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Top 5 Data Science Courses To Study In India

The Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Data Science from INSOFE at Vijaybhoomi is a runaway hit among data science aspirants for its high-quality course content and flexible learning methodology. The course equips participants in necessary data science skills and works as a strong foundation for their careers. Importantly ten collaborative programs globally accept this course as their first-semester curriculum making it the only certificate course of such kind.

Author : | Source : Youth Incorporated | Date : 1sth April, 2021.
Management Education Can Become More Specialized by Adding 'Know How' To 'Know Why': Dr Jagdish Sheth, Chairman, JAGSOM

In an exclusive conversation with BW Education, Dr Jagdish Seth, Chairman, Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), talks about the management education scenario in India and more.

Author : | Source : BW Education | Date : 24th March, 2021.
How COVID-19 Changed Music Education In India?

2020 has been a year of change meaning unexpected and inevitable change to almost everything that we were used to as a society. The pandemic continues to teach us important lessons about the fragility of otherwise well-conceived social and business models. Music education has been a recipient of some of the positive elements that emerged from the situation that we are in.

Author : | Source : BW Education | Date : 18th March, 2021.
JAGSOM Bangalore, formerly IFIM B-school, completes 100% Final Placement 2021; Avg Salary up by 12% to Rs.10.21 LPA

The highest salary package offered at JAGSOM is Rs. 16 LPA and the average salary stood at Rs. 10.21 LPA. More than 70 recruiters, including New Age Companies, participated in the placement process making offers to graduating students. Even as COVID 19 has slowed down the Indian economy, Bangalore-based Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), formerly IFIM Business School, has announced the completion of 100% Final Placements for its graduating PGDM Batch of 2021.

Author : | Source : PR Newswire | Date : 20th Jan, 2021.
JAGSOM Featured in AACSB''s Prestigious Global List of 24 Business Schools Creating Positive Societal Impact

The 2021 “Innovation That Inspire Initiative” of AACSB International recognises JAGSOM’s Kanyathon for its experiential program that creates social impact.

Author : | Source : Outlook India | Date : 7th April, 2021.
New ‘lab on wheels’ to teach students science

The lab on wheels is a customised bus with 17 computers, two televisions, one 3D printer, cameras and normal printer that will hop around the city to give educational lectures, tutorials and teach school students as part of its outreach programme for guiding students in the domains of maths, science and advanced technology.

Author : | Source : The Hindu | Date : 7th April, 2021.
Government looks to reduce compliance in education sector

The education ministry has identified areas such as governance reform, reduction in repetitive demand for information, and use of technology to help students, faculty, and staff.

Author : | Source : Mint | Date : 2nd April, 2021.
Maths, Physics no longer mandatory for engineering entry

Prospective engineering students will not have to mandatorily study Maths and Physics in Class 12, according to new norms released by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for 2021-22.

Author : | Source : The Hindu | Date : 13th March, 2021.
UG and PG admissions in Vijayabhoomi University

Vijaybhoomi University (VU) has opened admissions for 11 Undergraduate and 4 Postgraduate programmes for the academic year starting in July 2021. Admissions are open for JAGSOM (Jagdish Sheth School Of Management), INSOFE School of Data Science, School of Law, School of Design, School of Arts and Humanities and The True School of Music.

Author : | Source : The Hindu | Date : 23rd March, 2021.
Making of a Global Business School, Padma Bhushan Prof Jagdish Sheth sheds light on the future of Management Studies

Jagdish Seth School of Management (JAGSOM, formerly IFIM Business School) during the Founder’s Day celebration shared the vision of Shri. Vijay Padode, the founder, at an online colloquium, co-organized by MBA Universe. The Director, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, shared the founder’s vision which was to give back to the nation and connecting India to the outside world through education, in the context of then liberalizing India. Padma Bhushan awardee and global academician, Dr Jagdish Seth, Chairman JAGSOM, shared his views about the attributes of Indian global business schools. "

Author : | Source : The Times of India | Date : 17th February, 2021.
LSAC Encourages Younger Generation To Take Up Careers In Law

A focus point of the webinar was to delve deeper into the skills that a student would learn in law school, while pursuing any one of the numerous fields in law. Kritika Padode Bhandari, Board Member at Vijaybhoomi University and Advocate at the Supreme Court of India said, “Law gives rise to people looking to work in the government, be a part of public policy, want to start a venture, as well as those looking to work in research, or become consultants. Law school is no longer about making lawyers, but should be viewed as helping students develop specific skills such as critical thinking, argumentative skills, advocacy, communication skills, research, which will aid them in any field they move into.

