As India's first liberal professional university, Vijaybhoomi's foundation is liberal education that liberates the students beyond all barriers. While liberal arts as a discipline developed out of Greece, India also has an equally ancient and robust tradition of fields such as Philosophy, Religion, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Dances, Drama, Economics, History, Political Science, and more. Vijaybhoomi School of Arts and Humanities recognizes and promotes both traditions of liberal arts. This commitment to transcend barriers of cultures and disciplines aims to prepare socially responsible and continuously employable students. Such pluralistic and globalized liberal education is a prerequisite to shape the new ignited minds.

Just as the European renaissance was based on the rediscovery of Greek classics in the fifteenth century, a global renaissance can occur based on the "discovery" of Asian intellectual traditions, many of which are universally applicable. For example, the idea of a worldwide family was mentioned in many Sanskrit texts; the average lifespan of 100 years of productive and a multifaceted education system was described. These ancient notions compare well with contemporary ideas such as Multiple Intelligence and T-Shaped Professionals. Unlike other civilizations that have now disappeared from the world, China and India continue to flourish even after 5000 years of their continuous living history. Vijaybhoomi School of Arts and Humanities combines all such great wisdom traditions relevant to today's globalized world.

Steve Jobs once said, "Technology alone is not enough—it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing." Liberal Arts education boosts cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, desperately desired by employers and the VUCA world (world filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). Liberal Arts education provides a strong foundation for soft skills such as emotional intelligence, leading a team, intercultural understanding, presentation skills, and creative writing. Such expertise is highly sought after in fast-growing fields such as marketing, journalism, film making, creative writing, law, government, creative writing, psychology, social work, and management, to name a few.

As American billionaire Mark Cuban said in 2017, "In ten years, a liberal arts degree in philosophy will be worth more than a traditional programming degree." In his words, without "domain knowledge," Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence are "insolvent and useless." Vijaybhoomi School of Arts and Humanities provides a perfect platform to integrate Liberal Arts with Data Sciences, Law, Design, and Business.

programme structure
  • ifimWorld Religions
  • ifimIndian Cinema and Culture  
  • ifimIndian Culture and Environmental Issues  
School highlights

Grooming T-shaped Liberal Arts professionals aligned to the needs of world 4.0.

Only Liberal Arts School that allows students to pursue specializations in other vocations beyond Arts and Humanities, such as Business, Data Science, AI, Design, Law, etc.

Global connect through partnerships and programs with top Liberal Arts schools across the world.

Internationally acclaimed practice-driven initiatives like research, social immersion, and industry internships to help develop holistic leaders.

Focused on developing holistic and deeply humane individuals for leadership roles of tomorrow.

Partner with us

We welcome companies, government organizations, non-governmental organizations, and thinktanks to partner with the School for:

  • Recruitment: recruit our graduates for internships and jobs.
  • Mentorship: senior executives and officers are invited to act as mentors to students in various activities.
  • Social immersion programme (SIP): students undergo a structured SIP and are attached with an organization to work on a development challenge. 
  • Request for Problems (RfP): Faculty and students collaborate with organizations to work on a real-life program.

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