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Join us on a journey of institution building, creativity and discovery as Vijaybhoomi embarks on a journey of unparalleled growth. The University offers you limitless opportunities for professional enrichment and personal fulfilment. As a liberal professional university, with a unique portfolio of degree programs, we also offer exceptional academic and non-academic careers.

We are actively recruiting faculty committed to transcend boundaries and excel in their respective fields. Innovations in teaching, learning and assessment are ethos of our academic life.

Similarly, we are keen to recruit non-academic staff in marketing, programme management and administration who can bring qualitative difference to our academic delivery.

Nested in Sahayadri range, we offer a stimulating environment that would inspire and motivate you for deep work. Join us and you’ll find that we support your ambition, recognize achievements, encourage innovation and reward well.

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Science Lab Assistant

Reporting to the Head and under the direction of the School Science Department Head, the School Science Lab Assistant performs a variety of tasks related to the support of chemistry, biology and physics labs in both junior and senior science classes. As a member of the education team, the Assistant must be vigilant in monitoring student safety and be prepared to address safety emergencies including the cleanup of hazardous spills of materials, such as mercury and acids and bases. The Assistant aids the teacher(s) by preparing accurate concentrations of chemicals to make solutions. The working conditions require that this position must be able to handle gases such as helium, hydrogen and oxygen and have the ability to work under a fume hood.

Job Description:

  • Sets up equipment, chemicals and supplies for chemistry, physics and biology labs at the junior and senior level under the teacher’s guidance
  • Prepares molar solutions of acids by diluting concentrated solutions; Calculates relative volumes of concentrated acid and water
  • Calculates required mass and prepares standard solutions of salt and bases
  • Ensures safe work environment by complying with WHMIS regulations for handling hazardous materials, and follows CRD waste regulations and proper procedures in the disposal of chemicals
  • Cleans up hazardous spills, such as mercury and acids and bases and administers first aid related to chemical accidents as required
  • Maintains Fischer Chemical Storage standards
  • Prepares buffer solutions of a given pH and calibrates the pH meter and prepares chemical indicator and biological stain solutions using appropriate quantities of reagents
  • Performs titrations to verify the concentration of standardized solutions
  • Maintains and repairs lab equipment such as electroscopes and ray boxes
  • Properly sterilizes equipment and cleans glassware using the appropriate solvents
  • Maintains set of reagents for specific lab activities
  • Assists teachers in the marking of objective student work
  • Assists teachers in supervising activities, such as field trips
  • Overseas the inventory of lab equipment and chemical supplies including ordering and handling the required chemicals and gases such as helium, hydrogen and oxygen, under the direction of the Department Head; maintains the inventory spreadsheet for budget purposes
  • Submit requirements such as text books and other equipment through the Department Head to the Principal
  • Lifts and moves items such as supplies and equipment up to 18kg (40 lbs)
  • Performs other assigned comparable or transient duties, which are within the area of knowledge and skills required by this job description
  • Assisting students for setting up experiments in consultation with the instructors
  • Performing technical duties related to the laboratory activities, including giving technical assistance
  • Giving assistance regarding laboratory procedures, location and use of materials, and the operation of equipment.
  • Setting up and dismantling of apparatus and equipment for demonstration and practical lessons, as requested and detailed by teaching staff.
  • Checking individual components in and out of laboratories after each lesson for damage and quantity.
  • Repairing minor damage to apparatus or arranging for repairs of a more extensive nature.
  • Constructing simple experiments.
  • Contributes to a safe environment in the laboratories by keeping safety regulations, explaining safety procedures to individuals using the laboratories.
  • Up-dating the general stock record system of the laboratory.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is kept maintained and serviceable.
  • Other straightforward tasks, not listed here, which occasionally may be required for the efficient running of the laboratory.

Educational Qualification : Degree / Diploma / Certificate

Preferred Additional Qualifications :

  • Workplace Hazardous Material Identification System Training
  • Emergency First Aid Course

Technical Requirements : Minimum of two years of specific experience

Interested candidates meeting the qualifying criteria may apply/forward their latest resume

English Teacher

Job Title : English Teacher

Reporting : HT

About VSIS : Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior College (VSIS) is the first residential school of SIS Group Schools located in Greater Mumbai, Karjat. VSIS offers University ambience at the high school level in collaboration with Singapore International School having 25 years of proven results and deep experience in delivering the Cambridge A level program.

Purpose of Job : Subject teachers are responsible for maximizing the academic progress of the students they teach, working with colleagues to participate fully in the development of the department. Subject teachers promote a positive, purposeful, and professional working atmosphere that encourages cooperation and challenge, whilst valuing the contribution that individuals make to the success of the department.

Duties and Responsibilities

Overall Responsibilities :

  • Encourage high standards in all aspects of school life, particularly in student progress
  • Contribute to the effective and efficient running of the school
  • Promote a school culture which is positive, purposeful, and professional
  • Support and motivate students, teachers, and other school employees
  • Encourage consultation, review, and improvement

Teaching and Learning Responsibilities

  • Plan and prepare well-structured, clearly presented lessons appropriate to the abilities of all students and the syllabus being taught
  • Help students develop High Performance Learning skills in line with school’s values and ethos
  • Make sure that the classroom is a stimulating environment that facilitates learning
  • Generate enthusiasm for the subject being taught and inspire all students to work to their potential
  • Liaise with the Head of Department and Learning Support where a student may have special educational needs and with the form tutor and Head of House if a student is experiencing pastoral difficulties
  • Promote high standards of behaviour by encouraging a positive, proactive approach to study and build productive relationships with students
  • Set homework according to policy and pertinent to the student’s ability and wider workload
  • Promote high standards of organisation
  • Be punctual to lessons
  • Promote high standards in the use of English as the common language and help develop English for Academic Progress
  • Provide high-quality, accurate, constructive and targeted information to parents at Parents' Evenings, in subject reports, incidental meetings and communications
  • Assess, record and monitor the progress of all students according to faculty guidelines in order to provide accurate information to parents in a variety of forms, as and when necessary
  • Maintain materials and resources as needed

Responsibilities to the Department and School

  • Be respectful of the needs of colleagues and the department with regards to cooperation, collegiality, deadlines and team cohesion
  • Participate positively in departmental meetings, follow policies and generally contributing to the effective and efficient running of the department
  • Promote professional dialogue, share ideas about teaching and learning and support other teachers in developing good practice and new approaches and initiatives
  • Enthusiastically contribute to cross-curricular links and initiatives, and Leadership in Action activities
  • Be involved in new responsibilities within the department as part of an ongoing process of professional development
  • Keep up to date with developments in the subject, and in education generally

Other Responsibilities

  • Undertake other reasonable duties as requested by the members of the Senior Leadership Team and any duties that the Head Master deems necessary for the effective operation of the school


  • Appropriate degree
  • Minimum 5 to 12 years’ teaching experience
  • Familiarity with the National Curriculum of England IGCSE and A Levels as appropriate
  • A high level of professionalism and consideration of the well-being of children
  • Recent and consistent involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Previous experience working with students for whom English is not their first language
  • Teaching English Language and Literature from Years 10 -12
  • Teaching A Level English Literature
  • Teaching EAL learners, specifically in preparing them for language examinations including English as a Second Language IGCSE and IELTS
  • Teaching Academic English
  • Completion of the Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms (TESMC) course or similar
  • Using creative approaches in the classroom, including the use of new technologies to support learning

Interested candidates meeting the qualifying criteria may apply/forward their latest resume