhumiputra Architecture. The campus was designed on a multiple axis system, with each corridor, passageway and window capturing views of the mountain range that serves as a backdrop to the beautiful site. This also helps create light wind tunnels that bring cross ventilation to every part of the campus, minimising our need for air conditioning systems.

“When I first visited the site in 2016, I was in awe of the sheer raw, natural beauty of the site. It was very clear from the start that whatever we propose as a design would only enhance the beauty of this nature and not try to take away from it in any form” says Mr. Alok Shetty. The design of this university mirrors the philosophy of the university itself. It is never done. It is always growing, always adapting. It is humble and acts as a canvas for nature, for learning. It is a vessel that can be filled with hopes, dreams and ambitions of the youth that will call it home.



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To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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