Tejas Narayan

Tejas Narayan


Faculty - Sound Engineering

Tejas Narayan is a recording & mixing engineer from Mumbai with over 8 years of experience in the music industry, having studied his sound engineering at SAE, London. As the head engineer at Arbitrandom Studio he is worked with the likes of Siddarth Basrur, Yohan Marshall, Zygnema, Bombay Basement, Tejas Menon & Anand Bhaskar on their singles albums and EPs through all the stages of production. In 2014 His studio became the location of choice for shooting and recording two seasons of VH1 Music Diaries.

In the live sound world, Tejas is the co-founder of BootlegX, a company that offers location audio recordings for festivals, indoor venues and plays. Tejas is also a guitarist and bassist and is the frontman for the instrumental djent band, Letterz.

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