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Music Masterclass By True School Of Music On ‘The Art Of Mastering In 2021’ By Jonathan Wyner On 25th February

True School of Music, a Music institute that offers professional as well hobby music courses is hosting ‘The Art of Mastering in 2021’ by Jonathan Wyner on 25th February at 7.30PM on Zoom

Author : | Source : India Education Diary | Date : 23th February, 2021.
INSOFE Breaking New Grounds

International School of Engineering (INSOFE) is the world’s leading research-driven educational institution in Applied Engineering with 12 full-time and 4 adjunct world-renowned faculty members holding PhDs from elite international universities and having worked as CXO’s in large analytics firms. INSOFE has campuses located in Hyderabad, Bangalore and offers its flagship program PGP in Big Data Analytics in collaboration with Kirloskar, Pune. The institute plans to launch a new program in Machine Learning (ML) Applications in Capital Markets, and a corporate program in Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data soon.

Author : | Source : Analytics Insight | Date : 12th February, 2021.
High notes

Five essential points to consider for one who wants to succeed as a musician There’s a place for every type of personality in the music industry, as its scope is incredibly large. However, this article will focus on the performers, producers, sound engineers, DJs and the like, who create the “product” of music and engage directly with audiences and clients

Author : | Source : The Hindu | Date : 02th January, 2021.