Dr. Aswini Patro

Dr. Aswini Patro


Nature :- Teacher nominated by SponsoringBody
- International Trade Law
- Law of Contracts
Research Interests:
- International Trade Law
- International Economic Law
- Public & Private International Law

Experienced in the Legal Process Outsourcing and some aspects of international law such as international trade & agreement and their dispute resolutions etc.

My goal is to take the Legal Process Outsourcing to the global scale so there will be harmony in legal practice and procedure throughout the world, which would enable people to work and do business unrestrained and without the fear of procedural constraints. Simply put my aim is to have uniformity in practices keeping the diversity of local legal system so that there would be fewer disputes, which will liberate energy and resources for more business and productivity.

Specialties: eDiscovery processes, contract management,International Law,WTO Dispute Settlement Body

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