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Believe In Yourself, Not In Society

Marissa Ann Mayer, an American businesswoman, and investor were born on May 30, 1975. She is a co-founder of Sunshine Contacts and an information technology executive. Mayer was previously the president and chief executive officer of Yahoo!, where she held the position since July 2012. She announced her departure from the board of directors in January 2017, following the $4.8 billion sales of Yahoo!’s operating division to Verizon Communications. 




   Marissa Mayer, an American businesswoman


Mayer turned down a lucrative consulting job to join Google as the company's first female software developer and only the company's 20th employee in 1999. In her capacities as a product manager, designer, and executive, she quickly rose to prominence and steered numerous successful initiatives. Google's main page's search interface was created by Mayer. As the product manager for the company’s search engine, Google Search, for more than 10 years, she was credited with increasing the number of daily searches from a few hundred thousand to more than a billion. She is a woman in an industry

dominated by men. In a world where corporations are expected to serve shareholders before anyone else, she is obsessed with putting the customer experience first. With a combination of hard work, talent, and a killer go-getter attitude, Mayer started her career at Google where was its 20th employee and their first female engineer. She is credited with pushing through its major scores, Gmail and Google Maps. This, plus her dynamic attitude, landed her the job of being Yahoo’s CEO. She was designated the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 business at the age of 37. "Surround yourself with the smartest individuals you can find," she said. unique writing style and his universal approach to Indianness make every one of his novels a masterpiece.

  Education News  

UGC To Release Draft Guidelines To Help Students Tackle Mental Issues

Republic World, May 4th, 2022

The University Grant Commission is all set to release draft guidelines to help students tackle mental health issues. Under the guidelines, dedicated cells will be expected to maintain separate records of students appearing to be more vulnerable and stressed-prone, said UGC Chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar. Notably, UGC is taking this initiative to help students who are depressed or facing some kind of mental health issues.

Education Ministry to launch Indian Knowledge System textbook on May 16

India Today, May 13th, 2022

The Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is going to launch a textbook on the Indian Knowledge System on Monday, May 16, AICTE said. The book is written by B Mahadevan, IIM Bangalore professor in association with SVYASA, Bangalore, and Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Ernakulam.

Vijaybhoomi University Partners With SIDBI For Skill To Enterprise Module

BW Education, May 13th, 2022

Vijaybhoomi University would provide customized entrepreneurship course to skilled and aspiring youths to set up enterprises as per market demand.

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Monsoon Music: Uttar Pradesh and Bihar's Kajri — An ode to dark clouds

No matter which part of the country they live in, Indians always look forward to the rains every year. The first shower of the season, the evocative smell of wet mud, childhood memories associated with the rain — it is hard not to be swept away by the magic.




Pranita Nair Pandurangi, Assistant Professor at The True School of Music, Vijaybhoomi University


The Indian monsoon is a subject that has inspired people who have lived in the subcontinent since ancient times. This ongoing fascination has resulted in the creation of several works of art, starting from timeless poetry and music in Sanskrit — the oldest references of which we find in the Vedas — and in Classical Age poems like Kalidasa’s Ritu Samhara (dated approximately in the fourth to fifth CE), a description of the beauty of the six seasons in India.

In these works, the monsoon is regarded as a season of romance and fertility. In the next few centuries, the diversification of languages and dialects in the Indian subcontinent was accompanied by a proliferation of music and poetry inspired by the rains.

One of the most striking genres of Indian music, called ‘Kajri’, was thus born in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The most popular examples of the Kajri, a folk song based on the rains, can be found in the Bhojpuri language, but there are similar songs in the sister languages of Awadhi, Maithili, etc. The word ‘Kajri’ comes from ‘kajal’ or kohl, referring to the dark color of the clouds, which look almost as if they have been smeared with kohl. One also finds a reference to this in the popular phrase ‘kajrare nain’ or dark, kohl-smeared eyes, immortalized in several pieces of music and poetry, as well Bollywood songs (think 'Kajra Re' from the soundtrack of Bunty and Babli).

  Week Gone By  

Mind Mantra

While schools teach about one’s body in terms of anatomy and physiology, it is hard for children to understand and internalize the same for their brains, as it is more complex and convoluted. While some people do internalize these aspects of the brain through their own experiences, it is always better to receive guidance from an expert.

That is what happened during the ‘Mind Mantra’ session presented by Dr. Santosh. The main talking points of the session were regarding self-awareness, acknowledgment, and further team building. Those who attended the session were involved in a group discussion regarding prominent topics like learning the psychology of the mind, understanding conscious and subconscious phenomena, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and building a strong personality.

The power-packed session also included team-building exercises, group discussions, and self-acknowledgment activities. These activities left the attendees with a greater understanding of the self and how to work on bettering oneself.

   Student Quotes    

I got to learn about the intricacies of human behavior and reactions. It was indeed an eye-opening session."


           Sakshi Ramasubramanian, BBA 3rd Year, Vijaybhoomi University



Sport Houses

In sports, there always needs to be a sense of belonging to a faction which when tested in matches against other factions, drives up the competitiveness, resulting in a better performance.

After the roaring success of the last sports carnival, The student council tirelessly worked in order to establish four houses within VijayBhoomi University, namely the Mambas, The Wolves, The Hawks, and The Sharks. The houses were established in order to help increase the participation of students, whether it be as part of the events or as spectators cheering on their own houses.

This week, The student council with the sporting faculty organized a house meeting for all the houses in order to select the captains and the vice-captains of the houses. After the members of the houses elected their leaders, all the houses were debriefed on the activities to expect in the future and the structure of the houses themselves.

  Student Quotes    


"The students were extremely excited about the election of the house captains and vice-captains and I myself wanted to see who would be my captain and vice-captain."


               Saarang Arora, INSOFE School of Data Science Vijaybhoomi University


  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers    

Is there a student representative body on campus? 


Yes. There is a University recognized Student Council. The aim of the council is to work for student welfare and to address student grievances.

The Student Council has 8 members, President, Treasurer, and Vice-Presidents of different Committees. 

Hostel Committee looks after the discipline in hostel blocks, and hygiene. Sports Committee is in charge of the sports events, and students’ active participation in sports. Placement Committee scouts the best opportunities for the students, and, conducts career development sessions. MarCom Committee makes sure that the outside world gets to know about the event and activities happening on the campus, through the weekly University and social media. Cultural Committee conducts festivals, carnivals, and other events. 

Various clubs like Coding Club, Dance Club, Theatre Club, and Innovation Club are formed under respective committees, where students are encouraged to develop their hobbies and discover their passion and interests.


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