Fee Structure

  1. The program fee is based on a per credit pricing. 
  2. Every course is assigned certain number of credits. Every professional degree stipulates the number of credits that a student has to successfully acquire from respective course baskets. 
  3. The tuition fee of the program is determined by the number of credits a student takes in a given term multiplied by the price per credit summed up across all terms. 
  4. Each student is required to take a minimum load of 40 credits per year and hence the student will be priced for 40 credits irrespective of the fact that the student chooses to take a reduced load. However, if a student decides to take more than 40 credits in a year, the student will be charged extra based on the extra credit load and the prevailing credit pricing. 
  5. Under normal circumstances a student would be able to graduate with a professional degree by completing 40 credits load annually.
  6. The per credit pricing for courses for students admitted in the academic year 2020-21 has been fixed at INR 8000 per credit for Indian students and USD 125 per credit for students of foreign origin.