Discovery Challenge A Challenge for Change

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December 1 2020,

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Career Counselling for our children A New Understanding

VUTV is proud to announce a brand new episode of the series "Educators Speak" on the topic- "Career Counselling for our Children A New Understanding". In this episode we will be conversing with Ms. Ipsita Banerjee, Principal, DALIMSS Sunbeam School, Varanasi and Ms. Reena, Head Counselor, Hyderabad School Begumpet on the ideal career counselling set up in schools. How the approach of career counsellors has evolved post the pandemic? What are the tools educators and parents can use to lead students to their dream careers? Don't miss out on this exciting conversation at 5.00 pm on 3rd December, Thursday.

December 3 2020,

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Ms. Kritika Padode

Board Member, Vijaybhoomi University

Ms. Reena Singh

Head Career Counsellor, Hyderabad Public school, Begumpet

Ms. Ipsita Banerjee

Principal- Dalimss Sunbeam school, Ramkatora

US Elections Decoded by Students

VUTV is proud to announce a brand new episode of the series "Express with Ease" on the topic- 'US Elections Decoded by Students'. When the world's largest economy goes into election, all nations sit up to observe the results. The Americans recently headed into one of the most crucial election nights in years. The stakes are high for the US, as well as the globe.

December 04 2020,

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Raashi Baldwa

Grade 12- Commerce, The Hyderabad Public School

Ali Murtuza Moosvi

Grade 12- Humanities, The Hyderabad Public School

Nikket Mesiliy

Grade 12- Science, The Hyderabad Public School

Tanvi Varigala

Grade 12- Commerce, The Hyderabad Public School