Welcome to Vijaybhoomi Law School – the Law School of tomorrow where we transform students into future legal leaders.

The legal profession is at a crucial inflection point where disruptive technologies such as machine learning and AI technologies are poised to transform how legal work gets done. The lawyers of tomorrow will have to work hand in hand with machines to provide accurate legal advice to their clients which demands for a thorough understanding of technology, creating a separate skillset requirement.

Our curriculum is designed to develop holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable legal professionals who are equipped to reach the pinnacle of success. Vijaybhoomi University being India’s first Liberal Professional University, the students of Vijaybhoomi Law School are privileged to have an option to choose major in upcoming areas like Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Design etc. along with earning their Law Degree.

programme structure
  • ifimBusiness laws
  • ifimIntellectual Property Laws 
  • ifimInternational Law and International Trade Law  
  • ifimTechnology/Cyber Law  
School highlights

Grooming T-shaped lawyers and legal practitioners aligned to the needs of industry 4.0.

Only Law School that allows students to pursue specializations in other vocations besides law such as Business, Data Science, AI, Design etc.

Global connect through partnerships and programs with Top Law Schools all around the world.

Internationally acclaimed practice driven initiatives like research, social immersion, design thinking and industry internships to help develop holistic leaders.

Global community of teachers and practitioners that serve as faculty and mentors for our students.

Focused on developing legal professionals using a liberal academic framework, thus developing holistic and deeply humane individuals for leadership roles of tomorrow.

“At Vijaybhoomi Law School, our focus is to create a Legal Leader and not a follower- be a part of the Revolution. Choose Different”.

Dr. Mrinal Raste
Dean, Vijaybhoomi School of Law

Faculty Profile

Dr. Mrinal Raste

Dean, Vijaybhoomi School of Law


Hitesh Jain

Managing Partner, Parinam Law Associates

Mrinal Satish

Professor of Law at the National Law University, Delhi

Prof (Dr.) Shreevidhya

Professor of Law at the Texas A&M University School of Law

Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Singh

Chancellor, Central University of Haryana & Chair Professor, Centre for Comparative Law, NLU,

Prof (Dr.) Umesh Kadam

Visiting Professor at NLU, Delhi; National Law Institute University, Bhopal and Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Partner with us

We welcome companies, government organizations, non-governmental organizations and thinktanks to partner with the School for:

  • Recruitment: recruit our graduates for internships and jobs.
  • Mentorship: senior executives and officers are invited to act as mentors to students in various activities.
  • Social immersion programme (SIP): students undergo a structured SIP and are attached with an organization to work on a development challenge. 
  • Request for Problems (RfP): Faculty and students collaborate with organizations to work on a real-life program.

To take it further, please write to