programme overview

Available Majors: Music Production + Performance (Guitar / Bass / Drums / Piano / Western Vocals)

This undergraduate degree programme prepares you for professional careers in the music, media & entertainment industry. India is expected to be among the top 10 Entertainment & Media markets in the world by 2023, with revenues exceeding US$40bn from cinema, television, OTT, advertising, video games and music. The increasing need for a wide variety of digital media content will continue to drive a consistent demand for highly skilled music producers, composers, and performers, and the industry offers highly lucrative career possibilities in music, film, OTT, broadcast, advertising, online media, digital games, and live music entertainment.

The course of study involves structured and progressive learning of core music production skills, music programming, arranging techniques, songwriting, music composition, orchestration, scoring for various media and practical aspects of recording, mixing and mastering music, along with music instrument and band performance studies. This programme aims to create highly versatile musicians and will enable you to confidently perform a variety of contemporary genres such as Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, Soul, Dance, etc. You will be introduced to a wide range of performance technique exercises aimed at developing a strong command over your instrument or voice, essential harmonic and rhythmic concepts, sight-reading skills and the art of solo as well as band performance in a wide range of genres and styles.

Along with these domain specific skills, you will gain a broad understanding of music theory, a wide variety of musical styles and cultures, music history, and global media & entertainment business practices, and apply these skills and knowledge to create original music.

You will engage in a number of collaborative projects with students from other creative and technical specialisations, and participate in social immersion projects, professional internships, portfolio development and personal and lifestyle enhancement programmes that open up networking opportunities and develop professionalism, entrepreneurial abilities, leadership, problem solving, communication and team skills.


4 Years


187 Credits Over 4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful completion of 12th grade or equivalent
  • Successful completion of VSAT assessment
  • Basic proficiency on principal instrument
  • Audition on principal instrument
  • Candidates must be fluent in English since it is the exclusive medium of instruction


If you have a strong desire and immense passion to create, produce and perform original music you should enrol in this programme. While the programme aims to shape future music producers, composers, directors, performers and music programmers, it also equips you to pursue a wider range of emerging careers in music driven by the digital media revolution.

If you are musically inclined, creative, and love to explore the diverse frontiers of the global musical landscape, this is the programme for you.


Working with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), MIDI, MIDI Controllers and External Devices, Using virtual instruments, Music Synthesis, Sampling, Sequencing, Drum Programming, Programming Strings, Programming Woodwinds & Horns, Programming Electronic Instruments, Realism & Humanisation.

Harmonising melodies, Re-harmonisation, Rhythm Section Arrangement, Vocal Arrangements, String Section Arrangement, Arranging Horns & Woodwinds, Arranging Electronic Instruments, Preparing Scores (music notation) of Arrangements, Interpreting Creative Briefs.

Composition basics, 2, 3 and 4 part writing, composing melodies, Songwriting, Interpreting Creative Briefs.

Interpreting Creative Briefs, Scoring for Film, TV and OTT, Music in Advertising, Music for Games, Temp Tracks, Presenting Music to Clients, Virtual Orchestration

Recording Technology and Equipment, Studio Operations, Recording Live Instruments and Voice, Editing Sounds, Adding Effects & Audio Processing, Mixing Multi-track Audio, Mastering Techniques, Producing Musicians in a Studio, Vocal Production, Working with Sound Engineers.

Electronic Music Genres, Advanced Composing and Programming Techniques, Characteristic musical elements and specific production techniques of Drum'n Bass, Dubstep, Trip Hop, Synth Wave and Chill Out, Breakbeat Samples, Various LFO techniques, Complex Waveforms in Massive, Sampling and Atmospheric sound Sampling, Vocal Production and Treatment, etc.

Instrument/Voice Fundamentals, Posture, Dexterity, Technique, Sight Reading of Written Music Notation, Scales, Arpeggios and Chords, Phrasing, Articulation, Dynamics and Expression, Rhythmic and Harmonic Principles, Repertoire Study, Stylistic Studies, Improvisation, Developing Personal Style and Sound, Performance Technology.

Roles and Functions in an Ensemble, Music Arrangements, Rehearsal Techniques, Developing a Cohesive Band Sound, Stage Presence and Showmanship, Effective Communication, Connecting with Band Members and Audience, Performing Sound Checks, Communicating with the Sound Crew, Band Leadership, Performance Etiquette, Performance Technology.

Composition Basics, 2, 3 and 4 Part Writing, Composing Melodies and Harmonies, Arranging Music for Bands.

Principles of Traditional and Contemporary Harmony, Application Of Harmonic Principles In Performance, Aural Recognition of Melody, Rhythm and Harmony, Transcription, Sight Singing, Call and Response.

Independent Performance Showcase Planning, Repertoire Selection, Selection of Musicians and Technical Crew, Rehearsal Planning, Event Promotion, Front of House Management, Show Production

Indian and Global Music Business Ecosystems, Branding and Marketing, Role of Social Media in Connecting Artists to The Audience, Budget Preparation and Cost Control, Tax Obligations, Profit & Loss Management, Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Concepts, Target Group Identification, Publishing, Live Performances, Digital Distribution Practices and Associated Revenue Streams, Contracts, Legal Agreements, Permits and Licenses, Communication, Negotiation and Entrepreneurial Skills, Business Plans, Producing Events and Concerts. 

Professional Development Plan (PDP), Preparing CV, Resume and Bio, Professional Portfolio, Writing Professional Cover Letters, Preparing for Interviews, Ethics and Professionalism, Reflective Journaling, Self-Assessment Report. 


Compose, program and produce music in a broad range of style idioms for artists, bands, orchestras and visual media using Digital Audio Workstations

Demonstrate stylistic diversity and versatility in arranging music using advanced melodic, rhythmic and harmonic principles, and industry standard music production technologies

Perform music fluently using principal instrument/voice in a broad range of style idioms, conforming to instrument-specific conventions

Perform music collaboratively in various style idioms in an ensemble setting  

Demonstrate the ability to Improvise music in a broad range of styles

Notate compositions and arrangements to prepare music scores and instrument parts

Use a range of professional audio equipment and production techniques to record and mix music in a recording studio

Research and gather relevant cultural, stylistic and genre specific information to produce and perform music according to creative needs

Articulate creative contexts and stylistic characteristics of different styles of music to a range of audience using correct terms, terminologies and references

Assess the quality of music using established criteria to ensure that it meets agreed quality standards and creative requirements

Apply music business principles in a variety of evolving and practical contexts, and prepare business plans, budgets, and promotional strategies for music projects

Use information technology to prepare, organise, review and communicate relevant information in a timely manner with team members

Demonstrate leadership and collaboration that encourages innovation and creativity to produce and perform original music 

Develop a personal brand and professional profile that embodies own unique musical identity and style


Music Producer, Director, Composer.

Audio Engineer and Technician (Live sound + Studio engineer)

Sound Designer (Movies, series, ad films, websites, apps, etc.

Radio Broadcast Engineer

Audio Editor and Programmer 

Recording Studio Manager 

Recording Artist 

Music Technology and Instrument Specialist 

Music Instructor, Transcriptionist & Editor

Audio Visual and Multimedia Specialist

Performing Artist 

Music Director/Composer 

Session Musician 

Voice Over Artist 


Song Writer 

TV/Radio Host 

Music Consultant 

Music Educator/Academician


Successful completion of all 4 years of this degree programme provides you with the option to earn an M.A. in Popular Music Practice from BIMM Institute, London.