Course Offered at INSOFE School of Data Science

SCHOOL overview

Launch or advance your
data science career with a hands-on degree from one of
the best-ranked universities in the world.

What we have to Offer

Vijaybhoomi University is a forerunner of the liberal professional education framework – a unique positioning. In order to achieve its mission of nurturing holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals, the University’s management body realizes that only by collaborating with corporates and start-ups will the curriculum fully meet the requirement of the industry. Partner Schools such as the INSOFE School of Data Sciences will provide an opportunity to the students of Vijaybhoomi University to benefit from the experience and expertise of the Partner School in imparting Data Science education to professionals over the past decade.


Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

Founder, President & Chief Mentor at INSOFE

Dr. Sridhar Pappu

Co-Founder & Executive VP - Academics at INSOFE

Dr. L. Srinivasa Vardharajan

Dean - R&D, Professor at INSOFE

Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad

Professor at INSOFE