Curate Your Own Curriculum

Discovery Using Howard Gardeners Multiple Intelligences Framework

The first two years at Vijaybhoomi University are discovery years wherein students will be permitted to choose, and experience levels 1 and 2 courses offered across different baskets of the various schools of the University. The objective of the discovery years would be to facilitate exploration of different areas of one’s interest aligned with the multiple intelligence framework. This will also unfold the inherent strength of an individual out of the eight multiple intelligence dimensions. The journey in the initial 2 years in the undergraduate programme is expected to ignite the mind of our students and help them discover their purpose in life. The journey will be anchored by experienced professionals/entrepreneurs to mentor and coach the student as they traverse across these two years.

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Liberal Framework for Developing Bespoke learning pathways

The discovery of purpose and alignment of the same to one’s aspiration is designed to help each student identify one’s unique learning pathway and the credentials to be earned for a purposeful and meaningful career in future.

The liberal framework of this unique curriculum design will assist a student in choosing appropriate courses and interventions to meet one’s life and career aspirations.

Curriculum Architecture

The curriculum is divided in 3 levels. Each course is modular and has a pedagogy designed to achieve the desired learning outcome. The courses can be opted for in any sequence by the student provided they do not have specified prerequisites. The level 1 courses allow the student to experience the area and discover the inner connect with the subject The level 2 and level 3 courses are higher level courses to help define a student’s choice of professional degree and the associated majors and minors.

Each student is also expected to complete practice courses which are required across all degree programs. These practice courses have been designed to develop the skills that are required and expected of students aspiring to be future ready in their chosen careers/professions. 

These practice courses are listed as follows:

  1. Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) – leaning to manage oneself and developing a good lifestyle. Developing life skills essential for surviving in the VUCA world
  2. Research/Innovation Incubation – designed to impart research and analytical skills required for problem solving and innovating
  3. Social Immersion Program – designed for sensitizing students to social problems and providing a real shot at trying by applying their problem-solving skills to solve one real life problem.
  4. Industry Internship Program – designed for providing an opportunity to the students to apply their learnings in a real live work environment
  5. Execution by Service in Institutional committees (ESIC) – Providing an opportunity to students to own and work on issues that will help develop their own alma mater

The courses across all programs are designed using the "IDEAS” framework.