The International Yoga Day

The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which originated in India. It’s all about creating a balance in your body, soul and mind in order to live healthy and live in peace. Since we are in lockdown, students of VU celebrated International Yoga Day virtually with JAGSOM students by spreading calmness, happiness and relaxation in this stressful and busy life. The session began with Om Kar mantra followed by various postures like “Child’s Pose - This calming pose is a good default pause position. You can use child’s pose to rest and refocus before continuing to your next pose”, “Downward-Facing Dog - Downward-facing dog strengthens the arms, shoulders and back while stretching the hamstrings, calves and arches of your feet. It can also help relieve back pain”, and many more. Did meditation to release stress and achieve peace. It’s really helpful and good to practice yoga daily to have a healthy and harmonious life. Yoga is the journey of self,

June 21, 2021,

Installation of solar panels

Vijaybhoomi is getting solar panels installed on the terraces of some buildings like the Admin Block, the Hostel Block. It’s a sustainable and environment friendly solution. It’s a solution to the challenges that we are facing. Benefits of solar energy- Freedom from centralized grids Contributing to a better environment In the long run, it is also cost effective Not only do solar panels produce energy, but they also stand out as a unique social and cultural symbol. Ideal for reducing energy bills and cutting costs associated with powering the University facilities, solar panels are an eco-friendly addition that can also have wide-reaching social and cultural impacts

June 15, 2021,

Cleanliness Drive

It was early Sunday morning, a bad stench woke me up. I went outside my room to investigate the cause which had ruined my sleep. There was clogging of the dirt and garbage in a heap behind the hostel building”, says Kowshal Sanapati, from 2nd year. This led this gentleman to call up his batchmates and friends for an informal meeting cum discussion, on a Sunday morning. Everyone discussed the causes that led to such unhygienic conditions, even though there’s a waste management system being followed. The outcome of that discussion was the ‘Cleanliness Drive’, which was successfully completed on the following Tuesday. This Cleanliness Drive taught the students why is it necessary to be aware of their surroundings and the importance of being self-aware and responsible.

June 06, 2021,

Life Skills Workshop!

What is Goal Setting? What are SMART Goals? What is the reason for you not being able to complete your tasks and achieve your goals? All of these intriguing questions were answered in a Life Skills Workshop by Dr. Santosh Dhadambe, Chief Medical Officer, Vijaybhoomi University. All the students were amused when they got to know that they have to prepare a drawing. Everyone was provided with pencils, colors and blank sheets. This excited the students. One was quoted as saying 'I am holding colors in my hands after 5 years. As a child, I was good at drawing.' Students were instructed to draw what they really want to be like after 10 years. Everybody got on doing it. Some were seen making huge bungalows and cars. Some students made a crowd of people, indicating they want to be famous. Some students were reluctant to let you have a look at their drawings, as they thought it was embarrassing. (P.S. they were embarrassing). After an hour, everyone was done with their drawings and each student did a presentation explaining their thoughts and vision. This process focused more on being specific about your goals, after reasoning out to the last bit. Students learned how to set SMART Goals (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Time Bound). In the next hour, Dr. Santosh was open to help out students with their personal problems. Most of the students were facing the dreadful habit of Procrastination, which is the case with a large number of students in our country. A thoughtful discussion took place which helped students gain insights into themselves, their behaviour and their attitude which leads to procrastination. It was similar to a mentoring session and the students left the classroom motivated to achieve their goals.

Jun 03, 2021,

Barber on Campus

There was much excitement last Sunday on campus .The announcement of the arrival of a barber in the official hostel group sent everyone into a kind of festive mood.The lockdown had left the entire student community on campus wanting a haircut and in desperate need of some grooming.Students were up early , negotiating time slots, trading places and discussing the best style to get . The students waited outside the venue patiently waiting their turns and connecting as a community .It was a five hour marathon for the barber and when he finally left we had many a happy faces , lots of changed looks and under cut seems to be the most preferred style .Most importantly this lockdown taught us to value little things that we take for granted in our day to day life and how to appreciate them.

