programme overview

This undergraduate degree programme prepares you for professional sound engineering careers in the media & entertainment industry. India is expected to be among the top 10 Entertainment & Media markets in the world by 2023, with revenues exceeding US$40bn from cinema, television, advertising, video games and music. The steady need for a wide variety of digital media content will drive a consistent demand for highly skilled sound engineers, and the industry offers highly lucrative career possibilities in film, broadcast, live events, advertising, online media, digital games, technology sales and marketing, and professional consultancy.

The course of study involves structured and progressive learning of core engineering skills in studio sound, live concert sound, and sound for visuals (film, tv, games, etc.) along with contextual studies of music history and global media & entertainment business practices. The sound engineering modules are certified by Harman International, a global leader of professional audio technology solutions. The course also integrates Avid Pro Tools 100 level curriculum that gives you global recognition as an Avid certified audio professional.

You will engage in a number of collaborative projects with students from other creative and technical specialisations, and participate in social immersion projects, professional internships, portfolio development and personal and lifestyle enhancement programmes that open up networking opportunities and develop professionalism, entrepreneurial abilities, leadership, problem solving, communication and team skills.


3 Years


45 Credits Per Year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful completion of 12th grade or equivalent
  • Successful completion of VSAT assessment
  • Candidates must be fluent in English since it is the exclusive medium of instruction


If you are interested in the technical aspects of designing, engineering and mixing sound for a myriad of applications ranging from immersive music, sound effects and dialogues in movies and TV programs, live concerts and the sound of sporting events beamed to millions of people via broadcast and web, you should consider enrolling in this B.Sc programme that specialises in all core aspects of modern day sound engineering.

If you are musically and technically inclined, creative, and love shaping the subtleties of an immersive sonic landscape that captivates audiences, this is the programme for you.


Working with Digital Audio Workstations, Signal Flow, Studio Operation Fundamentals, Microphones and Accessories, Recording & Signal Processing Devices, Miking Techniques, Recording Acoustic Instruments, Recording Vocals, Working with Electronic Instruments, Audio Measurement & Metering

Daw Session Parameters, Different Recording and Editing Modes, Auto/Advanced Recording Features, Use of Playlists and Disc Allocation, Combing, Elastic Audio, Beat Detective, Use of Fades, Advanced Recording Session Management

Stereo & Multichannel Output Formats, Balance, Pan, EQ, Dynamics, Time & Modulation Effects, Harmonic & Spectral Processing, Automation, Stem Mixing, Sweetening of Mixes, Creative Considerations, Genre Specific Mixing Approaches.

Introduction to Concert Sound, Live Sound System Basics, PA Systems & Technology, System Design, Signal Flow, FOH and Monitor Setups, System Engineering, Monitor Engineering, FOH Engineering

Sound Design Fundamentals, Location Sound, SFX Design, SFX Libraries, SFX Editing, Dialogue Editing, Score Recording, Score Editing, Score Mixing, Rerecording Mix, Surround Sound and Immersive Audio.

Studio Construction Techniques, Sound Isolation Terminology and Concepts, Sound Isolation Techniques, Control Room Design Philosophies, Room Modes and Room Dimension Ratios, Acoustic Treatment Concepts, Audio Analysis, Power Load Calculations, Power Distribution, HVAC Designs, AV Cabling, Equipment Installation & Commissioning.

Indian and Global Music Business Ecosystems, Branding and Marketing, Role of Social Media in Connecting Artists to The Audience, Budget Preparation and Cost Control, Tax Obligations, Profit & Loss Management, Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Concepts, Target Group Identification, Publishing, Live Performances, Digital Distribution Practices and Associated Revenue Streams, Contracts, Legal Agreements, Permits and Licenses, Communication, Negotiation and Entrepreneurial Skills, Business Plans, Producing Events and Concerts.

Professional Development Plan (PDP), Preparing CV, Resume and Bio, Professional Portfolio, Writing Professional Cover Letters, Preparing for Interviews, Ethics and Professionalism, Reflective Journaling, Self Assessment Report


Record, edit and process sounds using professional studio equipment and software

Mix recorded music and engineer live sound for concerts using a broad range of production techniques and tools 

Design and produce sound for film, television, games and other digital media conforming to surround and immersive sound formats

Relate the characteristics of various musical styles and production practices with historical and cultural contexts to incorporate stylistic considerations when engineering music in different genres 

Research and gather relevant cultural, stylistic and genre specific information to engineer music and sound according to creative needs

Articulate creative and technical contexts of sound production to a range of audience using correct terms, terminologies and references

Assess the quality of sound production using established criteria to ensure that it meets agreed quality standards and technical requirements

Apply music business principles in a variety of evolving and practical contexts and prepare business plans, budgets, contracts and agreements for sound production projects

Use information technology to prepare, organise, review and communicate relevant information in a timely manner with team members

Demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration that encourages innovation and creativity

Prepare detailed and accurate technical production documents and logs using globally accepted formats


Studio Recording Engineer

Music Mix Engineer

Mastering Engineer

Dialogue Editor

Sound Effects Editor

Sound Designer

Live Sound Engineer

Sound System Engineer

Film Mix Engineer

Audio Equipment Sales & Support Specialist