Extending the spirit of Vijaybhoomi of creating a liberal mindset and to foster confidence in expressing oneself freely, comes this competition to get the youth across an international forum to ponder, to seek, discuss and debate issues of international interest with robust civility, regardless of frontiers. FOR NOT FOR will be an annual event and 2020 will be the first ever International online high school debate hosted by a university in India. The competition will bring together schools of international repute, judges with expertise in oration, budding students and organizers who are committed to building holistic, socially responsible, and a professional youth community. The Competition has been designed on an international framework and an advisory panel of debating experts who have whetted the same.


  • To encourage liberal, free expression of thought by the youth through an online medium
  • To let the youth of tomorrow’s world come togetherto deliberate on mutual concern areas like poverty, hunger, unemployment, health, and gender equality which are SDGs
  • To enhance 21st century critical skills like communications kills, critical thinking and problem solving required to generate global solutions
  • To build awareness on liberal education that creates T shaped professionals for Industry 4.0

Vijaybhoomi University

Vijaybhoomi University is India's first liberal professional university, which offers relevant and quality education in business, law, science, design and liberal arts. The university is based in Karjat, Greater Mumbai and is devoted to nurturing holistic, socially responsible, and continuously employable professionals who make a positive difference in the world. We focus on developing the overall personality of our students to transcend challenges and fit in to any given role in both their professional and personal lives. Industry 4.0 needs a liberal professional university to create professionals with the required appropriate skill sets. These professionals are expected to have specialised skills, in depth knowledge, innovation, design thinking abilities, entrepreneurial spirit, be socially responsible and have a positive attitude which is today famously referred to as ‘T’ shaped professionals ready for the volatility of Industry 4.0. Vijaybhoomi is the first in the country to successfully blend a liberal framework into professional streams thereby making it the only one of its kind “Liberal Professional University”.


  • Registration by Indian and International Schools
  • One Student from each school
  • Student in Standard 11 or 12
  • Student confident in debating and public speaking with proficient communication skills, English language, logical reasoning, and critical thinking.


  • 011st place - Prize Money of Rs. 100000
  • 022nd place - Prize Money of Rs. 50000
  • 03Certificates to all participants

Rounds and Schedule

  • 2nd October, 2020 - Preliminary Zonal Round
    India North, India South, India East, India West, International (5 rounds)
    16 will be shortlisted (8 from International and 8 from the Indian zones)
  • 5th October, 2020 - Quarter Final Round
    Total 8 rounds; 4 India rounds, 4 International rounds - 8 Winners
  • 8th October, 2020 - Semi Final Round
    Total 4 rounds - 2 Winners, 2 Runners Up
  • 10th October, 2020 – Final Round
    First Place & Second Place
Registration closes at midnight of 24th September, 2020


  • One against One – For/ Against a topic
  • Each side will present their case, cross examine the other, answer questions and then rebuttal or counter argue
  • Each round for max 30 mins
  • 3 Judge panel and one Convenor for each round
  • Vijaybhoomi Zonal Coordinator
  • Audience referred by school / participant
  • Participant mentoring by Vijaybhoomi faculty (optional)
  • Technology familiarization session
  • Online Opening Ceremony
  • Online Closing Ceremony

Round Format: 22 Mins

Greeting, Introduction by Convener 2 min
Coin Toss and sides chosen 2 min
Prep time 2 min
Affirmative constructive speech 4 min
Negative cross examination 2 min
Negative constructive speech 4 min
Affirmative cross examination 2 min
Affirmative rebuttal and summary 2 min
Negative rebuttal and summary 2 min
Judge’s round 2 min

Judge’s decision will be communicated on the same day as the Round

For Not For International Virtual Debate Competition

Registration closes at midnight of 24th September, 2020

Refer the brochure for the process of pre-round, rounds as well as rules.