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This programme is a combination of the Music Production and the Contemporary Performance majors, crafted for students who are keen to build a versatile career that spans professional performance and original music production for a variety of media formats.

B.Mus (Hons.) Music Production & Performance

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Available Majors : Music Production + Performance (Guitar / Bass / Drums / Piano / Western Vocals / Indian Vocals)

Students may choose to study this dual major program by combining music courses from the Music Production and Contemporary Performances programs. Since these programs share a set of common core courses in the areas of music theory, harmony, arranging, ear training, music business and music history, this dual major pathway provides an excellent opportunity for students to expand skill sets across performance and music production to become highly versatile professionals.


Duration : 4 Years
Credits: 180 credits (45 per year)


Music Composition

Composition basics, 2, 3 and 4 part writing, composing melodies, Songwriting,

Read More Read Less Interpreting Creative Briefs.

Music Programming

Working with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), MIDI, MIDI Controllers and

Read More Read Less External Devices, Using virtual instruments, Music Synthesis, Sampling, Sequencing, Drum Programming, Programming Strings, Programming Woodwinds & Horns, Programming Electronic Instruments, Realism & Humanisation.

Arranging Music

Harmonising melodies, Re-harmonisation, Rhythm Section Arrangement,

Read More Read Less Vocal Arrangements, String Section Arrangement, Arranging Horns & Woodwinds, Arranging Electronic Instruments, Preparing Scores (music notation) of Arrangements, Interpreting Creative Briefs.

Scoring for Visual Media

Interpreting Creative Briefs, Scoring for Film, TV and OTT, Music in Advertising,

Read More Read Less Music for Games, Temp Tracks, Presenting Music to Clients, Virtual Orchestration

Who is
this for?

If your desire is to build a portfolio career in music that combines original music creation and music performance, this is the program for you. The dual major will equip you with a broad set of skills to write, arrange, perform, record and produce your own compositions, making you a highly versatile musician who is self-sufficient in creating and performing original music.


Music Producer, Director, Composer
Audio Engineer and Technician (Live sound + Studio engineer)
Sound Designer (Movies, series, ad films, websites, apps, etc.
Audio Editor and Programmer
Music Instructor, Transcriptionist & Editor
Audio Visual and Multimedia Specialist
Performing Artist
Music Director/Composer

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Total Credits

For 4 Years

The True School of Music
Practice Credits
General Education


Social Immersion Project

Designed to sensitise students to social problems and apply their problem-solving skills to solve one real-life problem.

Industry Internship Programme

Designed for providing an opportunity for the students to apply their learning in a real-life work environment

Research/ Innovation

Designed to impart research and analytical skills required for problem-solving and innovation

Execution By Service In Institutional Committees (ESIC)

Providing opportunity for students to own & work on issues that will help develop their alma mater

Personality Enhancement Program

Learning to manage oneself and developing a good lifestyle


Ashutosh Phatak
Ashutosh Phatak

Pro Vice Chancellor - Institutional Impact, Faculty - Music Production


The True School of Music is India’s premiere institute of contemporary music that began operations in Mumbai in 2013. In addition to the main campus in Karjat where degree programmes in music are conducted, True School presently offers its Pro Music Production Certificate Programme in Bangalore and Goa
We evaluate all applications for merit and unique musical abilities. A very limited number of scholarships are offered to highly deserving candidates while issuing the offer of admission.
Generally classes will be conducted between 3PM and 8PM on weekdays.