Scholarships and Financial Aid: 2020-21

Vijaybhoomi University is committed to making its liberal professional education accessible and affordable for students from all walks of life. This is made possible through our need-cum-merit based Financial Aid Philosophy. We endeavour to provide necessary financial support which can help students bridge the gap between the cost of the program and the ability to pay. We, therefore, strongly encourage and recommend that you go through the details below to acquaint yourself with the avenues and opportunities of Scholarships and Financial Aids available at Vijaybhoomi University.

We award a range of merit-cum-need based scholarships to the best performing candidates at the time of admissions. Most prominent amongst these scholarships and support avenues are the full scholarships (full fee waivers) which can be awarded to most outstanding students joining the University.

The V. B. Padode Foundation Scholarships

Vijaybhoomi University welcomes the brilliant leaders of tomorrow in association with V. B. Padode Foundation. The Scholarships are available to students enrolled for all undergraduate programs offered by Vijaybhoomi University. The assessment of scholarships is entirely merit-based and awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.



Marks Criteria*


85% and above


75% and above


65% and above

The Scholarship to be applicable in subsequent years only if the student maintains 6.5+ CGPA

(*Overall average of class 10 and 12 final exams)

Scholarship Conditions

  • The Scholarships are applicable for the full duration of the course, subject to meeting the academic requirements during the study.
  • Students may apply for multiple categories of Scholarships. If the first preference category is filled, the application will be considered for the subsequent category.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review the performance of the applicants during and after every term. The continuation of the scholarship is contingent on students qualifying for the VC’s Merit List Year on Year for the entire tenure of the program.
  • The Scholarship Committee retains the right to review, alter, modify, change, or withdraw any of the provisions or schemes, as deemed fit.
  • The Scholarship amount shall be directly subtracted from the term fee due.
  • Should any of the information given by the scholarship recipient be found inaccurate or false at any time during the program, the scholarship awarded will be withdrawn, and the recipient will either be charged full payment of fees immediately or be dismissed from the program.