Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad

Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad


Nature :- Teacher nominated by SponsoringBody
Dean, Vijaybhoomi School Of Science and Science
Area: IoT


With over 20+ years of experience in Telecom, Cable, Wireless and IoT industry, Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad is currently working as the Mentor & Dean – New Product Development at INSOFE. He is also being appointed as Dean for INSOFE School of Data Science at Vijaybhoomi University. Dr. Venkatesh works on IoT and Industry 4.0. His responsibilities include training, consultancy and helping industries and businesses in various technology and strategy challenging areas. Prior to INSOFE, he was the Associate Vice President – Technology at Mobileum India Ltd. and led a project to provide a common platform for all IoT devices with a common set of API for all management needs. His responsibilities included new product ideas, product management, and setting up the technology vision for the company. Dr. Venkatesh also worked as General Manager for Strategy and Architecture for Vodafone India. His responsibilities included spectrum strategy, IoT, Radio Access Architecture, Core and IP Architecture, design and working on technical strategies for current and future technologies for Vodafone India. Before joining Vodafone, Dr. Venkatesh was Director of Network Technology, VIASAT Communications in Denver, USA. In this role he was responsible for the end to end network design, operations and strategy. Prior to this, he was the Project Director – Network Protocols at CABLE LABS in Colorado, USA, where his responsibilities included specification development, design of end to end architecture for data and VOIP technology. Dr. Venkatesh has been featured as the “Top 50 Cable Technologists“ in Cable Today Magazine, USA. He has more than 30 International Talks and Publications on various subjects like 5G technology, IoT and strategy.


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, USA
MBA from University of Denver, USA
M.S in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
BS in Electronics Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, India

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