programme overview

Vijaybhoomi School of Design is looking for a batch of Special 30 who dare to shake the world with kick-ass communication design in the coming decades for its B.Des program.

Design education: In the span of a 100 year, most of the renowned universities and design schools across the globe have adopted their curriculum as per the ever-changing global and local needs, situations and technological advancement. But Vijaybhoomi School of Design aspires to turn the table and look at the entire discipline bottom-up where the roots and traditions of communities form the foundation, where design empowers people.

The B.Des programme at Vijaybhoomi School of Design will ensure a strong foundation in innovation, design thinking, visual language, aesthetics and storytelling. The curriculum of the programmae have been designed to provide a unique opportunity to the students to explore core courses in design principles, skill development, language, social studies etc.


4 Years




Minimum 150


Prof. Pravin Mishra is an award-winning filmmaker and an accomplished painter. His numerous accolades include ‘National Critics Award’ at the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival by Government of India. An alumnus of National Institute of Design, Prof. Mishra has been a weekly columnist with TOI’s Ahmedabad Mirror for over 5 years. He was also the Director of Crafting Creative Communication (CCC) programme at MICA. At Vijaybhoomi University, Prof. Mishra brings in creativity and design thinking to nurture future-ready professionals.

Prof. Pravin Mishra


This is a programme specially designed for those who want to pursue a career as Communication Designers. Communication Design at Vijaybhoomi includes graphic design, filmmaking, animation, photography, design for digital experience, information and interactive design.

• Those who possess creative aptitude, and are willing to try new things, and have immense interest in designing communication that impacts society and industry, should apply for the programme.

• Students who wish to explore international learning pathways.


  • Building strong foundation in innovation, design thinking, visual language, aesthetics and storytelling.
  • Exploring core courses in design principles, skill development, language, social studies etc. to perform in the intersections of disciplines.
  • Developing leadership qualities with a combination of being a deadliest performer and socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Practice based learning to develop insights, lasting-knowledge and confidence.
  • Building holistic knowledge through electives in Design to become employable in a technologically driven and digitally enabled world.


  • Graphic Designer
  • Visualizer
  • Illustrator
  • Creative Director
  • Filmmaker (Short films/ documentary/music videos/ Commercials)
  • Animation Filmmaker
  • Data Visualiser
  • Photographer (Fashion/ Travel/Product etc.)
  • Interactive Designer


The selection will be through four stages:

  • Application form
  • Online test on creative aptitude
  • Design studio test for creativity, language and visual skills
  • Personal interview and portfolio evaluation



History of Photography, Fundamentals of Photography, Composition, Aesthetics, Digital Photography: DSLR versus Mirrorless, Sensors, Exposure, Aperture, Speed, Depth of Field, Metering, ISO, White Balance, Studio Lightning, Speedlight, Strobes, Modifiers, Studio setup, Portrait Light, Headshot, Fashion, Sport, Products, Photo editing in Photoshop Lightroom: Tethering, Adjustments, Color Correction, Retouching, Photomontages, Special Effects and 3D integration…

Design for Digital Experience

Elements of Interface Design, Ideation-Articulation-Development, User Interaction and Interface, Cognitive Model, Mental Model, User Experience (UX) Design, Big Picture, Persona in UX Design, Research Techniques in User Experience Design, Visual Design Principles, Information Design and Data Visualization, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Wire framing & Storyboarding, Elements and Widgets, Screen Design and Layouts, Prototyping and Usability Testing…


Storytelling, Pre-production, Script Writing, Shot Division, Production Design, Camera and Lenses, Shooting Strategies, Camera Movements, Steadicam, Sound Recording, Post-production, Edit and Montage, Sound Design, Colour Correction, Transcoding, Film Theory, History of Cinema, Filmmaking for Digitally-Enabled World…

Graphic Design

Applied Drawing, Typography & Type Design, Composition, Publication Design, Image Making, Illustration, Fundamentals of Photography, Packaging, Print Design, Corporate Identity, Branding, Signage Systems, Information & Communication Systems in Digital Domain…

Information and Interactive Design

Interaction Design, User Studies, Human Factors in Interaction Design, Information Graphics, Designing Interactive Experience, Product Interface Design, Usability Evaluation, Soft Prototyping Techniques, Trends in Interaction Technology…

Visual Skills

ABCD (AnyBodyCanDraw), Mediums and Tools, Portrait and Caricature, Illustration, Storyboarding, Composition, Colour Theory, Mural and Graffiti Art…


Personality and Caricature, Fundamentals of Animation, Character Design, Storyboarding, Sound Design, CG and Special Effects, Type and Logo Animation…


  • 12th Pass or Equivalent
  • Selection Process: Vijaybhoomi Discovery Test


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* Fees might vary based on the number of credits selected by students