Centre Of Excellence for Intelligent Automation (IA)

“To Join In The Industrial Revolution You Needed To Open A Factory; In The Internet Revolution, You Need To Open A Laptop.”
Alexis Ohanian

At Vijaybhoomi University, we understand the importance of IA and we want to empower the next generation of Innovators, Scientists and Artists, which is “You”, by providing all the right knowledge and tools for a better future.

Course overview

COE (Centre of Excellence) for IA (Intelligent Automation) is a blend of IOT(Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Robotics. It’s  a derived Acronym where Automation is done for a purpose to add value, transformation, new business capabilities and many more  once applied to any Industry instead of just monetisation aspect.

During the last few decades, digital technologies have taken over and shifted how we live our everyday lives. IOT, AI & Robotics is a big Influencer over our new ways of living, from the way we communicate to way we make purchases. It has shaped how our Society Works & Provides Endless Opportunities.

IA is part of our present and future, therefore it is important for us all to prepare. 

In all, this course is to make you apply the cutting edge technologies in your stream of choice which could be Arts, Music, Management, Science, Law, IT etc and reap the benefits it offers. From procurement to healthcare, agriculture, BFSI, automotive and transportation, the potential applications for intelligent automation are wide-ranging.

Industry Engagements

COE is in partnership with various industry experts for learners to be successful corporate professionals or entrepreneurs. The program has a state of the art lab on campus where knowledge and skills learnt will be applied to various industry problem statements and deep research. Here is a growing list of the organizations with which the university is already engaged:

  • Simulanis
  • Tech M
  • Persistent

  • E42
  • V5 GoldMan Sachs

  • Napino
  • Accops

Duration of the course

Course has six modules and duration to cover is Six months to a Year, which depends on individual on how many modules one has opted for each term.


Credit for each module varies with minimum of 3 Credits at Level 1 to 5 credits at Level 3.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Level 1 is nothing but keenness to learn Digital Skills and their Applications. For Level 2 and Level 3 the knowledge gained in Level 1 suffices the required knowledge.


Insights to IA : Technology and Business

Applied Industry 4.0 / Industrial IOT

Applied IA (Solving Industry Problems)

Insights to Robotics, AI and Automation.

Programming for Robotics.

Study of Robotics / Automatic Control Systems

IA Architecture

IA Connectivity Technologies

Cloud Computing

AI & Robotics


Big Data Analyst

Automation security specialist

Cloud Developer / Architect

Solutions Architect - IA

Pre-Sales Lead - IA

AI & ML Developer

Electromechanical & Robotics Designer / Engineer

Data Scientist

Sales and Business Development - IA


Digital Transformation Lead

Automation Lead

Product Lead - IA

Industrial IoT 4.0 / IA Specialist

Projects wise it will cover:

  • Create a solution in Lab by applying right design, analytics, architecture, data models, communication protocols, connectivity, python programs, Raspberry Pi, IOT Sensors and Actuators, PLCs etc. The Solution will be for a problem basis Industry (of their choice) and for which students will incept, mentoring and fine-tuned by VU Faculty & Industry Experts.
  • Make use of IA learning e.g. Build an Industry Automation Solution by creating a Robot in Lab from Scratch up i.e. Design, 3D print, integrate with Sensors, Cameras, apply AR/VR, AI models, algorithms & program it (by use of software rich libraries) to create the prodigious working outcome.