Multiple Intelligence Test

Multiple Intelligence Test (MI Test) is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Prof Howard Gardner, a renowned education psychologist at Harvard University. The Multiple Intelligence Framework rests on eight intelligences as depicted in the pictogram:

Discover self, carve out your career @ Vijaybhoomi

Vijaybhoomi University facilitates excellence through self-discovery by students and its unique liberal professional curriculum. While self-discovery ignites the yearning for learning, the liberal professional curriculum empowers the students to carve out specializations across professional disciplines. The reason why Vijaybhoomi’s has embraced MI framework is that “one learns at one’s best when one has something one cares about and can get pleasure in being engaged in”.

For whom?

MIT can greatly help students, studying between 9th and 12th grades, in making right academic and career choices.

Get your MI Test report and personalized counseling

MI Test is an excellent first step in commencing one’s self-discovery. After the test, a student gets MI Test Report along with interpretative guidance to help understand the results and make informed academic and career choices. A student can also choose to undergo personalized counseling support by trained counselors at Vijaybhoomi.