Author : | Source : India Education Diary Bureau | Date : 13th February, 2021.
Amitav Ghosh versifies the oldest tale of the Sundarbans in a magnificently illustrated volume

When two celebrated artists, one wielding the pen and the other a paintbrush collaborate, what do you expect? Jangal Nama is a beautifully retold episode of a legend from the Sundarbans, in verse, with rhyming couplets and fluid images. Only on a single occasion do I find Amitav Ghosh faltering, when he uses ‘peepul’ in order to adhere to the constraints of rhyme. Peepul trees are not found in mangrove forests.

Author : | Source : Outlook India | Date : 26th January, 2021.
Vijaybhoomi University Opens Admission for the Academic Year Starting July 2021

University has announced Multiple Scholarships across all undergraduate and postgraduate programs Bangalore, Karnataka, India (NewsVoir) Vijaybhoomi University (VU), India’s first liberal professional university has announced that it is accepting applications for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs for the academic year starting in July 2021.

Author : | Source : Outlook | Date : 5th March, 2021.
Students of JAGSOM and IFIM Institutions Contribute 18 Lacs to 'Empower Women and Save the Girl Child'

The students of Jagdish Seth School of Management (JAGSOM, formerly known as IFIM business school), IFIM College and IFIM Law School donated 18 lacs to provide nourishment and support to women whose livelihoods were put to risk by the pandemic to the institute, Kanyathon Shiksha Kendra in one of the adopted villages near Kolar and to continue supporting the save a girl child initiative with CRY.

Author : | Source : Business Standard | Date : 9th March, 2021.
Vijaybhoomi University Opens Admission for the Academic Year Starting July 2021

University has announced Multiple Scholarships across all undergraduate and postgraduate programs Bangalore, Karnataka, India (NewsVoir) Vijaybhoomi University (VU), India’s first liberal professional university has announced that it is accepting applications for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs for the academic year starting in July 2021.

Author : | Source : Outlook | Date : 5th March, 2021.
Vijaybhoomi University opens admission for the academic year starting July 2021

Vijaybhoomi University (VU), India's first liberal professional university has announced that it is accepting applications for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs for the academic year starting in July 2021.

Author : | Source : ANI News | Date : 5th March, 2021.
Career in Music: How to start your career in Music

Gianluca Liberatore, Associate Dean at True School of Music – Vijaybhoomi University, writes in India Today about the four crucial ideas that will help you get going if you are looking at starting a career in Music.

Author : | Source : India Today | Date : 3rd March, 2021.
Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry collaborating with IIT Bombay to form Centre of Excellence in Gaming, Animation

While addressing a press conference in the national capital on February 28, the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister of India, Prakash Javadekar said, “I am happy to announce that the I&B Ministry in collaboration with IIT Bombay will form a C

Author : | Source : The Economic Times | Date : 1st March, 2021.
How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enhancing the learning curve for students

The advanced with regard to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is also helping the students when it comes to content. A huge bank of data means a plethora of study material to choose from. With the help of AI & ML, multiple checkpoints are put in place, which evaluates the content on the basis of a few defined parameters to make relevant recommendations. This enables students to get shortlisted content material as per their specific aptitude. The role of User Generated Content cannot, however, be denied here. While machines are truly advanced, human mind still takes precedence in the case of education. An integration of technology and UGC can be the best deal for any student’s learning curve. In fact, an amalgamation of technology and human brain was the driving force behind the evolution of our platform Digital Aristotle.

