Prof. Edwin Moses

Prof. Edwin Moses


Speciality Area : Marketing
Speciality Domain : B2B marketing, Key Account Management, Negotiations

Prof. Edwin brings with him a rich corporate experience, a Global P&L Leader, who has held many senior leadership positions with global organizations including roles in the CXO suite, he has more than 30+ years of experience spanning industries, functions, cultures and geographies and has now decided to invest the rest of his career in the world of Academics, Management Education & Consulting with a commitment to help create “Leaders for Beyond Tomorrow”.

Having worked in diverse industries he brings a unique value proposition of synthesising sound theory and authentic perspectives of practice into the classroom. His experience spanning many continents and multi-cultural teams allows him to provide his students a global context to their learning outcomes.

He brings to the work environment a style that is fuelled with infectious passion, non-compromising integrity, strategic thinking and an almost evangelical zeal for enabling successful people. Has evolved over time & has worked hard to find the sweet spot that combines thought and action. His diverse experience & the guidance of accomplished mentors/coaches has helped him acquire a working style that is built on a belief in hard work, perseverance, tireless speed, decisiveness, selfless commitment to a goal and strong execution focus.

An avid reader, a ‘hungry learner’ and a believer that “there are miles to go before I can sleep….”

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