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A Landlesss Farmer's Son Built a Rs. 3,300cr Empire

Born to a landless farmer in 1959 in a village on the outskirts of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Arokiaswamy Velumani was one among four children. His mother took the onus of supporting the family on herself, buying two buffaloes, putting the Rs 50 a week their milk fetched to use in taking care of the family for the next 10 years.



Arokiaswamy Velumani,

Founder, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.


"My parents were very poor. They never had the luxury of buying me a pair of chappals (sandals) or trousers. I was born at the bottom of the 10 slices of the pyramid. It wasn’t easy. But today, I am at the top of the very pyramid."

At 19, Arokiaswamy graduated with a BSc. degree, but could not find himself a decent job. Eventually, he found a job at Gemini Capsules, a small pharmaceutical company in Coimbatore, for a meager salary of Rs 150 a month. He worked there for four years until the company collapsed, and he found himself jobless.

He then joined the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, as a lab assistant. After his marriage, Velumani began pursuing PhD. in Thyroid Biochemistry. He quit the government job at BARC and started Thyrocare with an initial investment of Rs. 1 lakh, from his Provident Fund. The first Thyrocare lab was set up in Byculla, Mumbai.

Today, Velumani is the owner of the world’s largest thyroid testing company. Velumani had the conviction that his idea would be helpful to the world and he followed it. It was his self-belief that made him take such a risky step, quitting his job and spending a large chunk of his provident fund and keep moving forward undaunted facing all the challenges that life threw at him.”

  Education News  

Budget 2022: Increase allocation to education; bridge digital divide


The Free Press Journal (30 January, 2022)

Last year, to address the COVID-19 exigencies, the education budget was reduced. It is critical to increase the allocation to the education budget and find out a way to reduce the increased inequity in access to education, said firms in the education space.

UGC releases draft National Higher Educational Qualification Framework


The Indian Express (5 February, 2022)

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has developed a draft National Higher Educational Qualification Framework (NHEQF), which is part of a set of reforms that the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 envisages.

Jagdish Sheth School Of Management Announces Brand New PGDM – Capital Markets Course For 2022


India Education Diary (27 January, 2022)

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) in collaboration with QuantInsti launches Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) – Capital Market course for students and working professionals aspiring to build careers in capital markets & algorithmic trading. This career accelerator program is designed to suit one’s time constraints, ensuring progression and timely completion, this program also enables the candidate to earn a degree while working at an organisation, without compromising on the work time. The course is scheduled to begin at the start of April 2022.


  Faculty Fundas  

Note for Guest Lecture : Mr. K. Jayshankar

Vijaybhoomi University (VU) organized an interaction session with Mr. K Jayshankar, Founder of Empowered Learning. A certified management consultant (CMC), he has been a trusted advisor and coach to family businesses, executing assignments across India and the globe. 



K. Jayshankar   

Founder, Empowered Learning


He is the author of the popular work, 'Succeeding in Business: Nurturing Value in Family Business'. He organized and facilitated India’s first corporate leadership expedition, ‘Reach for the Sky’. He shared his perspective and insights with students, accumulated over many years on how it is important for entrepreneurs to manage today and simultaneously create tomorrow in this unpredictable environment. Since, new technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence have bought disruption in the businesses. By demystifying the reasons for business disruptions, he highlighted how the hotel industry has totally changed due to introduction of new platform like OYO. He provided practical advice to the students to develop family-owned businesses. The key to achieve this is to grow and manage family relations. He inspired students by mentioning a story of how one of his friend named Malli Mastan Babu, from the present organization had taken exceptional courage to take a path which is seldom taken by others till the very end of his journey. His friend through determination and focus accomplished 7 Summits and was the only person in the world to climb these summits on seven days of the week. Hence, through this Jayshankar demonstrated among the students to have adventurous spirit, courage to follow their dreams and ended with a very nice Quote-

“You are what your deep, driving DESIRE is.

As your DESIRE is, so is your WILL.

As your WILL is, so is your DEED.

As your DEED is, so is your DESTINY.”

  Week Gone By  

Term-break getaway

The 2020 batch students, who are in 2nd year, planned a get-together party after a long time. The end-term exams were over, and few students planned on going somewhere out. Dixit and Sachin came up with an idea to have a party in a farmhouse.

Everyone was excited although it took time to convince everyone. The farmhouse was booked, the party boys and girls were ready. They danced all night. Everyone stayed the night over. In the morning, a vlog was made showing the farmhouse and the experience of the people.

Everyone had fun. And came back with hundreds of memories.


  Student Quotes  



“I enjoyed it to the fullest. It was a great experience”

         – Hashika Sachdeva, 2nd year BE-AI student, Vijaybhoomi University


“The place was good. We will have such parties more often."

        – Atif Mirza, 2nd year BE-AI student, Vijaybhoomi University



Beginning of a new term

The Festive term 2022 ended last week on 2nd February and the new term Colors 2022 is starting from this week. Students will be registering for the courses they like and for which they want to opt for, for the upcoming term this week.

This new term is going to be held completely offline as there is some relief with regards to the omicron scare. But, all the necessary covid protocols will be strictly followed. Everything has been taken care of for the smooth functioning of classes offline.

To all the students,

Happy learning!


  Student Quotes  



I'm happy that the university is resuming back to offline classes”

            -Dhwani Bhandari, 2nd year B.Tech A.I. Student, Vijaybhoomi University



"Learning in person always is better and we also get to interact with the professors and learn beyong the clasroom”

            -Abhay Santhani, 2nd year B.Tech AI Student, Vijaybhoomi University

  Readers Ask, Vijaybhoomi Answers  

Why should one choose Vijaybhoomi University?


Irfan Mirza,12 Sc.,

MIE Higher Secondary School, J&K

At Vijaybhoomi University, we believe education must encourage innovation, social responsibility, and cognitive flexibility. Therefore, we strongly emphasize decoding the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and abilities that are essential to define the way we will work and live in the future. This, we believe, is the key to preparing our young generation for a future that is sure to be uncertain.

We focus on transcending the boundaries between arts and sciences. Therefore, we encourage learning across   subjects, and our curriculum offers students multidisciplinary new-age management and liberal education.

We really value your feedback. We’d love to hear back from you. Do write to us at

  About Vijaybhoomi  

Vijaybhoomi University is India's first Liberal Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0. The curriculum facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial year and thereafter choice of majors and minors to prepare oneself in high-demand careers in data science, artificial intelligence, business, law, music and design. The university is located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, and nurtures holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who can make a positive difference in the world.


To become an independent, multi-disciplinary, globally acclaimed university which facilitates learner-centricity, builds pathways to groom holistic individuals, and fosters innovation and scholarship to impact practice and communities


Nurture holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals.

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