Author : | Source : Financial Express | Date : 1st March, 2021.
A common survival strategy for the Sunderbans

The prime minister of Bangladesh is likely to visit India in October. This will be her first visit here after assuming office for the third consecutive term

Author : | Source : The Telegraph Online | Date : 26th February, 2021.
Music Masterclass By True School Of Music On ‘The Art Of Mastering In 2021’ By Jonathan Wyner On 25th February

True School of Music, a Music institute that offers professional as well hobby music courses is hosting ‘The Art of Mastering in 2021’ by Jonathan Wyner on 25th February at 7.30PM on Zoom

Author : | Source : India Education Diary | Date : 23th February, 2021.
Turbocharging market correction: Introducing a settlement and commitment regime in India

A settlement mechanism (with admission of guilt) will enable the CCI to terminate a contravention much earlier than it would otherwise take place after due investigations.

Author : | Source : Bar and Bench | Date : 20th January, 2021.
MBAs not employable’: Academicians demand curriculum overhaul

The MBAs were once useful for the network they provided a student, but that is now available on the internet. Outdated curricula and limited emphasis on pedagogical training, especially in the tier-II management colleges is making many question the relevance of an MBA

Author : | Source : | Date : 23rd February, 2021.
8 important questions to ask before taking up multidisciplinary courses

Multidisciplinary courses are becoming more popular especially with the new NEP announced last year. But do you know how exactly you can choose the right course combination that can help build your career? Here are 8 important questions you need to ask.

Author : | Source : India Today | Date : 13th February, 2021.
INSOFE Breaking New Grounds

International School of Engineering (INSOFE) is the world’s leading research-driven educational institution in Applied Engineering with 12 full-time and 4 adjunct world-renowned faculty members holding PhDs from elite international universities and having worked as CXO’s in large analytics firms. INSOFE has campuses located in Hyderabad, Bangalore and offers its flagship program PGP in Big Data Analytics in collaboration with Kirloskar, Pune. The institute plans to launch a new program in Machine Learning (ML) Applications in Capital Markets, and a corporate program in Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data soon.

Author : | Source : Analytics Insight | Date : 12th February, 2021.
High notes

Five essential points to consider for one who wants to succeed as a musician There’s a place for every type of personality in the music industry, as its scope is incredibly large. However, this article will focus on the performers, producers, sound engineers, DJs and the like, who create the “product” of music and engage directly with audiences and clients

Author : | Source : The Hindu | Date : 02th January, 2021.
Budget 2021: Reshaping the Education Sector

The moves from Budget 2021-2022 are likely to be incremental in sectors across rather than a big education push. The National Education Policy needed an execution plan, while 15,000 schools to be qualitatively strengthened is a great start. This will also pave way for future school; a brief plan to further attract foreign or domestic investments in Edtech

Author : | Source : Good Returns | Date : 2nd February, 2021.
Study now, pay later’ is Mumbai-based startup Eduvanz’s USP for education loans

Fintech startup Eduvanz, founded by IIT graduate Varun Chopra and IIM alumnus Raheel Shah, offers easy, fast, and affordable financing options for students, learners, and parents.

Author : | Source : YourStory | Date : 2nd February, 2021.
E-education can reduce inequalities in educational outcomes: Economic Survey

While several schools have started online classes, there have been connectivity concerns, and concerns over the amount of additional screen time children will end up being exposed to.

Author : | Source : Hindustan Times | Date : 29th January, 2021.
How students can save, transfer credits, design their own degree & more — UGC shows the way

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released draft regulations for establishing an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) in line with the new National Education Policy (NEP).professional courses such as engineering, medical/dental, law, etc will require the approval of the “appropriate statutory/regulatory professional council”. This means, for example, an engineering institute will only be able to enroll for ABC if the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approves. All higher education programs under the purview of the UGC can enroll for ABC, but

Author : | Source : The Print | Date : 28th January, 2021.
Budget 2021: Education sector expects loan subsidies, reduced GST slabs, tax breaks for startups, NEP implementation plan

Ahead of Budget 2021, the education sector expects the government to announce a wide array of policy measures and initiatives that will continue the growth of edtech and digital learning models. Education sector expects loan subsidies, reduced GST slabs, tax breaks for startups, NEP implementation plan

Author : | Source : YourStory | Date : 27th January, 2021.
Despite pandemic, emerging tech boosts placements at IITs

Companies that reached the IITs and other top engineering colleges in the country for campus placements increasingly asked for students who could tackle data science, machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, blockchain, and design thinking.