May 23, 2021,

New academic term begins

After the assessment of the 2nd term came to an end recently, the university released a course list for the new term offering subjects from all the five schools of Vijaybhoomi (law, design, business, music and data science). Students were excited as some interesting courses from music, design and filmmaking were on the list. At Vijaybhoomi, a student’s first 2 years are called Discovery Years where students are able to mix and match courses of their interest from any of the five schools, discovering their purpose and aligning the same with their career aspirations. This is a unique opportunity for students to explore new areas or pursue interests that they had left behind in their developing years. It facilitates their creative thinking process and allows them to explore different areas which are considered non-conventional. The students of Vijaybhoomi are truly excited for their Term 3 academic curriculum as they have been able to choose subjects across different streams. For instance, a student, Abhay, who is pursuing Artificial Intelligence opted for a Photography course to follow his interest. Dixit, is pursuing Business along with his passion for music. Vijaybhoomi is truly a UNIQVERSITY enabling choice for students in the true sense of the word.

May 20, 2021,

The art of active listening

Students Nakshatra and Issac from the True School of Music conducted a session on Active Listening through music at Vijaybhoomi University. The session began with the hosts providing information about the artists whose music the audience were about to listen to, their backgrounds, stories and struggles. The audience were then instructed to simply ‘listen’ to the music with attention. The students in the audience - from the music school as well as all other schools at Vijaybhoomi (law, design, business and data science) - were amazed to realize that just by listening with an intent, they were able to gather how the artists convey subtle messages through their songs. They started to feel the songs and began understanding the journey of the song and its process. Soon the students were lost in the awe of the experience and took away a lifelong lesson on simplicity and merits of active listening.

May 15, 2021,

Giving back to nature

The students at Vijaybhoomi University participated in a tree-plantation drive. They planted a variety of saplings including custard apple, guava, tamarind, and mango around the university campus. Digging the ground and planting the saplings with their own hands led to the creation of a beautiful bond between the students and their respective plants, and they made a promise to water the plants every day. As part of the plantation drive, experienced staff at the university also taught the students how to use a shovel correctly to dig, and the ways of farming and planting. It gave the students a hands-on experience and practical knowledge on farming and its methods.

Apr 28, 2021,

Choir-Sound of Silence

The mission of this project, for the time being, is to spread the culture of music (and music training) across the different Departments and Schools of the University. A choir is like an orchestra, which is a perfect representation model of the ideal society, where every voice is acknowledged for its individual importance and autonomy, as long as it is capable to blend with other independent voices, resulting in what we call “harmony”, in music as well as in life. In this laboratory/rehearsal, a group of students composed of music and non-music students of Vijaybhoomi University were challenged with singing in a choir. The group has been trained with exercises based on fundamental harmonic notions such as major scales, triads and harmonization in thirds. By the end of this laboratory, the choir was able to perform some improvised exercise as well as the song 'The Sound of Silence' by Paul Simon.

Apr 23, 2021,

Trek to Padargad Fort Hill

On 4th April 2020, students of Vijaybhoomi University trekked Padargad Fort hill that surrounds the Eastern side of the university's campus. Students got up early in the morning, packed their essentials, warmed themselves up and hit the road by 6:30 am. The students were guided by Mr. Sujit Sreedharan who is their PEP faculty. The trek began with a 20 minutes walk from the University gate to the foot of Padargad hills which was the first milestone of the trek. The Padargad Fort trek lies just beyond the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. From there the students started their journey towards the peak of Padargad hills. After a few minutes of the hike, they noticed that they were entering a dense forest cover which was the second milestone. The canopy of trees covered the entire path by allowing only little sun rays to fall through the leaves. This dense path lasted for few kilometres. After crossing the densely forested trail, they entered a grassland. This was the third milestone. The perfect blue sky with traces of white clouds and the prolific green and dry grass was the beauty of this place. After a few kilometres of the trek, they had reached to the steepest and scariest part of the trek which was more like the mountain's wall. From here the peak of the hill was the closest. Here, the students had their real test of dedication, strength, teamwork, courage and perseverance. The students helped each other with the chimney climb of 10 feet. The chimney is actually 2 parallel rock walls at a distance of about 2 feet. There was a small rock patch beyond this point which was the peak of the mountain. It took 4 hours of hard climb for the students to reach the peak. Everyone was thrilled and delighted by the view the trek offered them at the top. At the top, there was mere silence but of the wind. After spending a good time at the top the students followed the same route down the hill and reached the campus safely.

