programme overview

Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence is a 4-year program designed for anyone interested in pursuing the field of Data Science/Artificial Intelligence as their career path. AI needs to be engineered and there is a need for professionals who understand AI and its prowess and are capable of making machines intelligent. The program has been created to enable students to understand the complexities of AI and Robotics along with the skills to apply the principles in practice.

This unique liberal engineering degree is a first of its kind undergraduate program that offers majors in five unique fields. Students can specialise in Engineering, Medical Sciences, Legal Studies, Business Management or Performance Arts along with their focus on Artificial Intelligence.

This bachelors education will transform students into professionals who are adept in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and data mining as applicable to their chosen major. This unique program is designed to help students become dual experts and ensure continuous employability upon graduating with a bachelors.


  • Engineering
  • Medical Sciences
  • Legal Studies
  • Performing Arts
  • Management Studies

Job Opportunities

According to LinkedIn, AI specialists are the most in-demand job anywhere in the world!!! For a company, it is difficult to find someone who can build scalable applications. For a research lab, it is difficult to find someone who can do research in AI Hence, for any enterprise, it is extremely difficult to find someone who can do both. That is what B.E. in Artificial Intelligence trains you to do: Conduct research, stretch the algorithm capacity and then apply it in a real-world scenario and build a product.