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School Research Incubation

University Learning Outcomes

The University aims at the following outcomes from this initiative:

    • Nurture a culture of research from grass-root levels. 
    • Strengthen inter-disciplinary research and network with schools.
    • School students should be able analyze, synthesize, and articulate ideas clearly.
    • Students should be able to demonstrate integrity, and professional responsibility at early stages of academic life .
    • Students should be able to identify, analyze, and solve multidisciplinary issues.
    • Students should develop and hone their analytical skills through research.
    • Students should be able to understand issues that are paramount to societal development and empowerment.
    • Students publish their research work in the Vijaybhoomi University Student Journal, an academic platform
University Learning Outcomes img
Research Learning Outcomes img

Research Learning Outcomes

By participating in this initiative, the school students will be able to:

    • Identify and develop one or more research questions
    • Understand the relevance of the research problem and the interdisciplinary implications surrounding it.
    • Apply basic principles and knowledge found in the literature related to the proposed research question(s).
    • Apply a methodology throughout the research project Interpret, and analyse data .
    • Articulate research findings in the form of submission of Research Reports..

Eligibility of the Program


Students Of Grade 11 And 12 Are Invited To Apply For This Program


Applicants Will Be Expected To Fill In Their Applications And Record Their Responses To Two Subjective Questions To Be Selected For The Program

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Structure of the Program

This Program Is Delivered In The Online Mode. The Program Begins With 4 Workshops On Research Writing And Methodology That Are Scheduled For The Entire Cohort. Post The Common Sessions, Students Work With Mentors Individually To Develop Their Academic Work. The Duration Of The Program Is 3 Months. 

The IDEAS Journal

Ina N Endeavour To Promote Research In The School Ecosystem, Vijaybhoomi University Has Launched India’s First Academic Inter-Disciplinary Journal For High School Researchers. Students With Exemplary Articles From The Cohort Are Given A Chance To Publish Their Works In Our Peer-Reviewed Inter-Disciplinary Journal.

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Timelines for the Upcoming Cohort

7Th April

Closure Of Registrations 

25Th May

Program Begins

25Th August

Submission Of First Draft Of Work

10Th October

Release Of Third Edition Of The Journal

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Leave your details to be contacted for the program 
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