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Turning Out To Be A Superwoman 

Savitri Devi Jindal is an Indian businesswoman and politician who was born on March 20, 1950. She served as the O.P. Jindal Group's emeritus chairman. She also serves as the college's president in Agroha, Maharaja Agrasen Medical College. After her husband, Om Prakash Jindal, perished in a helicopter crash in 2005, the former housewife assumed control as chairwoman of the O.P. Jindal Group. 




Savitri Jindal, Indian Politician


She continues to advance Jindal's social welfare agenda by advancing the environment, health care, and education. The last two years alone have seen a $12 billion increase in Savitri Jindal's net worth. 

Jindal, the only female in the top 10 of Forbes' list of the richest Indians in 2021, has a net worth of $18 billion, making her the richest woman in India. Savitri Jindal, an exceptional person with strong morals, is dedicated to carrying on OP Jindal's values in the wake of his sudden death in 2005. The group's turnover increased four times after she took over as chair, and the conglomerate established leadership positions in various businesses, both of which were motivated by her humane approach to entrepreneurship.

Savitri Jindal, the woman who took charge of a thriving business empire by emerging from the house's shadow. And Savitri Jindal, the Chairperson Emeritus of Jindal Steel & Power Limited, is a wonderful example of a woman succeeding in what she calls a "man's world." Today, we'll discuss the journey of Savitri Jindal, one of the few Indian housewives who left the home only to join the family business and rise to become one of the richest women in the world according to Forbes' 2018 billionaire list. Savitri Jindal, who is 71 years old, keeps herself occupied by managing the various social welfare programs for education and healthcare that the founder of the Jindal Group started for the underprivileged and factory workers. She does continue to be concerned about maintaining the harmony and integrity of the family among her children and grandchildren. But before she became the businesswoman she is today, 

Jindal was a wife and mother who once famously said that women in the Jindal family do not venture out. “We remain in charge of the house while the men take care of everything outside,” she said in an interview with Forbes.


  Education News  

IIT Madras tops ministry of education's India Rankings 2022

Times of India, July 15th, 2022

The Indian Institute of Technology-Madras has bagged the top position in the Union ministry of education's India Rankings 2022 of Higher Educational Institutions, according to a list released by Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday. Indian Institute of Science-Bengaluru and IIT-Bombay, has secured the second and third spots respectively.

AICTE organizes conclave on facilitating engineering education in Indian languages to implement NEP 2020

Financial Express, July 15th, 2022

The conclave was divided into different sessions namely ‘Genesis and Importance of Education in Mother Tongue’, ‘Role of the Universities, State Technical Education Department, Regulatory Bodies as an enabler to Impart Technical Education in Indian Languages’ and ‘Future road map to make outcome-based education accessible in Indian languages.

KEDGE Business School Customises International BBA Program For India In Partnership With JAGSoM

BWEducation, July 11th, 2022

KEDGE Business School (France) and Vijaybhoomi University's Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) in Greater Mumbai, have joined forces to create an International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA) Degree uniquely set to cover the professional and academic ambitions of students wanting to get the best of studying in India and Europe.

  Faculty Fundas    

Health Tips For Monsoon

Monsoon brings with itself the promise of rain, new life, and an escape from the heat and humidity of summer. 

As a result, while we might love walking in the rain, diving into a puddle in the field or just enjoying freshly cut fruits on the road, it certainly isn’t entirely harmless.

To stay safe and enjoy the rains to the fullest, we prepared a list of 5simple health tips.



Dr. Santosh Dhadambe, CMO, Vijaybhoomi University

  1. Increase Vitamin C intake

Monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive. To remain healthy, you need to increase your immunity. One of the easiest ways of doing that is increasing your Vitamin C intake. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, and oranges to have a Vitamin C-rich diet.

  1. Drink clean water

During the monsoons, ensure you are drinking clean and purified water, whether at home or outside. If you drink beverages outside, ensure that only pure water is used (including ice cubes). Taking your bottle of water with you is best to be on the safe side. 