Author : | Source : The Times Of India | Date : 27th January, 2021.
Padma Awards 2021: 26 People Awarded for Literature and Education

A total of 119 Padma awards were given this year out of which 26 are educators, writers and authors. Seven Padma Vibhushan, 10 Padma Bhushan, and 102 Padma Shri awards have been given by the President Ram Nath Kovind.

Author : | Source : NDTV | Date : 25th January, 2021.
CBSE restructures affiliation system; process to be completely digital with least human intervention

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is restructuring the affiliation system for schools and making the process completely digital and based on data analytics with least human intervention. The new system, which will come into effect from March 1, has been restructured as per various recommendations for systemic reforms laid down in the new National Education Policy (NEP).

Author : | Source : Money Control | Date : 24th January, 2021.
Getting top foreign universities to open campuses requires more institutional autonomy

The National Education Policy-2020 (NEP-2020), the fourth since Independence, was rolled out in July 2020 and has led to intense discussion on school and higher education. The most challenging aspect of the policy is the implementation of even those aspects on which there is some sort of consensus.

Author : | Source : The Indian Express | Date : 22nd January, 2021.
4-year undergraduate programme could return to DU in 2021-22 session

Seven years after it was junked, the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) is set to be reintroduced at Delhi University from the 2021-22 academic session, ThePrint has learnt.

Author : | Source : The Print | Date : 22nd January, 2021.
As schools and colleges reopen in post COVID world, what are some preventive measures we must keep in mind?

COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we lived, and what we considered 'normal'. While we never thought there will exist a world where every individual work from home and all children attend online classes, for months in the year 2020, it seemed like life had changed and how.

Author : | Source : Times Now News | Date : 21st January, 2021.
Covid-19 job impact: Which sectors lost the most people and which ones hired the most in 2020?

The Covid-19 outbreak in India and the subsequent nationwide lockdown from March 25 altered the landscape of the country’s employment sector. With close to 10.9 million jobs being lost across sectors, 2020 was termed the worst-ever year for the job market in India.

Author : | Source : Money Control | Date : 13th January, 2021.
A new vision for legal education in India

Legal education and law schools are the foundation whose quality, workmanship and solidity determine the beauty, longevity and functional utility of the superstructure of law. But, in India, only a few dynamic and outstanding law schools remain islands of excellence amid a sea of institutionalised mediocrity

Author : | Source : Hindustan Times | Date : 11th January, 2021.
Pandemic is an opportunity to reimagine schools as places for community learning

The critique of school as an institution has developed and grown in the past half a century. Education theorist Everett Reimer wrote School is Dead in the 1960s. Danger School, a classic published by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire’s group in the late 1970s, captured through scathing cartoons the harm which schools inflict on our children. Most schools are caged jails, where an alien curriculum designed by some “experts” is thrust down a child’s gullet.

Author : | Source : The Indian Express | Date : 11th January, 2021.
Overtime pay for managerial staff: What do law & senior professionals have to say

The proposed labour law code, as documented under the Code of Wages, 2019 not only overhauls the entire gamut of working standards but also brings some changes which can have lasting effects.

Author : | Source : Education Times | Date : 14th December, 2020.
Mindler Launches The Mindler Scholarship Hunt With 50 Leading & Emerging Indian Universities

Mindler, a comprehensive career guidance & mentorship platform for students, has announced the launch of Mindler Scholarship Hunt. This initiative will engage over 1,00,000 12th grade students from over 1000 schools from India and the Middle East and will offer scholarships worth over INR 25 Cr across leading Indian Universities. Launched in collaboration with AFAIRS - Asia's education enabler for student-university outreach and Education World, the initiative was inaugurated by Gerry Arathoon, Chief Executive - CISCE (Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations).

