Want to have the most Influential Debate of all time?

For Not For 2021, the second virtual edition is to be held between 2nd October 2021 and 10th October.

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Battle it Out
One against One on 2nd of Oct 2021.

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The first ever International Virtual High School debate hosted by a university in India.

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Win upto ₹ 1 lakh worth Cash Prizes, Internship Offers and lot more..

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International Debate Competition

  • Student of Standard 11 and 12 from any part of the globe can participate .
  • Battle it Out ONE AGAINST ONE

Exciting Prizes

  • 1st place - Prize Money of INR 100000 / USD 1250 + Winner’s Certificate + Plaque
  • 2nd place - Prize Money of INR 50000 / USD 600 + Runner Up Certificate + Plaque
  • Social Media Posts on 16 Finalists
  • Certificates to all Participants
  • Vijaybhoomi University Scholarships to Finalists
  • Internships With Centre of Excellences & Reasearch Centres of IFIM Law School , IFIM College , JAGSOM , Vijaybhoomi University with Certificates.

Professionally Organized

  • Brochure with comprehensive details
  • Facebook with all details, Whattsapp group to answer queries
  • Rule Book, Framework PPT, Demonstration Debate video
  • Zoom meeting to answer queries

Eminent Judge Panel

Principals, Directors, Media, Toast Masters, National and International Competition Winners


2nd Oct 2021

For Not For 2021, the second virtual edition to be held between 2nd October, 2021 and 10th October will also be based on the same framework as 2020, with judging parameters whetted by an expert panel. In addition, For Not For 2021, like the first edition will have exciting prizes of INR 1,00,000 for the winner and INR 50,000 for the Runner Up as well as certificates to all participants.

Participants will be well looked after by the Vijaybhoomi Organizing Committee who will regularly interact with the participants, demonstrate the format, explain the rules and will counsel and solve queries.

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Highlights of FNF 2020

Prize Money

Schools Participated


Happy Participants

The Voice of 2020

Best Opportunities

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Aanchal Poddar
Winner of FNF 2020

Success Stories

  It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. For Not For provides a platform which truly embodies this statement. The format of the competition leaves no stone unturned in exploring one's capabilities. Healthy debating is the answer to most of the problems in the free world and For Not For recognises that.  

Tejas Kulkarni
Runner Up FNF 2020

Rounds and Schedule

  • 16 participants to be shortlisted after one-on-one rounds for all registered
  • Total 8 rounds; 8 Winners
  • Total 4 rounds; 2 Winners, 2 Runners Up
  • First Place & Second Place

Round Format: 22 Mins

Greeting, Introduction by Convener 2 min
Coin Toss and sides chosen 2 min
Prep time 2 min
Affirmative constructive speech 4 min
Negative cross examination 2 min
Negative constructive speech 4 min
Affirmative cross examination 2 min
Affirmative rebuttal and summary 2 min
Negative rebuttal and summary 2 min
Judge’s round 2 min

Judge’s decision will be communicated on the same day as the Round

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