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The Impetus 0f 7 Best Scholarships to Shape Your AI Education

Applying for fellowships and scholarship programs to augment your existing knowledge on high-end technology can not only help you gain an edge in the professional landscape but also can direct your career towards a warranted future. INSOFE Big Data Scholarship is designed for the ones who have a keen interest in big data and analytics. Understanding the rising importance of big data, data analytics, and data management in business organizations and companies, the scholarship program aids to provide post-graduate training in these fields, helping the students to be adept in big data.

Author : | Source : Analytics Insight | Date : 11th May, 2021.
How has the mindset towards music education changed over the last decade?

The aspirations of our younger generation are the key driver of music education in India today. A career in music is now viewed well beyond the singer, whose voice only resonated in the cinemas we watched and later in All India Radio. Almost everything we experience today, whether in person or in the digital world, has some connection to music, and that means opportunities.

Author : | Source : India Today | Date : 28th April, 2021.
Future workforce should be data savvy: Venkatesh Sunkad, Dean, INSOFE School of Data Science, Vijaybhoomi University

IT companies today are looking at hiring a workforce that is future-ready. Engineers passing out of universities are being expected to be well-versed in technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

Author : | Source : Data Quest | Date : 14th April, 2021.