About VUTV

The Genesis

The future of our country is in the hands of the youth and to secure this future it is important to make our youngsters knowledgeable. In times when mainstream television majorly hosts channels propagating sensational news, the knowledge element is missing for many in our Country. To solve this problem and give free access to all to a knowledge sharing platform that boasts of intellectual content, VUTV was born.

VUTV Programmes

VUTV by Vijaybhoomi is a knowledge-sharing platform for academics, professionals, students and parents. VUTV seeks to address issues concerning future of markets, jobs and education, which impact lives of all.

Each series airs weekly episodes that students and attendees can join at no cost to interact with the various speakers and panellists joining on each session. Currently, VUTV features the following series:

  • Knowledge Series- In this series we invite experts and host panel discussions on contemporary topics and invite professionals to share their life experiences
  • Expert Speaks-This is a series where subject area experts join us for stimulating discussions on their areas of expertise
  • Express with Ease- Episodes of this series feature student panelists and professional moderators discussing current national and international issues.
  • Future of Education Series- Episodes of this series are centred around themes related to everything and anything related to Education.
  • VU TV News- This series comprises of news segments spanning diverse areas to give the students a platform where they can air news readings by the youth and for the youth.
  • Vijaybhoomi e-Colloquium on Law and Economics – matters at the cusp of law and economics are deliberated by experts in this series.
  • Discovering Self – seeks to probe issues on challenges and ways to overcome the same in the process of self-discovery.