programme overview

This programme will prepare you for the Bollywood music industry at large, as well as the independent music industry,with a particular focus on Classical Fusion Music and Playback Singing. The studies will prepare you to be a versatile singer both on stage and in the recording studio and will equip you with the necessary music composition, arranging and  music technology skills required to be an all-round, successful musician.

The course of study involves structured and progressive learning of core singing skills, film singing techniques, songwriting, performing for various media and basic skills of recording, along with contextual studies of music theory, history and global media & entertainment business practices.

You will engage in a number of collaborative projects with students from other creative and technical specialisations, and participate in social immersion projects, professional internships, portfolio development and personal and lifestyle enhancement programmes that open up networking opportunities and develop professionalism, entrepreneurial abilities, leadership, problem solving, communication and team skills.


3 Years


45 Credits Per Year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful completion of 12th grade or equivalent
  • Successful completion of VSAT assessment
  • Basic proficiency in singing
  • Vocal audition
  • Candidates must be fluent in English since it is the principal medium of instruction


If you have a strong desire and immense passion to sing bollywood and Indian pop repertoire, you should enrol in this programme. While the programme aims to shape professional singers, it also equips you to pursue a wider range of emerging careers in music driven by the digital media revolution.

If you are musically inclined, creative, and love the energy and excitement of singing live for an audience or in the recording studio, this is the programme for you.


Voice Fundamentals, Posture, Technique, Alankars, Swar, Riyaz, Phrasing, Articulation, Dynamics and Expression, Rhythmic and Harmonic Principles, Repertoire Study, Stylistic Studies, Improvisation, Developing Personal Style and Voice, Performance Technology.

Roles and Functions in an Ensemble, Music Arrangements, Rehearsal Techniques, Developing a Cohesive Band Sound, Stage Presence and Showmanship, Effective Communication, Connecting with Band Members and Audience, Performing Sound Checks, Communicating with the Sound Crew, Band Leadership, Performance Etiquette, Performance Technology.

Indian Music Notation System, Raags and Bhoopali - Structure Of Khyal, Intervals, Taal System In Indian Music, Aalap, Aroh-Avaroh, Alankar and Bandish, Melodic & Rhythmic Vocal Improvisation.

Recording Studio Familiarisation, Operating Digital Audio Workstations, Microphones Techniques, Voice Projection & Modulation, Overdubbing & Double Tracking, Working with a Music Director/Producer, Making Demo Recordings, Portfolio Building.

Western Music Notation System, Key Signatures, Major & Minor Scales, Triads & 7th Chords, Harmonising Melodies, Diatonic, Non-Diatonic Chords and Intervals, Time Signatures, Sight Reading & Singing, Voice-leading Chord Progressions, Basic Piano Skills.

Music Composition Fundamentals, Arranging Music, Lyric Writing, Designing & Editing Vocals, Recording, Editing & Mixing Music. 

Independent Performance Showcase Planning, Repertoire Selection, Selection of Musicians and Technical Crew, Rehearsal Planning, Event Promotion, Front of House Management, Show Production.

Indian and Global Music Business Ecosystems, Branding and Marketing, Role of Social Media in Connecting Artists to The Audience, Budget Preparation and Cost Control, Tax Obligations, Profit & Loss Management, Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Concepts, Target Group Identification, Publishing, Live Performances, Digital Distribution Practices and Associated Revenue Streams, Contracts, Legal Agreements, Permits and Licenses, Communication, Negotiation and Entrepreneurial Skills, Business Plans, Producing Events and Concerts. 

Professional Development Plan (PDP), Preparing CV, Resume and Bio, Professional Portfolio, Writing Professional Cover Letters, Preparing for Interviews, Ethics and Professionalism, Reflective Journaling, Self Assessment Report. 


Sing a broad range of Indian music repertoire live on stage and for recordings, adhering to correct conventions of vocal performance

Perform music collaboratively in various style idioms in an ensemble setting 

Demonstrate the ability to Improvise in a broad range of vocal styles

Demonstrate stylistic diversity and versatility in arranging music using Indian and Western melodic, rhythmic and harmonic principles 

Record, edit and mix own vocal performances using a Digital Audio Workstation and backing music tracks

Research and gather relevant cultural, stylistic and genre specific information to perform music according to the creative needs

Articulate creative contexts and stylistic characteristics of different styles of Indian music to a range of audience using correct terms, terminologies and references

Assess the quality of vocal performances using established criteria to ensure that it meets agreed quality standards and creative requirements

Apply music business principles in a variety of evolving and practical contexts and prepare business plans, budgets, and promotional plans for music projects

Use information technology to prepare, organise, review and communicate relevant information in a timely manner with team members

Demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration that encourages innovation and creativity to perform music with authenticity

Develop a personal brand and professional profile that embodies own unique musical identity and style


Playback Singer 

Radio Singer

Backing Vocal designer

Chorus Singer 

Live Performer  

Rehearsal Arranger 


Music Business Intern 

Music Researcher for OTT Music channels

Event Coordinator 

Product Demonstrator - Marketing and Sales