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Learn for Joy



At Vijaybhoomi, students are not only surrounded by others who are enthusiastic about making music and developing skills, they also get to witness enthralling events and gigs that are frequently organized.



With Vijaybhoomi situated in a scenic landscape, the photographers get to practise their creative pursuit with several animate and inanimate subjects ranging from wildlife and people to landscapes and seasons.

Drone Flying/Repairing

Drone Flying/Repairing

Students can learn about the intricacies of drone building, flying and repairing from professional and experienced faculty.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting

At Vijaybhooomi students enjoy free access to scenic points strewn across the campus that enable students to express their artistic tendencies. With permission, students can make murals across the walls of any building on campus as well.



With the facilities to practise a multitude of sports, students at Vijaybhoomi enjoy a very active lifestyle with guidance provided by the sports faculty present.

Serve the society

Kanyathon 2022

Kanyathon, is an annual charity run organised by the students of our prestigious IFIM Institutions, VijayBhoomi University, and JAGSoM. The mission of Kanyathon is to empower women and girls and we plan to achieve this through our own education centre called KANYATHON SHIKSHA KENDRA.

Kanyathon 2023

Live in Nature

Sahyadri Mountain Range

Spread across sprawling 53 acres of land, the Vijaybhoomi campus is nestled in the foothills of Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga in the Western Ghats (Sahyadri Hills) in the Karjat town, in Greater Mumbai region of Maharashtra.

Surrounded by waterfalls

Surrounded 270 degrees by misty hills, waterfalls; the views from and on the campus are a treat to one’s mind, body and soul.

Green & Sustainable Campus

The entire region around the campus is abundant with diverse flora and fauna and is home to several treks and hill camping sites. Also, Vijaybhoomi campus is a zero emission zone with Air Quality Index under 50.

Labs &
Practice Rooms

Science labs

Science labs fully stocked with everything that students need to understand the interaction of science with the real world.

Engineering Workshops

Stocked with materials needed to promote a creative and solution centric mindset, students can freely develop solutions to problem statements that they bring in along with highly experienced faculty.

Design Studio

Equipped with all the tools to let a creative mind wander without restrictions, the design room is surrounded with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, allowing the artists to bask and draw inspiration from nature.

Music Production Rooms

At Vijaybhoomi students can freely utilise several studios and production rooms set up with high-end equipments and instruments for all kinds of uses from production to performance.

Sports &

Revive: Sports Complex

Vijaybhoomi campus boasts of a full-fledged sports complex called Revive,which has a short course swimming pool along with indoor basketball, badminton, tennis court and squash courts, a football field, and a 10m shooting range. Revive is also supported by qualified sports trainers and coaches.

Horse Riding

Students at Vijaybhoomi have access to horse riding facilities. The university offers introduction, training, and practise opportunities for riders of all levels and disciplines by bringing together the best breeds and riding grounds.

Dining &

Patented Air-Conditioned Hostels

Patented Air-Conditioned Hostels

Each student will be provided with a uniquely designed air-conditioned living unit consisting of a comfortable bed, storage space and cosy tucked-in study space.

Multi-Cuisine Dining Centre

Vijaybhoomi ensures that a balanced nutrition and diet is provided to all students by Sodexo which is India’s one of the best food services and facilities management company.

24X7 Medical Support

Being a residential university, Vijaybhoomi ensures that required medical facilities are available for the students 24x7. Along with infirmary, we also have counsellors on campus to take care of both physical and mental health of our students.

Local Restaurants

Located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai Region of Maharashtra, Vijaybhoomi has several local restaurants for a quick escape and chill sessions. Parkin’ Lot, Saltt, Namak are few amongst our students’ favourite getaways.