Author : | Source : | Date : 18th November, 2020.
The True School of Music partners with Vijaybhoomi University to launch their highly acclaimed professional courses as music degrees

The True School of Music, helmed by Musician/ Producer Ashutosh Phatak and Entrepreneur/ Sound Engineer Nitin Chandy, has partnered with Vijaybhoomi University to launch an on-campus music degree programme

Author : | Source : India Education Diary | Date : 5th November, 2020.
Mumbai-based university to offer professional degrees in Music

The True School of Music has partnered with Vijaybhoomi University to launch a music degree programme. The admission process will begin in November and the courses will commence in April 2021. Students may opt for dual degree programmes such as law and business or engineering and music

Author : | Source : Education Times | Date : 5th November, 2020.
Lives without livelihood

Ravishankar Gopal (name changed) thought all was hunky dory when lockdown was announced and he was asked to work from home. Working for a leading IT firm in Chennai on a project, he was paid his March salary in full and on time. Things will be fine in a couple of weeks as the lockdown controls the spread of Covid-19, he thought.

Author : | Source : The Week | Date : 14th September, 2020.
Vijaybhoomi University

Vijaybhoomi University is India’s first Lib­eral Professional University, which uses the liberal-professional framework of education to build a unique curriculum aligned to Industry 4.0.

Author : | Source : Education Post | Date : 9th September, 2020.
I Foresee Robots Teaching: Nitish Jain, President, S P Jain School of Global Management

We are living in a stormy and unprecedented time and business schools too, like any other industry, are not immune to the uncertainties. The year 2020 has posed some grave strategic questions for business schools and to have a discussion on the same lines, BW Education held its Wednesday Wisdom

Author : | Source : BWEDUCATION | Date : 3rd September, 2020.
Alternative options for students with foreign university aspirations

The pandemic has hampered the plans of many aspirants who were planning to study abroad this year. While the majority of universities in the US, UK, Australia and other countries are offering online classes until January 2021, the students are not quite willing to opt for the same due to the lack of exposure and hands-on learning.

Author : | Source : EducationTimes | Date : 1st September, 2020.
How have Indian students coped with COVID-19

A concerted effort to improve the mental health and well-being of students needs to be worked out by the educational institutions, write Sanjay Padode and Atish Chattopadhyay

Author : | Source : Education Times | Date : 11th August, 2020.
IFIM plans bridge course for students applying for courses abroad

FIM Business School, among India’s top six AACSB-accredited business schools, based in both Bengaluru and Greater Mumbai is launching a bridge programme for Indian under-graduate and postgraduates students.

Author : | Source : Hindu Business Line | Date : 19th June, 2020.
Digital India initiative can solve education related challenges in the Covid 19 crisis

Digital India vision of the Government of India seems to be an instrument in solving situation in present scenario, where every sector is caught in a crisis because of COVID-19. All the business activities have been put to halt. Everyone is talking about economy and GDP. It has badly affected even the education sector.

Author : | Source : Express Computer | Date : 19th June, 2020.
IFIM's Webinar Series: Consumer Laws [16th June- 14th July]

IFIM Law School, Bengaluru is organizing a five-episode webinar series.

Author : | Source : Live Law | Date : 17th June, 2020.
Indian technology and human proctors help sustain global spurt in online exams

Exams have always been nerve-wracking for Ms Jayantika Arora. But the ones the postgraduate marketing and management student took in April were even more so.

Author : | Source : The StraitsTimes | Date : 17th June, 2020.
Covid-19: University supports nearby villages

IN A BID to help villages in and around Karjat, Maharashtra, the faculty and staff of Vijaybhoomi University has distributed survival kits to around 550 families in morethan10neighbouringvillages.

Author : | Source : Financial Express | Date : 8th June, 2020.
Can BSc Data Science take over vanilla BTech/BE

Time to move with the flow as an unprecedented growth will be seen in AI, Machine Learning, E-commerce, Blockchain technology while demand for vanilla engineering degrees will fade out With the heavy usage of Data Analytics and AI to build predictive models for corona patient and infection identification, data scientists will be in high demand in a post-covid world. While this might accelerate the demand for data science courses, the vanilla BE/BTech degrees would need a strong AI component with at least a minor specialisation to help solve real-world problems.

