Job Location: Karjat, Mumbai

Job Responsibilities: Your responsibilities will include but not limited to

  • Establish and implement library policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and administer the budget for the library.
  • Allocate funds and monitor expenditure.
  • Determine and implement cost-effective and accurate methods for information retrieval.
  • Develop, organize and maintain library collections to meet the demands of specific user groups.
  • Coordinate print and electronic subscription requests.
  • Select, order and catalogue relevant publications and multimedia.
  • Carry out cataloguing and classification of all library resources.
  • Maintain records and prepare statistical and analytical reports.
  • Assist users in the location of specific material and information.
  • Guide users regarding internet resources.
  • Train users in the discovery and management of information.
  • Respond rapidly and reliably to information requests through the use of all appropriate resources.
  • Conduct bibliographic searches to support user and organizational information needs.
  • Conduct in-depth research using both online and print resources.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external bodies such as vendors and suppliers.
  • Promote awareness of research resources, library services and learning opportunities.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations including copyright in connection with use of library materials and resources.

Educational Qualification: Masters in Library and Information Science

Experience required: 5 years of experience as a Librarian in any of the reputed Institutions

To apply: Email your latest resume along with a cover letter to