programme overview

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science is a 4-year program designed for anyone interested in pursuing the field of Computer Science with a Major in Artificial Intelligence as their career path. The field of computer science includes programming, but it is much broader in scope than that. Students enrolled in a Computer Science degree program study programming as well as a number of other subjects. This field includes elements of engineering computer applications as well as business

Students who can think logically and who enjoy solving problems will do well in this program, which links computer applications with the needs of the end user to make certain tasks easier. The liberal education along with the computer science courses will make the students capable of giving them a 360 degree education making them both industry and research ready.

This bachelors education will transform students into professionals who are adept in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence , data engineering and computer science. This Choosing the Artificial Intelligence concentration in a Computer Science degree program will open up the door to a number of interesting career opportunities. 


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science

Job Opportunities

A graduate in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence can find work as a researcher or network scientist in this field. Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence degree holders can find work in a number of types of workplaces, including financial institutions, hospitals and corporations.

A graduate from this program may be interested in a career in an industrial setting. Robots have become a common piece of equipment in several industries, and they are used to perform tasks which are repetitive or dangerous.

A person with a good understanding of Artificial Intelligence principles can help to ensure that the robots are being used effectively and appropriately, as well as design new applications for them.

Artificial Intelligence concentration grads are also hired in the telecommunications, aviation and transportation industries. They may work on developing expert systems which are used for training purpose.