Author : | Source : Times Of India | Date : 3rd June 2020
A revamp needed for MBA 4.0 programme

Management institutions globally are facing major challenges today, which are a function of tectonic shifts in the techno-socio-economic landscape of the world; and the digital revolution occurring in Industry 4.0, ushering in the shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy.

Author : | Source : Hindu Business Line | Date : 1st June 2020
COVID-19 as a Catalyst for a Degree in Data Science/AI Replacing Traditional BE or B.Tech

The fast-paced economy of the world has created a greater need for a drift towards digital adoption. The progressive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not only made daily living a little more comfortable but, as an aid to medicine, defence and finance, it is a clear indicator of where the future is heading.

Author : | Source : Higher education digest | Date : 29th May, 2020
Will a degree in Data Science or Artificial Intelligence replace the traditional BE or BTech?

Maybe there are other countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland that have a sound curriculum in the new age STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, a close surrogate for Data Science and AI programs) which are leading edge.

Author : | Source : Dataquest | Date : 13th May, 2020.
Vijaybhoomi University appoints its governing body members

Vijaybhoomi University, India's first liberal professional university established by the founding members of IFIM institutions, conducted its first governing body meeting to announce the appointment of the university officials and the governing body of university

Author : | Source : ANI | Date : 12th May, 2020.
Vijaybhoomi University appoints its governing body members

The University announced the officials under the five schools of Vijaybhoomi University

Author : | Source : PTI | Date : 12th May, 2020.
Vijaybhoomi University appoints its governing body members in virtual meeting amid COVID-19 lockdown

Probably the first-of-its-kind in the world wherein the first governing body meeting was conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The governing body also passed the necessary resolutions

Author : | Source : The New Indian Express | Date : 12th May, 2020.
Vijaybhoomi University appoints its governing body members

The university announced the officials under the five schools of vijaybhoomi university

Author : | Source : Outlook | Date : 12th May 2020
Management programme to offer western efficiency with Indian ethos

A dual degree BBA programme offering opportunities to pursue the management course in India and abroad was recently unveiled in Bangalore.

Author : | Source : Education Times | Date : 23rd February, 2020.
VijayBhoomi University, ESCP offer dual-degree programme

VijayBhoomi University, a new liberal arts university promoted by the IFIM group of institutions, has partnered with ESCP (ESCP Europe Business School) to provide a dual-degree BBA programme.

Author : | Source : Hindu Business Line | Date : 19th February, 2020.
Most companies are jumping on the digital bandwagon without knowing why

Dr A Parasuraman, who recently retired as Professor and James W. McLamore Chair in Marketing at the University of Miami, has been appointed the Pro-Chancellor of Academics at VijayBhoomi University, a new liberal arts university promoted by the IFIM group of institutions. Dr Parasuraman has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, an MBA in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Indiana University. He is the co-author of a study on services marketing, which developed the concept of Servqual. He has developed a Technology Readiness Index (TRI), which measures the degree of technological adoption in businesses

Author : | Source : Hindu Business Line | Date : 21st January, 2020.
Walmart trimming down of work force does not imply slowdown in operations: experts

Though media reports are doing rounds that Walmart has laid off around 100 executives at the senior level, experts with whom THE WEEK spoke feel that this does not imply any slowdown in its operations and investments in India. It may even signify its expansion in the e-commerce field with Flipkart, and cutting down on its physical retail presence. It may also mean that Walmart is striving to operate more efficiently by laying off 100 senior level employees that may create a cushion of profit margin, and scope to give more discounts to customers.

Author : | Source : The Week | Date : 14th January, 2020.
Low GDP rate of 5 per cent is a wake-up call for the Indian economy: Experts

Advanced estimates released by the government show India's GDP growth rate for 2019-20 at 5 per cent, a dip from the 6.8 per cent that was there in FY19.

Author : | Source : The Week | Date : 8th January 2020
Data science School in Mumbai to offer new-age courses

To develop future-ready professionals in the area of data science, an independent professional school will be set up in Greater Mumbai with an aim to provide 90,000 data science professionals in the country.

Author : | Source : Education Times | Date : 13th December, 2020.