Apr 04, 2021,

Internship Guidance Workshop

On 4 April 2021, Vijaybhoomi University organized an internship workshop for all its students. The workshop was conducted by Professor Neha Malhotra Singh (Senior Lecturer, JAGSOM) and covered an exhaustive range of topics including resume writing, cover letter writing, identifying the right internship opportunity, and engagement with organization pre, during and post-internship. Professor Singh guided students and gave critical tips on how they should present themselves on paper (resume, cover letter) and in-person to organizations in which they envision an internship. It was a very useful session that gave students fundamental knowledge on pursuing internships and kick-started the internship process for them. Students are very encouraged and excited to start working on their resumes and cover letters. The session will be followed by the setting up of a student-led Internship Committee and weekly internship meetings.

Apr 04, 2021,

Holi celebrations @ Vijaybhoomi

On 29th March 2021, the Vijaybhoomi family celebrated the much awaited festival of colours, joy, love, equality, togetherness and forgiveness - Holi! On the evening prior to Holi, the students and staff of Vijaybhoomi gathered to celebrate 'Holika Dahan' (Burning Holika - a demoness) on the campus. Burning Holika is associated with the annual bonfire that celebrates the victory of good over evil and people in India believe that all their sins, evils and negativity are burned along with Holika in the same fire.

Mar 29, 2021,

Educators' Colloquium and Students' Open House at Durgapur

Vijaybhoomi University organized an Educators’ Colloquium and Students’ Open House event on 13 March 2021 in Durgapur near Kolkata. Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, Vijaybhoomi University moderated the Educators’ Colloquium on ‘Liberal Education and Building New-Age Learners’, which had an engaging audience of 30 educators from the area. A group of over 150 students was engaged in a ‘Multiple Intelligence Test’ as the first step to self-discovery. The test helps students understand their strengths across eight categories of intelligences which provides a strong indication towards their inherent learning, behavioural and work styles and their natural potencies. The self-discovery initiation through this test was Vijaybhoomi’s effort intended to help students better align their core strengths with suitable learning and career pathways, going forward. This was followed by a workshop on ‘Discovering New-Age Careers’ anchored by Professor Padmanabha Ramanujan helping students understand emerging careers and how they could develop their professional skills in that direction. Thereafter, the educators and students attended VU Connect sessions conducted by Mr Sanjay Padode, President, Vijaybhoomi University. The session introduced them to the liberal professional curriculum architecture at Vijaybhoomi and various schools at the university. Everyone was seen engaging in discussions, curious, excited and intrigued by the unique offerings of Vijaybhoomi University. Students and educators, both generations surely took home one thing from the event, that discovery of one-self is the key to a successful and fulfilled life.


Fun with Alphabetography

On 12 March 2021, students at Vijaybhoomi were introduced to a unique form of photography called 'Alphabetography'. Professor Pravin Mishra, Dean, Vijaybhoomi School of Design led the session. He guided the students to take a photograph of the letters in their name from surrounding nature or architecture. This session taught students to be good observers and to understand nature and architecture with great precision and detail. Students learned to look beyond what they usually see in a tree or a bench or a building. This exercise knocked the creativity among students and each one came up with interesting results.

Mar 12, 2021,

International Women’s Day @ Vijaybhoomi School of Law

Vijaybhoomi School of Law organized a virtual discussion on International Women’s Day in association with the Centre of Excellence for Women, Child and The Law (CEWCL).

