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Vijaybhoomi University Announces Its Fourth Edition Of For Not For 2023, An International Debate Competition


Vijaybhoomi University Announces Its Fourth Edition Of For Not For 2023, An International Debate Competition

Karjat : India’s leading liberal professional university brings to you the fourth edition of For Not For 2023 International debate competition after the humongous success of the previous editions. The spirit of Vijaybhoomi is to create a liberal mindset and foster confidence in expressing oneself freely.  FOR NOT FOR is an annual event designed on an international framework to get the youth across an international forum to ponder, seek, discuss and debate issues of international interest. The objective of FNF is to let young minds come together to deliberate on global concerns and build awareness of liberal education.

The competition grew in 2022 in terms of scale after the first and the second edition. The fourth edition will be even bigger and better. The third edition brought together 110 participants from over 100 national and international schools, eminent judges like International Debate competition winners, Principals, Senior Academicians, and Media. The winners of the 2022 competition were students from Reliance Foundation school in Surat, Ullens School in Lalitpur, Nepal, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar in Indore and DPS Modern Indian School in Doha, Qatar.

This time, FNF has proudly collaborated with Youth 20 (Y20) which is an official consultation forum for youth from all G20 member countries. Y20 actively encourages youth as future leaders to raise awareness of global events, exchange ideas, argue, negotiate, and reach consensus. FNF topics will address the G20 key issues.

FNF 2023 will have two competitions for different grades, Junior and Senior following the same format as its previous editions, which is a hybrid model in the British Parliamentary Debate format. The virtual rounds for Preliminaries and Pre- Quarters will be on 14th, 15th and 21st. The Quarters, Semi and Final Rounds will be on 4th and 5th of November as a part of an Offline Leadership Retreat at the Vijaybhoomi campus in Karjat. FNF, as always, has exciting cash prizes for the winner and runner up worth Rs. 2,60,000 for both Junior and Senior categories.  In addition, certificates, and prizes for other finalists too.

FNF is organized to bring out the skills in the students like debating along with strong persuasive skills, adept at critical thinking, innovation, keen sense of creativity and out-of-the-box views. To foster holistic development, the Retreat will also offer a variety of workshops encompassing diverse fields, such as music, design, AI, data analytics, and business.

FNF 2023 will build skills through Initium, the virtual skill-building series which will be conducted by experts before the Preliminaries. Participants will receive vital advice on how to conduct themselves as well as making arguments in sessions.

Expressing his views, the President of the University, Shri Sanjay Padode said, “I feel immensely proud of Vijaybhoomi to be the only university to organize such an international debate competition for the fourth time consecutively. We came up with this in 2020 and the competition has been growing every year. Looking at the responses for FNF in the last edition we were inspired to initiate it again. This is a great opportunity for the students as it builds awareness on liberal education and enhances their critical thinking skills. Every year we have participants from different countries and I feel this is a great chance for students to interact and upskill themselves. I hope that we continue to do this every year to provide more global exposure for our students.”

Registrations are open till 12th October. To register:

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