  1. Avoid junk food

Street food, freshly cut fruits, and other kinds of food items sold on the street should strictly be avoided. The road is usually filled with potholes full of water and mud. These form perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to the open air, the higher they are likely to become home to them. So, whenever you eat your favorite junk food, you are more likely to contract a disease.

  1. Add a disinfectant to the bathwater

Most people love taking a stroll in the rain. However, remember to bathe with a disinfectant like Dettol, Savlon, or Betadine, every time you get wet. It will save you from the millions of microorganisms you carry home and help you stay healthy and fit. Washing your hands and feet and legs is advisable as you get back. 

  1. Exercise regularly and get enough sleep

Don’t let the rain wash away your exercise routine. Jumping rope, squats, planks and burpees are all excellent exercises that can be done indoors. Exercising not only helps you lose weight or stay in shape, but it is also great for your immunity. It gets your heart racing, improves blood circulation, and triggers serotonin (happiness hormone) production, all of which fortify your immune system against viruses and bacteria. Don’t stay up late working or watching a web series. 7-8 hours of sleep bolsters immunity and helps to reduce the chances of flu and cold-like conditions common during monsoons.


  Week Gone By    

Empowering Local Communities

When talking about the future of technology, the terms that generate the most interest are “automation” and “Artificial Intelligence”. VijayBhoomi University strives to keep its courses and teachings updated with the latest trends of the industry and keep up with reality.

In order to follow that ideal, VijayBhoomi University just signed an MOU to provide academic support on automation intelligence. This MOU entails the establishment of a center of excellence that will focus on automation intelligence.

The Centre of excellence will set up a lab with industry professionals in the fields of AI, IoT, and Robotics. This project is a multidisciplinary expedition with the knowledge of professionals that have experienced the industry and have knowledge of its workings. The project is a career track to develop the career tracks for technology, law, design, and business students in the aforementioned fields.

This MOU was signed in the presence of Mr. SanjayPadode, President at VU, Dr. Santosh Sonavane, Pro-vice chancellor at VU, and Dr. Navneet Sharma, Registrar at VU along with Mr. Tushir Malik and Dr. Amit Bhingurde.



  Student Quotes    


“I had a great time speaking with Santosh Sir, and this is a really great achievement for the University.”


               Saarang Arora, 2nd year BE-AI, INSOFE, VijayBhoomi University



Educational Binge

In today’s health-conscious world, people are always on the lookout for newer ways of satisfying their urges of taste while still keeping things healthy. In order to satisfy that craving for something namkeen and savoury, Healthy Binge is a health-centric brand.

On 16th July, The Founder and Co-Founder, Pranav Korke and Karan Korke came to VijayBhoomi University to conduct an Experiential Entrepreneurship session, ‘Idea to Startup Journey’. The session was announced to the campus and many students were excited about interacting with entrepreneurs who were involved in a startup involved in the food industry.

On the day of the session, Pranav and Karan were greeted by an enthusiastic audience. The session started with Introductions and then the speakers took over. They started with a story about themselves. Both of the speakers had good jobs but they decided that to pursue their goals, they had to leave their comfort zone and venture out into the unknown. This then branched out to the importance of perseverance in the current startup-dense market. 

They revealed that while it had not been their initial idea to start with Healthy Binge, their ability to adapt led them to the idea of selling healthy snacks. They also pointed out the importance of market research and emphasized the idea of focusing on one’s target audience.

The students, who had been very attentive to the learning and the journey were very inquisitive, which made the session very interactive. The session ended with the students receiving some gift boxes from the pair.


  Student Quotes    


Who else gets a snack treat directly from two co-founders? I just got one today. I totally adored this young startup


               Pratyush Chaturvedi, JAGSoM, VijayBhoomi University


  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

Is there a specific venue for events at the University?


There is an Amphitheatre where all the open mic events and shows used to happen. Students can spread across the place, and have a seat in their own comfort. 

All the previous events like dance shows, DJ nights, and musical nights, took place in the amphitheater. 

Recently, the Auditorium has opened up for events. It is well-treated for sound and is the best for open mics and other events. This Auditorium is inside the workstation building that is built up for the musicians on the campus.

One should experience the vibes of the events in the Auditorium and the Amphitheatre both.


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