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The Power of Belief

B. R. Ambedkar was born on 14th April 1891 as a former minister of Law and an Indian jurist, he was a Dalit leader who also headed the drafting committee of the Constitution of India from the Constituent Assembly. He studied at the London School of Economics and Political science and raise his voice against the social discrimination against untouchability and was a Dalit (Mahar caste).  




Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar,    Indian jurist and head of the drafting committee of the Constitution of India


He was treated as untouchable and all the others like him were segregated and were given little attention or help by teachers. He described a short struggling part of his life later in his writings as "No peon, No water". He is also known as a freedom fighter as he supported the rights of women and labor and campaigned against the act of untouchability. 

Ambedkar was a strong man and tried to revolt against the injustice done to the people, making himself believe to transform India into a better being. In his childhood, he suffered bitter caste humiliation and became the first Minister of Law in free India and then laid a great prominence on education. He was awarded a Bharat Ratna and was later respected and honored by everyone.

He believed in himself and said, "Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence”. Being a great thinker, he wanted all Indians to be liberal, and to be equally treated. He focused on Education and mostly where it was needed the most, agitation and organization.

  Education News  

All you need to know about CUET-UG 2022 registration, syllabus and guidelines

Hindustan Times, March 27th, 2022

The National Testing Agency (NTA) on Saturday released guidelines for the Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduate (CUET-UG) admissions in central universities. The online registration process for the test will begin from April 2.

MHT CET 2022 Date: Exam in June; Uday Samant shares details

Hindustan Times, March 26th, 2022

MHT CET 2022 for Technical courses – BE, BTech, BPharm, etc – will be conducted from June 11 to 28, 2022, Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant said on March 25.

Be ‘diligent’ in higher education choices, UGC & AICTE tell students hit by China Covid curbs

Hindustan Times, March 25th, 2022

The notice by the regulatory bodies comes after universities in China imposed Covid-related travel restrictions and suspended visas of Indian students following the outbreak of the pandemic in November 2019, forcing hundreds to return to India in early 2020.


  Faculty Fundas  

The Digital Education Revolution

Technology has begun to infiltrate the education process. The education system is now at the cusp of Education 4.0, which aligns itself with Industry 4.0. The focus has now shifted to smart technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. Therefore, students should be taught about these cyber-physical systems to prepare them for the evolving industries. The cyber-physical systems are integrated into various industries, and are inevitably affecting the required skills for employees. 



Prof. Shipra Pandey, 

 Associate Professor – JAGSoM,

Vijaybhoomi University


According to World Economic Forum report of 2016 “More than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today” by 2020. Universities are required in current scenario to evolve as technology is advancing and prepare the students for their future. This can be done by encouraging the remote learning using digital means, and also having face-to-face interaction to apply practical skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught students how to adapt quickly to new situations. The adoption of digital technologies in the pandemic has increased exponentially in education industry which has transformed the entire traditional education processes. This can be seen in popular learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, to name a few. They have completely made learning of new skills such as MS Word, MS Excel more convenient and easy. The video conferencing applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, have provided the medium to deliver quality education to students. Hence, Distance Learning or E- Learning has become possible due to digitalization.

The three segments which are crucial to strengthen digitalization are 1) digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen; 2) governance and services on demand; 3) digital empowerment of citizen. However, there are various challenges along with the benefits which digitalization provides in education industry. The digital addiction like game addiction, social media addiction and internet addiction has become a very common issue among young generation. The thinking skill of the children are hampered and the creativity and innovation is missing from children. Since, every information is available on web, so not every person has the right information. It has changed into a tranquil security danger. The radiation released from these devices has harmful impact on one’s body. Therefor, there needs to be a balance between face to face interaction and E-learning to have a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to that we don’t become slave of this digitalization rather use it in a more efficient and productive way.

JAGSOM (Jagdish Sheth School of Management) which is part of Vijaybhoomi University focuses to develop ‘T’ shaped professionals aligned with that of “Industry 4.0”. At Vijaybhoomi University, we believe education should encourage innovation, social responsibility and cognitive flexibility. We strongly emphasize decoding the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and abilities that are required to prepare the young generation for future. The curriculum is designed in such a way that helps students to have multidisciplinary and liberal education. Vijaybhoomi university is the first in the country to successfully blend the liberal framework into professional streams by making it one of its kind “Liberal Professional University”.


  Week Gone By  

Masterclass by Aki Spadaro

The past week, at VU Campus, students actively participated in a much-awaited masterclass on the topic “The Art of Composing Music” which was held by the HOD of Music Production and Keys, TSM, Aki Spadaro.

He demonstrated the whole process of making music from scratch in an engaging and funny way. His method of conveying knowledge was loved by all the students present.

After he was done with his presentation, students were allowed to ask any and all types of questions they had in mind regarding the topic. The questions that were put forth helped the assembly understand the topic even further.

Aki ended by producing music live, which had the students in awe. The end result was mind-blowing. Many students appreciated the creativity that flowed in his track.

Come, be a part of the next fun masterclass at Vijaybhoomi University and immerse yourself in the pool of knowledge.


   Student Quotes  


It was very engaging, insightful and hilarious. I loved it.

               Aakash Sridhar, 1st Year, TSM,  Vijaybhoomi University



“I learned a lot of tricks to improve my production as a music producer. I liked the way he put the content across. It was fantastic.”  

          – Pratham Barapatre, 1st Year, TSM Vijaybhoomi University




Run For Her

The students of Vijaybhoomi University are working day and night to make “Kanyathon” successful.

It is an annual charity marathon run organized by the students of IFIM Institution, Vijaybhoomi University, and JAGSoM in association with CRY (Child Rights and You) which is an Indian NGO that works to ensure children their right to safety, education, health and empower women and girls.

The charity donations are used towards building education centers called KANYATHON SHIKSHA KENDRA. It is a skill-building centre established in one of their adopted villages to educate and empower the young generation of rural areas.

The event is to be held on the 3rd of April 2022 at 6:00 AM at the VU campus. There will be a 3-km Run followed by students cherishing food stalls and performances by the music students.

Students volunteers traveled to the nearby villages and met kids inviting them to take part and visit the campus. Other students are also actively taking part by bringing up band performances, dance, and short movies, related to Kanyathon. Everybody here on campus is filled with great enthusiasm and excitement.

  Student Quotes  




"There are so many events going on at campus, and I am very excited to be a part of Kanyathon. Let's get to it.

            - Sayan Kumar Daas, 1.1 TSM, Vijaybhoomi University



I am grateful that Jagsom is helping so many of the underprivileged girls and kids from all over. Even though I cannot make a huge impact alone, I am happy to be a part of something so fruitful."


           - Sarthak Dhole, 3.1 TSM Vijaybhoomi University

  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers  

What does the 'Liberal' in 'Liberal Education' mean?






‘Liberal’ is commonly associated with ideas like openness to ideas and removing the societal confines on actions. Similarly, the ‘Liberal’ in “Liberal Education” here refers to the idea that education is meant to be free from the shackles of exclusivity and insolubility between different disciplines.

At VijayBhoomi university, the idea of liberal education is implemented so as to provide the student with both a broad scope of understanding which includes different disciplines, and also a depth of knowledge regarding one’s central discipline. VijayBhoomi provides a cornucopia of courses from its 5 schools of Law, Music, Data Science, Management, and Design.



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Vijaybhoomi University is India's first Liberal Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0. The curriculum facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself in high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music and design. The university is located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, and nurtures holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who can make a positive difference in the world.


To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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