Mar 8, 2021,

Provisioning of community drinking water- Vijaybhoomi, creating public goods

A welcome change was on the horizon in Solanpada Village (Karjat Taluka, Raigad District, Maharashtra) when Team Vijabhoomi, led by Mrs. Kalpana Padode (Member, Governing Body, Vijaybhoomi University) installed a dedicated a community drinking water resource. Access to drinking water is a persistent problem in Raigad District. Despite heavy rainfall, groundwater levels mostly remain out of reach due to the region’s rocky terrain. At an emotional moment with women from the village community, Mrs. Kalpana Padode shared that, While on one hand our leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and educators talk about digitization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IOT, the ground reality is that even the basics of life are not in place for everyone in India. Even today in rural India, women have to walk far to fetch drinking water on their heads. Vijabhoomi University believes in leading by example. Seeing is believing is the only mantra to educate today’s young generation. This is a small step by Vijaybhoomi management to eradicate portable water problem in District Raigad. Our belief is chhotey chhotey kadam se aagay badhey gey hum. Mrs. Kalpana Padode inaugurated the drinking water source by cutting a ribbon and afterwards opened the tap with other women from the village. Vijaybhoomi installed five running water taps in Solanpada Village. Residents of the village deeply thanked the University for this initiative which will certainly have a positive impact on the region’s inhabitants. In rural areas women have to walk far distances just to fetch drinking water. I felt joyful being part of this initiative.

March 01, 2021,

William C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Pre-Moot

On 25 February and 27 February, a team of students from Vijaybhoomi participated in William C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Pre-Moot organized by Moot Academy with Ss. Cyrus and Methodius University arbitrated by Hannah Beck from Germany and University of World Economy and Diplomacy arbitrated by Evanthia Kasiora. The team comprising of three Students, T. Aswini Patro (Mooter), Tanishk Tripathi (Mooter) and Shreyas Pawar (researcher) along with Faculty Advisor Prof. Rahul Srivastava were preparing for the William C Vis. Moot Problem for weeks. It was exhilarating to see the team of Vijaybhoomi representing at international level and getting the due exposure of law specifically International Commercial Arbitration before global audience. It was great overall experience of learning as the arbitrators gave their valuable feedback to students which will be helpful for students in further preparation.

February 27, 2021,

Maa Saraswati’s Blessings

The festival of Vasant Panchami was celebrated by the students and staff at VU, on the morning of 16th Feb. It was a day devoted to worship Goddess Saraswati, the goddesss of knowledge, language and arts. Our Vice-Chancellor, Atish Chattopadhyay, Deans, and faculty members were present for the pooja. The library was filled with an aura of divinity and positivity, with a portrait of Maa Saraswati placed in the middle. Mogra and other yellow flowers were used for decorations and pooja, as yellow colour was significant to the day. Most of the students wore yellow that day. Students brought books and pens for the pooja, praying for a bright future. The pooja came to an end with the distribution of prasad (sweets) to everyone. It was followed by Sir Atish Chattopadhyay taking everyone on a brief mythological journey about Maa Saraswati and enlightened us on how liberal education was always at the core in ancient teachings.

February 25, 2021,

Founders Day Celebrations

Vijaybhoomi celebrated Founder’s Day to pay respect to Mr. Vijaysingh B. Padode, its beloved founder. The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Atish Chattipadhyay shared his experience and fond memories of our founder with the august gathering. The participants reaffirmed his vision and pledged to abide by his mission of liberal education. To mark the occasion, the University organized an Educators’ Conclave comprising of various exciting sessions including a Roundtable on National Education Policy, Anybody Can Draw with Prof Pravin Mishra and Leadership Workshop by Brigadier Sushil Bhasin. The participants enjoyed sumptuous lunch based on the theme, Flavours of Raigad. The importance of experiential learning was highlighted by awarding and recognizing various co-curricular activities. The program also witnessed mesmerizing musical performance by True School of Music

February 20, 2021,

Preparations for Educator’s Conclave @ Vijaybhoomi and Students @ Exploring Vijaybhoomi

The campus at Vijaybhoomi University bustled with energy and excitement as students and faculty prepared to host school principals and prospective students from Mumbai and Pune on 11-12 February 2021. They experienced their first real time application of project management skills. Under the guidance of facuty students organized themselves through detailed minute by minute activity lists and roles and responsibilities. Students learned how to manage people, work in teams and co-ordinate and develop a sense of responsibility and ownership.

February 20, 2021,