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CCLE: Innovation and Execution

Innovation and Execution

CCLE (Centre for Continuous Learning and Employability) focuses on providing career enablement paths for students through networking opportunities, industry visits, mentorship from subject matter specialists and live industry projects to work on. With 25+ industry and venture partners, CCLE has developed world-class programs within a short time. Headed by a Stanford LEAD fellow and Vijaybhoomi alumni, the division works relentlessly for ensuring that each student’s aspirations are met.
CCLE has a very scientific and structured path for learners’ career development, corporate roles, developmental careers or entrepreneurship. The tracks include:
Students at Vijaybhoomi University are offered CCLE resources to form meaningful connections and gain experience in their preferred fields. It helps them enrich their careers and start preparing for their professions before graduation.



CCLE believes in experiential and practical learning. We are on a mission to be the platform for the coming generation of entrepreneurs, investors, managers, engineers, leaders, policymakers, and more. CCLE strives to forge stronger Industry relationships and deliver an industry-driven learning approach, making our students continuously employable.
CCLE aims to be the leading source of all industry-driven interdisciplinary knowledge elevation, and enable a lifelong journey of a fruitful and valuable mentor-mentee relationship. This is a vision for every student, resulting in the metamorphosis of individuals into holistic professionals


FutureWorks promotes the discovery of new interests and connections through weekly sessions by established industry professionals from various disciplines. Industry professionals, entrepreneurs and subject experts are invited for sessions and discussions about their field of work.



AlterLighting is an initiative that promotes hands-on experience in one’s selected field through active and live industry projects provided to the student, sourced by CCLE. These projects provide students with knowledge and experience about the industry’s needs and how to navigate the turbulent professional landscape.



XploreOut is an initiative whereby students gain knowledge and industry experience by going on industry visits and attending corporate events. These activities help students talk to others who work in the same field and experience the ground reality of how the industry operates.

Future Works


Miracle is a mentoring initiative that helps a student with professional guidance by connecting them with an exclusive industry mentor. The mentor helps the students work towards their goals and efficiently develop their careers



As the name indicates, FutureConnect provides students with the necessary connections to transition to their careers during/close to their final term. Students are coached on communication skills, self-branding, resume building