Mrs. Kalpana Padode

Mrs. Kalpana Padode


Nature :- Nominee of SponsoringBody
Kalpana Padode is the Governing Board Member of Vijaybhoomi University and actively involved in the Operations of the University as the Director of Infrastructure and Campus Development at Vijaybhoomi University at Greater Mumbai. Kalpana also assumed the role of Secretary CDE in 2021, a society which runs IFIM Institutions and JAGSoM.

Kalpana graduated in 1st division from Gopichand Arya Mahilla College affiliated to Punjab University. She did her post-graduation in English Literature from Kurukshetra University.

She completed her Women Entrepreneurship Diploma from IIM Bangalore.

To feed Kalpana's passion and to support the youth she has volunteered to become Director, Youth affairs at Rotary Bravehearts, Mumbai.

Kalpana has honed several Skills namely Business Development Strategies, Leadership Skills, Administrative Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Project management Skills and Organizational Skills.
Kalpana is a firm believer in building and adding value to the society. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2004 by founding Home Food Catering Services. A cloud kitchen supporting food satellite kitchens of educational institutes and corporates.
Her Startup Company started with an initial investment of Rs 5lks, 12 employees and 1 customer. She scaled her operations with 65 employees and 12/15 customers, catering to over 4500 meals per day in 365 days.
As the Secretary of Centre for Developmental Education, she initiated ‘Kanyathon’ in 2011. Kanyathon is a marathon run, organised with the purpose of raising funds for Girl children, who had limited resources and education. The funds were used for the purpose of Girl child education in the areas of Health, Hygiene, computer literacy and good spoken English. Kanyathon started with mere 200 runners and in 2023, Kanyathon had 10,000 runners and 15,000 registrations across Bangalore and Greater Mumbai.
Kalpana established the Kanyathon Siksha Kendra(KSK), which has touched upon 3,00,000 lives so far and helped in eradication of girl child labour, mal nutrition, early marriages, human trafficking and upliftment of GER(gross enrolment ratio).
The Kanyathon funds are utilised for Scholarships which are awarded to economically weaker section girls to study in elite educational Institution for fulfilling their dreams of quality education.
Her leadership in JAGSoM, Vijaybhoomi University, IFIM Institutions alongwith all the students, faculty, staff, sponsors, donors and runners makes everyone feel proud of the herculean change in the society. Kanyathon is progressing towards AMRITKAL by supporting and nurturing the nari shakti of our country.

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