Dhir Mody

Dhir Mody


Faculty - Drums & Ensembles

Dhir Mody is a renowned drummer and percussionist from India. A virtuosic player, Dhir has played and recorded with over 30 artists across numerous genres. He also gathered experience finding and collecting sounds and textures for collaborations with theater and puppetry artists, and recently teamed up with OneBeat 2014 alumna Sanaya Ardeshir on the creation of a sample pack for Splice. Throughout the years, Dhir has actively participated in several socially engaged endeavors such as Drumhouse, a collective promoting outdoor drum camps and educational events; he has led drum circles in different communities with TaalInc.; and he has recently been a part of two Found Sound Nation programs – OneBeat 11 (Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Florida) and Street Studio India program, collaborating with REcharkha, a recycling organization focused on employing and educating women from the Warli tribe.

Dhir approaches music with meticulous exploration and deconstruction, and is passionate about translating electronic music genres like drum and bass and jungle in a live format with his band Drumanibass with bass player Nathan Thomas.

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