Strategic Logic

  • Liberal Professional MBA
  • Grooming professionals – who are tough outside and compassionate inside: A unique cadre who can deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • The program is for New Age professionals that require Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking


  • Program offered at VIJAYBHOOMI University near Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country.
  • Offered by JAGSOM, one of the Top AACSB accredited and globally Ranked B-schools in India.
  • Industry developed curriculum with Immersions and Internships for managerial roles in new age innovative and creative Industries.
  • The program is delivered by creative domain specialist faculty, with multi-decade experience in innovative problem solutions for commercial clients.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors offered in ‘Music & Entertainment’ in collaboration with True School of Music.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors in ‘Design Management” with a focus on Communication Design in collaboration with Vijaybhoomi School of Design.
  • Liberal Professional Curriculum offering flexibility and opportunities for Self-Discovery & Personality Development.
  • JAGSoM’s 25- year legacy of delivering good placements

Dual Campus Advantage

  • Proximity to Mumbai, an opportunity to get embedded in the financial capital
  • Second-year in Bangalore, getting a flavour of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the start-up capital of India
  • Externships with the local ecosystem
  • Option of taking courses in Liberal Arts from other schools at Vijaybhoomi University (Law, Design, Music, Arts & Humanities) and nurturing the creative self

Career Track Focus

  • Major: Marketing, Digital Business & Analytics, Finance, Human Resource
  • Other: Banking, Sales and Service, Capital Markets, Digital HR

International Partner Institues

  • Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, in MarTech and FinTech.

Suitable For

  • Graduates with up to three years’ experience from India and neighboring countries
  • Graduates willing to explore, respect work and people


2 Years


109 Credits Minimum

Eligibility Criteria